Thursday, January 31, 2008

My VS cards

So, there was a call on VSRealms for people to make themselves into VS cards for a set. Of course, I am a big fantasy card designer, so I was interested. I had already made a version of myself a while ago, and decided to go with the flow and make a whole bunch based off of my love of Skrulls. If you saw Stu's blog yesterday, you saw that I had made a piece of art for my Skrull Doll card, well, here are the cards. The art itself is not here, but if you really want to see it, just ask.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Comics that I got 1/30

Wednesday, late, but here. Just a warning to people that may care, but I do have spoilers, as it is my rants about the comics.

Ultimate X-Men 90

Basic Plot: Knowing Sinister faked his own death, the X-Men try to track him down before he fulfills his prophecy and kills 10 innocent mutants.

I got Ultimate X-Men vol 9 when I was at a camp a few years ago. I hadn't brought comics, and hadn't read volumes 7 or 8, but it was awesome. I loved how they took a corny villain who I had never liked and made him into a badass killer, who is trying to just kill mutants to bring Apocalypse, who may or may not exist. Well, Robert Kirkman decided to bring him to life. With this issue, Sinister goes after the Morlocks, as he knows there is a community that isn't dedicated to fighting with plenty of innocent mutants he could kill. I do think Robert Kirkman is an amazing writer, and this is no exception. He can make funny, as in Marvel Zombies or Astonishing X-Men, he can write tragedy as in this issue. Sinister just shoots 5 Morlock kids, needing only 6 more to fulfill the prophecy, then when the X-Men try to take him out, he shoots Angel. There is tragedy and murder in this issue, and I forgot that Kirkman wrote it, because it doesn't quite feel like him, even though I do know it is Kirkman. Bishop indirectly kills Angel, by making Dazzler and Storm miss Sinister when trying to take him out, allowing Sinister the leverage he needs to shoot Angel. With Angel dead, Wolverine is tired of Bishop trying to do all these things because he knows the future, allowing things to happen, that probably are better in the long run, but tragic in the short run. So, Wolverine stabs him as he explains that he wanted Sinister to kill 10 people so that they would be prepared for the coming of Apocalypse, who then forms himself out of Sinister's body, appearing on the streets of New York, claiming that it is the time for Apocalypse. Apocalypse is an interesting villain. I both like and dislike him. Certain things, like his rivalry with Cable, and how he is so powerful, I dislike, but when it really comes down to it, I do realize that he is a good villain. He is the kind of person that will being multiple opposing teams together. Yes, that is the plot of X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse which bases its Apocalypse's look after the Apocalypse at the end of Ultimate X-Men vol 9, which is the same Apocalypse at the end of this issue, which is pretty awesome. What are Ultimate Apocalypse's powers, what can he do? Who knows, but I am looking forward to it.

Captain America 34

Basic Plot: The new Cap A is revealed and he fights AIM, as Red Skull starts his evil plan.

Well, the most obvious choice, Bucky/Winter Soldier, is the new Cap. Sigh, I wish they had made it more surprising. I would have preferred Union Jack, as he would be a choice not many would expect and would be awesome. But, no, it is the obvious choice of Bucky, who performs admirably as Cap. He isn't as strong or fast, but still pretty handy with the shield, and also with his gun, which proves that he isn't Steve Rogers, but he doesn't kill, trying to still live up to being Steve. He designed a new costume because he couldn't wear the same one Steve wore, but being Captain America does something to a person. It makes a person stand for not only himself but for his country, and as much as I didn't really like Captain America, I did respect him for many things that he did. He proves he can handle the shield, when he hits someone behind him by bouncing it off of a couple surfaces, although missing people who were in front of him. This made them doubt his skills as Captain America, but he still got the guy, and shot the AIM members. I really like that there is still a Captain America, because Marvel USA really does need a Captain America, even if it isn't Steve Rogers. The other plot was amusing, with Skull's brainwashed agents shooting protesters, which will make SHIELD look really bad.

