Monday, April 7, 2008

Why I love Skrulls

Okay, so why am I so Skrull-obsessed? Well, let's see...

I love many aliens. In general, I would prefer an alien version of something to the original (Beta Ray Bill over Thor), as I find it interesting to have aliens doing things. There have been various things I have read where Super Skrull is in it and I just find him awesome. I mean, he has all the abilities of the Fantastic Four, hypnosis and his natural shapeshifting. I think that it interesting and I just like the character. In various things, I have also found that I like watching Skrulls fight. Plus, while they have existed for a long time, they have gotten no respect. I mean, the Kree, while alien adversaries as well, are often thought of as more noble and respectable than the Skrull. Probably because they are closer to human than Skrulls, which just look like aliens that people fear and believe are coming to invade Earth and whatever. However, when I look at Kree v Skrulls, I think of how it started. The Skrulls were a peaceful society while the Kree were harsh and cruel. When visiting planets, deciding who to share their knowledge with, they gave the Cotati and the Kree a challenge, to create something and the more impressive, they would give their knowledge to. The Kree constructed an amazing city while the Cotati made an amazing garden. The Skrulls liked the garden more, and the Kree got pissed off and attacked the Skrulls and started the war. Now, despite that you don't look at who started everything when taking blame during the war into account (both are still fighting and hate each other anyway, so that the Kree started it is found to be unimportant), I still find that the Skrull were once peaceful and that the Kree were always jerks. Anyway, I somehow just started loving everything Skrull related and just got into them. It was emphasized even more when the Annihilation: Super Skrull mini-series came out. Kl'rt is amazing and I love him so much. I mean, at the very beginning, you get to see what he can do. While fighting bugs, he makes his arms stretch, become invisible and Thing-hard, then slices up bug bodies by just moving his arm around. It just is awesome and I love just seeing him work. Anyway, I have grown to love the Skrulls and while I don't think they will win during their Secret Invasion, I want them to.

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