Wednesday, April 2, 2008

4/2 Comics

Not many comics today, but still an awesome day.

Punisher: War Journal 18

Basic Plot: Jigsaw moves the pieces of his intricate puzzle into place.

I really didn't quite get this issue. The Punisher isn't in it, I believe, so things are very confusing. WTF happened to Jigsaw? When did he become that crazy and delusional? Oh well, things are shaping up so that the Punisher can kill some more people. All in all, though, I was really confused. I had to read it three times to understand the Punisher wasn't in it. Part is Chaykin's art (I am not a fan of Chaykin), and part is just how Jigsaw keeps changing his mind and acting weird. Hopefully things will make more sense later on.

Amazing Spider-Man 555

Basic Plot: Spidey and Wolvie fight some weird people (the guys on the cover) while it snows in April.

Oh, you silly, silly writers. At the end of the issue, they have a statement saying that they f'ed up. Dr. Strange appears in this issue, while the Avengers are still using his Sanctum Sanctorum as a base, and he is still on the Avengers, even though he had already left by the time that Spidey switched back to his red and blue. They are giving a no-prize out if you can explain it. Well, this is a better story than last month's. I think that basically, he is on the Avengers, and nobody knows his identity there. I think that's how it works, although I am not sure. Anyway, it was much better this month. With all different creative staffs putting out 3 issues for one month, it kind of gets confusing, as certain people can write Spidey well, and certain others can't. Wells writes Spider-Man, well, well. Um, let me make that clearer. The author, Zeb Wells, writes Spider-Man in a way that I think can be described by the word "well." Oh, and this is my reasoning to why Doc is still there:
When Mephisto f'ed everything up, Dr. Strange changed what he said from that he was going to go away to a far-off place and be alone, to that he was going to mostly just work on things by himself, try and get to where he once was, but until then, they can still use his place if they want to, and that he might just help out with some mystical stuff once in a while.

Secret Invasion 1

Basic Plot: The Skrulls invade.

OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG! I am so psyched for this event! Okay, so I'll let Sl'jk tell you what is going on and who is a Skrull, but I just wanted to say that this is an awesome issue and that Secret Invasion is amazing, spectacular and friendly (wait, what?). No, it is awesome. I love Yu's artwork and with what's going on, it is freaking incredible and unbelievably awesome. I'm so happy for Skrulls! Yes! Bendis is one sick freak, and has been planting tons of clues along the way ever since he wrote Secret War (Secret War, Secret Invasion), and New Avengers originally. That stuff in the Savege Land that was some big secret and then, poof! What happened to it? All clues. Everything aside from Ultimate Spider-Man that Bendis has done has pretty much been leading up to this. Everything. House of M? Yup. Craziness. I'll let Sl'jk expose actual story related stuff tomorrow, since he seems so excited about that. Oh, and he'd kill me. Anyway...

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