Avengers: The Initiative 9

Basic Plot: An MVP clone is given the Tactigon and goes crazy. Meanwhile, Taskmaster tries to train his recruits.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of saying that I love this comic because everything goes wrong. This is probably the biggest thing to happen to the series, and I love parts of it. So, the Tactigon is the weapon that Armory had that killed MVP. It hasn't worked for anyone else yet, but they want to try it on MVP. Of course, the Tactigon is sentient, and being the weapon that killed him, it kind of makes him crazy. The Tactigon or the MVP clone goes crazy, finds out who was there when he was killed and goes off to kill them all. He takes out Baron von Blitzschlag pretty easily and then goes off to find everybody else. He claims that he shouldn't follow orders because he isn't alive, he was killed in action. So he calls himself KIA and goes off. He seemingly kills Yellowjacket (I've thought he was dead before, even in this series, but he could have shrunk), kills Thor Girl and then kills Trauma. Yeah, that was kind of bad. He becomes the Tactigon's greatest fear, but not KIA's, so KIA can still take him out. Then, as he goes after the Gauntlet, he discovers the Gauntlet is gone. Not controlling his own body, the Gauntlet goes to the weapon vault and breaks out this weird scorpion-like tail thingy, which starts transforming him into the thing the Tactigon feared. I just love this series. Awesomeness, even as all falls apart.

Mighty Avengers 8

Basic Plot: With the Venom bomb hitting New York, Iron Man tries to find an antidote.

Ah, Bagley symbiotes. I really do like this storyline, although nothing was surprising, since New Avengers already passed this point. I do like the story, but, like I said, I'm already past this point. Um, it was cool, but too late. The Bagley symbiotes were awesome, like always. Too bad he is going to DC exclusively after this stuff.

Ultimate Spider-Man 118

Basic Plot: Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. Everybody has problems, Human Torch and Iceman both go to high school. They go to the beach.

Immonen is something I am still impressed with. I know I shouldn't be as impressed, but I just can't help, but it is different from Bagley and he is the Ultimate Spider-Man artist. I do love that they made Liz into Firestar. Somebody had to be a mutant, and the most mutant-hating person in school was bound to be a mutant. Overall, it was a fun introduction and fairly light, which was needed after how deep "Death of a Goblin" was. I do love how Spidey is so uptight about his identity, especially when talking with Human Torch (no secret ID) and Iceman (no secret ID). Peter, MJ, Kitty, Kenny, Liz, Johnny and Bobby all end up hanging at the beach after school. Then Liz lights herself on fire. I loved the show (even though it was pretty stupid many a time), and I love how this is going.

New Avengers Annual 2

Basic Plot: The Hood tries to get revenge for the New Avengers disrupting his plans.

Awesomeness. Craziness. The Hood is out of his mind. I had no idea he was this cool. When I read Beyond, I kind of was meh towards him. He had guns, could turn invisible? Whatever. This is totally different though, and awesome. He is posessed by a demon, and has other demonic powers, like being able to see through Strange's cloaking spell (powerful enough to have Brother Voodoo be stumped, or at least say he was stumped), and let everybody else see through the spell. Dr. Strange scares me though. After World War Hulk and everything, he has kind of lost it to an extent. His hands were re-crushed and he is losing his control and he thinks too highly of himself, remaking the arrogance that led to him losing his hands in the first place. The fight was pretty darn cool. Plus, Tigra joined in, especially since she was the one who told the Hood (who has threatened not only her life, but her mother's) where the New Avengers were. Oh, and Doc is out. He is no longer with the team. He has to reteach himself and lock away all the dark magics he unleashed that he arrogantly thought he could control. Ms. Marvel let the New Avengers go, again. She really doesn't want to bring them in, and I don't blame her, especially since I am with the New Avengers on this, but she keeps letting them go. Heck, twice this week, in this and in Mighty Avengers.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Justice League-Justice League Unlimited

Craziness prevails. I decided at some point that I wanted to watch every single episode of the Justice League and every single episode of Justice League Unlimited, following Justice League. Why? Who knows, but either way, I decided to do it and was able to succeed.

