Friday, April 18, 2008


I really like certain writers in comics, and dislike others. Of course, certain comic authors are different in many ways. For example, if I want an incredibly epic series that is meant to change everything, then probably my favorite writer would be Mark Millar for stuff like Ultimates or Civil War. He is able to encompass so many different people in things that are just amazing. Truly, for epics, he is my favorite. For comics that are slightly less world-shaking, but still somewhat epic, I like Joss Whedon for stuff like Astonishing X-Men. It is somewhat deep and epic, but not quite as epic, and is also amazing. Plus, Whedon is also great at writing other things, such as Firefly or Buffy. For even less epic, and just more average everyday comics, I like Brian Michael Bendis. Sure, Secret Invasion, House of M and Secret War are somewhat spic, but not to the same extent, and I feel that his work on Mighty and New Avengers, along with Ultimate Spider-Man is just really good for just a fun comic that you would read monthyl or something, as opposed to stuff that is just one epic storyline, although he can do that too. For even less serious and more just for fun, I go to Robert Kirkman, author of Marvel Zombies and Invincible. Both are great, but can't be taken very serious at all. I do love them, don't get me wrong, but they are very silly and funny, and much less epic than anything else. And finally, for the least epic of all, I love Chris Giarusso who did the Bullpen Bits and Mini-Marvels. He does chibi-esque characters and he is amazing at making things that are completely non-canonical, but work with just the characters experiencing things that actually seem more like real life. People don't like Torch because he is always on fire and burning everything. Stuff like that. Yes, there are many other writers I like, but those are probably my favorite comic writers.

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