Friday, April 4, 2008

Skrulls in Vs

So, now that Skrulls are making a huge appearance and a big impression on the Marvel Universe, I'm going to look at all the Skrull stuff in VS.

In MOR, the Skrulls were the 7th team, after X-Men, FF, Brotherhood, Doom, Sentinel and Negative Zone. People complain about Negative Zone, but they got three cards, whereas Skrull got 2. Sure, one was an army card, but a 2-drop army is hard to run with. Super Skrull, Engineered Super Soldier was a powerful card, although didn't quite look like it. He is a 10/10 6-drop with flight and range. Not all that impressive, since a 12/12 is average, but when he attacks or defends, a discarded card means you get to to give him +3/+3, burn the opponent for three and ready all your Army Skrulls. Pretty nice. In terms of flavor, I like it because it shows his versatility. He has all the powers of the Fantastic Four, so he can do many things. He looks weak, but when you attack him, he can put up a shield, make his arm rock hard, and burn you as well as encouraging his Skrull comrades. It could also be seen as the Skrull emperor granting him greater abilities with the ray that was used on him in his first appearance (which I don't believe was ever used again). Back to the card itself, abuse him with the right stuff, and you have a powerful character. Skrull Soldier was the Army card, and is a 2/2 with range. Again, below average, but has a great ability. It has an activated ability that gives an attacker +1 ATK for each support row Skrull Soldier you control. So 4 Skrull Soldiers in your support row means +16 ATK. +16! Now, combined with Super Skrull, and you have to plan how much you can do with X front row characters (that can ready) and Y support row characters (that actually provide pump-age). They were generally considered a pretty pathetic team, but they did get a third character in MSM. Of course, it didn't help the Skrull theme at all (Army characters in the support row?), and was more an FF card. Lyja, The Lazerfist is a Skrull that gets the FF affiliation if you have an FF character and you can KO her to recover an FF character. She is a 4/3 3-drop with range, which is also under the curve. She fits flavorwise in that she did marry an FF member (Human Torch), and then "sacrificed" herself to save the FF, as she betrayed the Skrulls. Still, the Skrulls got no love from MMK all the way through MXM, but in MHG, they got a big boost. However, I will not talk about that now, as they got enough cards to actually make a viable deck that actually is pretty powerful. I'll also post a decklist for one of my Skrull decks.

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