I understand why they picked Hawkgirl as opposed to Aquaman and John Stewart as opposed to Hal Jordan or Kyle Rayner, but I still disagree. Being politically correct is okay for certain things, but I dislike when everything is changed by PC-ness. The DCAU is not the DCU, but it is supposed to be as close as possible. With that in mind, it is disturbing to me that there are so many things that are different. If they had not tried to make it the Mag 7 (or founding 7-ish), then I wouldn't have cared nearly as much. With them copying the Mag 7, except switching one GL for another and Aquaman for Hawkgirl, they gain a black character and another female character, and make me unhappy.

After getting beyond that, I was then disturbed by that none of the characters except Superman had their weakness. Supes is still vulnerable to kryptonite, but GL isn't weak to yellow at all (which even if it exists that way now, it didn't then) and Martian Manhunter (always called J'onn) isn't weak to fire. Beyond that, none of the characters were quite as powerful as in the DCU. A GL construct can be broken, but it is a lot more dependant upon the GL's willpower than anything else. John Stewart might not have as much willpower as Hal or Alan, but he still has a fair amount of willpower. GL constructs in the show get broken left and right, just because people are super-strong. Hawkgirl is super-strong to an extent, but not as strong as Wonder Woman, or anything like that. Batman has no powers. However, WW might punch somebody, Hawkgirl might swing her mace, and Batman also punches the same person and the exact same thing happens each time, as they get knocked back. What? Oh, and a GL's ring is fairly invulnerable. It takes a lot to actually destroy or even damage a GL ring. Apparently they have been broken before, but I do remember a GL Quarterly issue in which a GL realizes that if he throws his ring into this machine, he can stop it, as the ring won't be destroyed, but will mess up the machinery (which is all yellow before Parallax), and there isn't much else that can stop the machine from destroying some sentient trees. Either way, it is powerful and almost indestructible. However, a Thanagarian, who is fairly strong, but not Superman level of strength is able to chop John's ring in two, destroying it. Oh, and on another note of GL rings, there is some stuff that says they have to be charged every 24 hours, but they don't ever show him charging it. There are many times, where it seems like more than 24 hours would have passed, but his ring still has energy. Also, GL's do say that their rings can only produce so much power, and then can be exhausted and not be able to produce power until they are recharged. However, a GL ring is actually as powerful the second after it is charged as it is the second before 24 hours have passed since the GL charged it. The ring does not get weaker as you use it, just that there is less time before it powers off.

Once I realized that I could just choose to accept that everything is different and that I should not think of it as set in the DCU, I was able to like it more. I see a character and don't assume I know anything about that character. With that, I enjoyed it a lot more. The Question is probably my second favorite character after watching it, followed by Green Arrow. Of course, I love Flash more than any of them, but Question was really good in the series.
-"The little plastic parts at the end of shoelaces are called aglets. Their true purpose is sinister."

-"Supergirl should lay off the spicy snacks before bed."
"Actually, she has peanut butter and banana sandwiches."
"What, do you go through my trash?"
"Please, I go through everyone's trash."

-"Ah, hah! I knew it. 32 flavors."

Everything he said was hilarious. Green Arrow I love because he is based off of his resurrection, which is based off of how he acted in the 70's, although set today. I have liked Green Arrow, as he reminds me of Batman (no powers), but is still able to get by with his arrows and marksmanship. In the Kevin Smith resurrection, he took out The Demon with his fire-extinguisher arrow. That just makes me respect him a lot more. He plays a major part in Identity Crisis, and I just respect him a lot.

