Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Comics on 4/30

Here are the comics for 4/30, and now I am only 2 comics behind.

Hulk 3

Basic Plot: While Red Hulk and Blue A-Bomb fight, the identity of the Red Hulk is trying to be discovered.

Yeah, this was supposed to be last week, but my comic store didn't have it last week, but they did this week. Honestly, I really like Hulk. It is fun and crazy, and I really like the art. Now, certain things are kind of crazy and stupid, like the different colors. Red Hulk is pretty damn crazy and he is about to go up against Banner. I mean, the mystery is kind of annoying, but somewhat interesting. The beginning is awesome, as Tony goes crazy and wants to know what Banner said to Ross. The middle is cool, as A-Bomb and Red Hulk fight. Red Hulk is so out of his mind that it is awesome. He is trying to shoot people, and just crazy powerful. My guess is Ross, as he is intelligent and is trying to kill gamma-powered people. Plus, on the security tape, he blocks Banner from view as Banner whispers too quietly for the security tapes to pick up, effectively not allowing Banner to speak. Still, we'll see.

New Warriors 11

Basic Plot: The Warriors fight some techno-organic guy, and Sofia and the old New Warriors are interviewed about the new New Warriors.

I liked the series, and then it went downhill. It got a lot worse, but this issue was honestly better than most of the previous ones. They had short, but sweet introductions where basically, there are arguments about the way to find justice, which has been in question ever since Stamford blew up in Civil War 1. I guess my main complaint is that I don't really know the characters that well and I don't know what each one can do, and I am supposed to care about them. It is really hard for me. Still, I really agree with the Warriors in general, so I like seeing people support them in their own way. Plus, I do like Sofia, and I like seeing Jubilee trying to be an adult, which is hard for her, considering that she is often thought of as the kid. She had that persona for so long that it is interesting to see her come into her own as a leader.

The Order 10

Basic Plot: The team tries to rescue a crazy Mulholland that is destroying LA.

I didn't like the series for most of it, but I thought it ended on a high note. With Stane removing all of the Order's powers, they have to try to find her without powers. I never quite respected Anthem as much as I probably should have. He had to try and lead the team, although he never was a hero or even a superhero before. I mean, he has had to make a lot of difficult decisions. I actually really felt for the team a lot, as they lost two members and both were tragic. The series is over, but it was really good at the end and I liked how they ended it. Which one is a Skrull though?

Ultimate Human 4

Basic Plot: Hulk and Iron Man try to take out the Leader.

Okay, so this had some good action, and I enjoyed it to an extent. All in all, though the series itself wasn't very good and this issue was merely okay. Hulk going crazy was kind of cool. I am kind of confused about the entire thing though. So, what happened to Hulk after Ultimates 2? Seriously? He had it all under control. He was fine. Now, he is crazy and like old Ultimate Hulk. Well, Leader is crazy and never could actually face Hulk. Hulk demolished him. It was awesome. Now Hulk is gone. It made little sense to me considering Ultimate Hulk v Wolverine and the end of Ultimates 2 where Hulk was pretty much in control.

Blue Beetle 26

Basic Plot: A mostly-Spanish issue against Parasite.

I really liked this issue, although the Spanish was kind of annoying. They had a translation of the book in the back, but to read it, you basically had to keep flipping between the two. Still, it was a good story and a fun one. Basically, at a family reunion with his mom's side of the family that only speaks Spanish, he has to leave and fight the Parasite, and they converse in Spanish the entire time, along with Jaime speaking to the scarab in Spanish. It was kind of freaky, but cool at the same time. It was a good story. I recommend this series very highly. It is a coming-of-age superhero story that happens to be set right around the time of Infinite Crisis, where he really has to become a superhero quickly and then try and deal with the rest of life. This story is a perfect example of that.

Nova 12

Basic Plot: Nova, Warlock and Tyro have to face the Technarch that came back to Kvch.

