Thursday, April 10, 2008

Skrulls in Vs pt 3

Okay, on to the 4 and ups.

Ethan Edwards is amazing. In the comics, he was basically a Superman parody. He fell to Earth in a spaceship and was raised on a farm. He was raised to be modest and humble, then went out into the world and tried to be a superhero named Virtue. Nothing worked for him the way it does for Superman. He raced around the city with Spider-Man, trying to find Absorbing Man, and Spidey got tons of bugs on his eyepieces. When Punisher shot a missile at Absorbing Man, Ethan blocked it and lost almost his entire costume in the process. He had to protect his naughty bits with his cape, showing Punisher the value of capes. Anyway, the more he found about himself, the more powerful he got, it seemed. When he was taken in for tests at the Baxter Building, they discovered all these amazing abilities. His card represents that, I feel, well.

Basically, he starts out as a 9/7 with flying. Not bad. With Skrulls though, and all the ways to get affiliations they have, he can easily become much more powerful. In fact, through a deck I built, I was often getting him as high as 15 easily on turn 4, thanks to low-cost dual affiliated 1-drops and Mutopia with Wolverine or Image Inducer.
Paibok is an awesome card and I like it a lot. Basically, what it allows you to do is constantly get +2 ATK on the attack, unless you face another Skrull deck in which case, you might not.

You can easily get three affiliations, so he will also always have his cosmic counter when he attacks. For a common, it's really pretty good.
Rogue as a Skrull? For the whole story, see Rian Fike's preview article.

Now, I think it is an awesome card, no doubt, but my only problem is that it doesn't really fit the Skrull theme or multi-affiliations all that well. Still, an awesome card.
Titannus was the main villain of Marvel Team-Up (to an extent more than Iron Maniac), and was pretty darn powerful. Basically, Dr. Strange got Nova, Spider-Man, She-Hulk, Wolverine, Ms. Marvel and Hulk together to face him and he beat all of them. Yes, he beat Hulk by absorbing his gamma radiation. Titannus is also crazy and delusional which made him dangerous.

Now, his ability in the game is awesome. He pretty much is automatically a weak 7-drop, but easily can get to something like 21/21, overtaking a lot of 8-drops. By turn 7, with things to get you affiliations, a 21/21 Titannus is easily imaginable. Well, I'll go over plot twists and other stuff, including the redone Super Skrull (yay, Kl'rt!) soon.


Rian Fike said...

If I had to pick, that would be my favorite preview I ever got to write.

Really enjoying this green thing. Thanks.

Pi_3.14159... said...

That was an awesome preview article. Who thought Skrulls would become important at that point? Although, I don't think Rogue is a big part of that, still...

Yeah, I enjoy talking about Skrulls. It is fun.

Foilball said...

these have been really fun reads, keep it up.

Pi_3.14159... said...

Thanks! I might do more stuff after Skrulls, but we'll see.

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