Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Comics on 4/16

Sorry, but I didn't have a chance to review comics. I will do so in this spot. This is reserved for the comics on 4/16. Again, my apologies for not getting this done faster.

World War Hulk: Aftersmash Warbound 5

Basic Plot: The Warbound go through some changes, as the series comes to an end.

Well, I didn't like the series, I'll say that much. I didn't like the ending either. Just to say it straight off, Hiroim was killed and somehow Kate Waynesboro became an Oldstrong. Somehow, even the Leader became an Oldstrong in some weird way, and it just confused me. Still, though, it was fun to see the Warbound in action, even if it was kind of bad. The whole point, as far as I can tell, was to make the point that they might be monsters, but they are also heroes, which never really needed to be said IMO, because if you have read Planet Hulk, you know who they are and how they feel. This just felt kind of boring and drawn out, with art I didn't like and things that made no sense.

Captain America 37

Basic Plot: Red Skull goes and reveals more of his plan and Bucky deals with other people who knew Steve.

As I said on Billy's post on Read/Rant, I really didn't like this in particular. I mean, it isn't like I disliked it, like Warbound, but I just didn't like it. I just felt it was boring and nothing really happened. The dream was kind of cool, but honestly, it felt kind of forced to me. All in all, it felt forced, and I just didn't feel good or bad about it one way or another. Very meh to me.

Amazing Spider-Man 557

Basic Plot: The Mayan saga concludes and Spidey fights the Mayan deity Rabin is trying to summon.

I really liked this storyline, which is kind of weird, because I hate the way things are working in general with Spider-Man. I hated how One More Day ended and hate how everything is really confusing as to what is actually going on in Brand New Day. So, it is said that nobody knows Spidey's identity. Well, I remember that Dr. Strange once came to him in a dream and mentioned how he didn't know Peter, but if wanted to, he could cast a spell and know everything about Peter that he needed to. He did learn the identity and spoke to him about some stuff as Peter, and he just forgot? Not to say everybody else. They just forgot? Daredevil just forgot the identity of his closest friend in the superhero community? I mean, how far back does the mind-wiping reach? Because Norman Osborn found out his identity before he even met MJ. He just forgot too? I mean, what? Aside from all that even, I still can enjoy certain arcs. Certain writers and artists are good, and they have created good arcs, some haven't. This was good. Freak wasn't. I don't like that there is a run of only 3 issues for each creative team. This story was good, but I just really don't like the jumping around of stories and creative staffs. It makes liking the series hard.

The Incredible Hercules 116

Basic Plot: Herc is thought to be an Eternal and Athena beings him to San Francisco.

Oh, how I love how it looks like Herc has 116 issues, when he really doesn't. This is an awesome series, I don't care what Foilball says about hating Helicarrier crashes. Oh, it is really weird to see yellow speech bubbles from people that aren't Deadpool. For whatever reason, the Eternals have yellow speech bubbles. I love how Amadeus was able to take out an Eternal by using a Celestial. Oh, and what the heck is a Celestial doing on Earth? I really don't know the Eternals that well, so I can't say much about them, but I like the art and the story and that is good enough for me. Seeing certain things with gods fighting is awesome. I really enjoy this series. Oh, and Secret Invasion tie-in next time? Awesome!

Avengers: The Initiative 11

Basic Plot: The final battle between the Initiative and KIA.

I really like KIA. He is the right amount of crazy and power. I mean, he is totally out of his mind and has lots of power. Perfect combination for a disaster that ruins a lot of what Tony Stark is trying to build. I also love seeing how Tony is taking kids and making them killers. Sure, it isn't him personally, but he is behind all of it. All of the kids are awesome, and I do love Slapstick. Oh man, Cloud 9 has become cold-blooded and brutal. I love how The Initiative took a scared young girl who only wanted to fly and turned her into a killer. She has only killed some HYDRA agents, but attempted to kill more people, including KIA. Oh, and I do love Komodo, and she is crazy. Great series and great issue. Oh, Tony Stark is such an ass. Yay!

Wolverine Origins 24

Basic Plot: Deadpool talks to Wolverine.

Okay, I seriously hate Daniel Way's writing. Yes, I can see that Deadpool has some redeeming qualities. He did take out Wolverine, and found a way to "kill" him. But, he is also hallucinating and being stupid and crazier than he should be. Plus, Daken took him out way too easily and it sounds incredibly stupid. I mean, yeah, Deadpool might not have been able to take out Daken, but he should have put up more of a fight than he did. It is ridiculous. Oh, and Dillon still sucks. His art still makes me sick.

Annihilation Conquest 6

Basic Plot: The final stand against Ultron and the Phalanx.

Okay, so it wasn't as good as Annihilation, but it still had a pretty good ending and did end on a high note. I did like when Ultron, in Adam Warlock's body fought against Warlock. It was very confusing and was very funny to think about. Oh look! It is Warlock v Warlock. I was very disappointed that Kl'rt barely did anything. All he has done, the entire Annihilation Conquest is watch Ronan, and then, in this one issue, saved Ronan, Wraith and Ra-Venn (some das't Kree) from dying outside Hala because of a force field. Pus, they just kind of killed off Praxagora on a single page with almost nothing. Ultron moved his consciousness into her, turned all the Sentries into a giant Ultron robot, and then left her, blowing her up. After reading Annihilation: Super Skrull, I really liked Praxagora and for them to just kill her as an afterthought, without any fighting or practically any reason...sigh... Hopefully the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy series, with Starlord, Quasar, Adam Warlock, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora and Drax will be awesome. I love how Rocket Raccoon is an important part of Marvel Cosmic at the moment. It is so awesome.

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