Well, it could have been worse, but they found a good way to bring Nova back to full health after fighting the Phalanx techno-organic virus. Yes, I am a little late, but my comic store didn't have them when it came out and just got it in today. The series has been hit or miss for me, but this issue was a solid hit. Now I know how they all came back to face Ultron and the Phalanx. It was a good ending to the story. Now, on to Galactus apparently. I also love how the Nova Corps was the police of the universe much like the GLC in DC, but they aren't nearly as powerful. I mean, a single Centurion is fairly powerful, but not nearly as powerful. Also, with the full power of the Nova Corps, Nova is now a heavy hitter, but not able to face off against a single Technarch. I mean, there is a whole race of Technarch, and the entire Nova Corps couldn't stand up to a single one. I mean, the police should have more power than that.

Avengers: The Initiative 12

Basic Plot: While a hearing is held regarding MVP's death and clones, the others prepare for graduation.

Wow. The transformation is complete. From the very first issue of Avengers: the Initiative whern Cloud 9 just wanted to fly, she came full circle and is now a dedicated superhero with no fun whatsoever in flying. Oh my god, the costumes the graduates got are horrible. Komodo, Ultragirl, Hardball, 3-D Man (a new one-ish?), Cloud 9 and Thor Girl. Those outfits are just bad. Thor Girl and Ultragirl are closest with better costumes, but ugh. Maybe it is because I liked them in their other outfits with camo pants and stuff, or maybe because I hate the art (everybody has incredibly fat faces and it is freaking god-awful). I think the main problem is the tiny eyes everybody has, although Cloud 9 is just fat now. Seriously, look at the front page with the pic of Cloud 9, and then the pic on the next page where it has them preparing. Do they look the same? The best part of this issue though, by far, is that Gyrich is being forced to resign at Camp Hammond. Gyrich and Stark argue a lot and they threaten each other, resulting in both threatening with their contacts, but Stark winning, and Gyrich saying he is resigning to spend time with his family, at which point, Sally Floyd confronts him about actually having a family. Awesome stuff. Oh yeah, apparently Thor Girl wasn't even killed by KIA, and only 8 agents, Van (or whichever Scarlet Spider it was), Trauma and Dragon Lord died. Oh, and Trauma came back to life somehow. It was really weird, he juse kind of popped out of his coffin alive, then graduated. Oy.

Ultimate X-Men 93

Basic Plot: Phoenix faces off against Apocalypse.

Man, Jean Grey is crazy powerful. Oh, and what the heck was up with Apocalypse. Apocalypse, after being defeated, just turns back into Sinister. Weird. The main thing that got me about this issue was the art. It reminds of older artists wo basically try way too hard to get every detail, and end up making it look horrible. Muscles can exist and can be seen through skin, but Cyclops, on the two page spread at the end? While in a shirt, it is literally ridiculous what you can see through the shirt. There is way too much effort in the art and not enough talent and it makes it just weird and creepy. Well, Kirkman is done with UXM for now, and he ended on a high note, although the art makes it difficult to see it that way.

New Avengers 40

Basic Plot: What happens after the first issue of New Avengers: Illuminati with the Skrulls.

Well, this was awesome and I loved it. Cheung always does great art and I loved how they explained a lot in this story. Dorrek is crazy and he tried to silence his own daughter who believed in the Scriptures of ancient Skrullian history as opposed to science. After her predictions came true, they returned to her and showed her how they were able to actually replicate Terrans. The Black Bolt Skrull is showed off to the queen and she wants to help the forces as the person designed to do the most damage, Spider-Woman. So, Spider-Woman is actually the leader of the Skrull forces. WTF? So, the Skrull leader is actually Spider-Woman. Pretty weird. She was the one who took Elektra-Skrull's body to Tony Stark, and she was the one who called the New Avengers to the Savage Land. Then again, she is the one that was a quadruple agent or something. Pretty cool!

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