Flash I have loved for a while. If you ask me what super power I want, it is super speed. Flash and other people have made me love super speed. He doesn't come up much as a powerful hero, but it comes up a couple times. The first time is when Luthor and Brainiac merge. After he has taken out the Justice League, Flash runs around the world to get power for his punches. Then he is able to punch quickly enough and shred all of Brainiac off of Luthor. He moves fast enough that he realizes there is the Speed Force, although he also realizes that if he runs that fast again, he'll be sucked into the Speed Force forever and never come back again. The second time is when Flash and Luthor switch bodies. Luthor, in Flash's body, proves why super speed is so amazing. He takes out almost everybody on the Watchtower, some people multiple times, as he tries to get away. Dr. Fate, John Stewart, even Supergirl I noticed for a short time, but he takes them all on, and wins, until Mr. Terrific turns off the gravity, and as Flash tries to get back to the ground, he turns it back on, knocking Flash out. Flash is powerful enough that if he tried hard enough, he could take out most of the League by himself. Plus, his one-liners in the show are the stuff of legends.

All in all, once you get past that it is not the DCU and that you can make no assumptions about anything, you get a pretty fun show that tries to get deep at times, and is somewhat successful.

Monday, January 28, 2008

UDE Points Store

I just got my X-Men Assemble! that I ordered from the UDE Points store today. The way I do things, I order only a single card each from the Points store because I like trying to have a set. Do I always get that set? No, but I try with the limited resources I have. I understand that there were fires and that shipping was delayed, but by this much? Come on! Their shipping method amuses me. I do have to ask a question to other people who have bought stuff from the points store. When you ordered your stuff, how many did you order? If you ordered more than one of the same thing, did all of them come in individual packages or all as one package? Because I order one of each, I occasionally (recently, it has been pretty good) get a package containing a single card. There was a lot more space, but I got stuck with my single card, while all the others come at different times. To me, that doesn't make much sense. I think I know what they are doing, though. They are putting together lists of "How many X-Men Assemble! did Person X order?" Then, they ship those. After that, "How many Apocalypse did Person X order?" Then, they ship those. Sure, if all you ordered was 10 X-Men Assemble!, then you're fine. Meanwhile, the person who ordered a single copy of each available card gets screwed with package after package. How many cards can each of those packages I get hold? Because I think the way they do things should be to look at a person's order, and fulfill as much of it as possible in groups of however many cards they want to fit into that package.
Then again, maybe I'm just cranky because the only way I can get MAA cards or cards like them is through the UDE Points store and it gets really expensive. A box and a pack to get a single rare? Come on!. I love the idea of having special cards that you can get through tournaments and then putting them up for sale in the Points store, but I really don't want to spend $60+ to get a copy of Thank Granny Goodness. My suggestion to UDE, take it or leave it, is that you also offer those cards to be bought with actual money. 2 bucks a common, 4 an uncommon and 6 for a rare or something like that. I don't have tournaments near me, so I can't get the cards any other way, unless I want to go online and buy stuff from eBay, but that has not proven to me to be reliable. The idea is great, but I don't think it works that well, or at least not for me.

Friday, January 25, 2008

And now for something completely different...

Now, I read the post on Carlos's blog today about his favorite comic moments of all time. Well, I figured that would be a good thing to do as well. You probably already know some of my favorites, so I am doing something different. I am going to pick storylines I like, and go over how VS has made them playable. Shall we begin?

I figured I would start out with something easy for me to do, but then realized this would be difficult. Meh, let's start with Dark Phoenix Saga.

