Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Hello Terrans. If you have been reading Marvel comics recently, you will no doubt have noticed that the Skrulls have planned a Secret Invasion of Earth. I am Sl'jk, a Skrull representative that will be filling in occasionally to give you information. First off, don't you just love how we Skrulls have evolved over the course of Marvel comics? Look at the first appearance of Skrulls in the second issue of your Fantastic Four (your name, not ours for them) comic book in the month January of your 1962nd year past the arbitrary date you Terrans set.

I mean, come on! Our ears are not only the size of our heads, but also look at our silly collars! All spiky and bizarre. Well, the Plthrt Four (Plthrt is a Skrull curse) also looked different, so I guess that can just be attributed to the time. I'll bet you never expected we were going to be the main group that Earth's heroes would fight in your 2008'th year past the arbitrary date. I mean, we had four representatives and we got completely owned by the Plthrt Four. They didn't even have costumes yet! Who are we infiltrating as? Well, just think to yourself: Who has been acting strangely recently? Has anybody been particularly nice, mean or bizarre? If so, then we cannot take responsibility, as our infiltration has been perfect. Nobody even noticed until Elektra. I mean, come on! She's been a Skrull since... oops, almost got me there. Heh. Pretty convenient that there was that New Avengers: Illuminati mini-series that told you about the time those frsp Terrans tried to take on our Empire. I mean, look at the timing there. That series tells you that Skrulls have been pissed off since the end of the Kree-Skrull war (when I say end, I mean the stalemate that we came too, frsp Kree), Elektra is revealed to be a Skrull during the time of the mini-series and at the end, you have stuff from the first issue mixed with the Elektra reveal. Heh. Well, Terrans, we are looking forward to revealing more of us as time goes on, but until then,
Who Do You Trust?

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