Plot summary: First, Shadowcat and Dazzler are discovered. The X-Men go in teams to try and recruit them and are confronted by Hellfire Club members. Shadowcat is also recruited by Emma Frost, White Queen, who is able to take out Wolverine, Storm and Colossus, taking them prisoner, while Shadowcat discovered that she could phase, getting away. Meanwhile, Dazzler is attacked by Hellfire Club robot-things, and Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Phoenix go to her rescue. They save her and learn about the rest of the X-Men being captured. Then, they go after the White Queen, resulting in Shadowcat helping to break the captured X-Men out, and Phoenix going up against White Queen, easily defeating her. The X-Men triumph and go home. They do realize that the Hellfire Club could be a threat, so they go to Angel, who has money, in order to get into the Club. Then, it is revealed that Angel is actually a member (OMG!), but has no idea what the X-Men are talking about. Still, they venture off to fight the Hellfire Club, with Storm and Colossus going in, and Cyclops and Phoenix going in later, both just going as guests of the Club, looking for fun. Wolverine and Nightcrawler decide to take a different approach and go through the sewers. Once Wolverine and Nightcrawler get there though, they are attacked by Donald Pierce and Harry Leland. Pierce strangles Nightcrawler into unconsciousness, while Leland increases Wolverine's weight to make him collapse, although, with Wolverine's skeleton, he crashes through the floor, landing in a water filled tunnel, being swept away. Meanwhile, up above, Jason Wyngarde, Mastermind, takes control of Phoenix, like he had before, and dances her away from Scott, leading her upstairs, where she then takes out Cyclops. Storm and Colossus hear the noise, rush upstairs, where they are confronted by Sebastian Shaw, who takes some punches from Colossus before taking him out, and then taking out Storm, after she tries to flee. The issue ends with them being happy and Wolverine wanting to take them all out. Then, Wolverine busts in, working his way to where the Inner Sanctum is happily discussing their defeat of the X-Men, gloating away with Phoenix, who believes they are in the times of the Revolutionary War, where the X-Men are traitors to the British Empire. Cyclops tries to free Phoenix through their psychic link, although is met with Wyngarde, who takes Cyclops out, killing him in the mind, and almost killing him in real life. This shock frees Phoenix, who waits until Wolverine distracts everyone, and then frees the X-Men, who then take out the Hellfire Club. Phoenix confronts Wyngarde, who is trying to run away. She makes him one with the universe, making him insane. As they run away, and flee into the night, Phoenix then recites the exact same line as when she became Phoenix, except that this time, she blows up their jet, and changing into a Dark version of the Phoenix. "Hear me, X-Men! No longer am I the woman you kne!. I am fire! And life incarnate! Now and forever- I am Phoenix!" As they crash over Central Park, the X-Men have to face Dark Phoenix, who crushes them, and then flies away into space. In space, she goes off, is hungry, eats a sun, killing the D'Bari (obscure aliens from Avengers 4), and then destroying a Shi'ar vessel before returning to Earth, where the X-Men have been preparing. Beast rejoined with the X-Men and attaches a device that was supposed to neutralize Phoenix's power long enough for her to be defeated. Unfortunately, they cannot, and they are all captured by Dark Phoenix. Then, Professor X confronts Dark Phoenix, and they have a battle on the Astral Plane, and fight for a while, until ultimately, Xavier wins, with the help of Jean Grey who is fighting Dark Phoenix as well. Phoenix is supposed to have left Jean's body, and Cyclops holds her. Then, the X-Men, consisting of Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Wolverine, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey took her yellow and green Marvel Girl costume for the upcoming fight), Storm, Beast and Angel all get abducted by the Shi'ar who have decided that Phoenix must die. Professor X challenges the Shi'ar to Arin'n Haelar, a Shi'ar duel of honor, which Shi'ar have to accept. This means the X-Men have to fight the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, who have a lot of random members. They get taken to the Blue Area of the Moon, where there is less gravity, although still a fair amount, and air to breathe. After a long battle, in which the Kree and Skrull interfere and help to take out the X-Men, only Marvel Girl and Cyclops are left. When Cyclops is hit, Marvel Girl panics and becomes Phoenix again. The X-Men and Imperial Guard fight her and Wolverine preforms a fastball special, throwing Colossus at Jean, who gets distracted and realizes that she should not live, so she goes and takes an alien gun and shoots herself, dying on the moon.

Whew, that was long. Any questions about it can be asked. Anyway, here are some cards that I feel make Dark Phoenix Saga playable:

(These are in no particular order)
Mastermind, Illusion Control (MXS-019)
Look at the art, and you'll understand.

Army of One (MXM-152)
This exact scene is from Dark Phoenix Saga, including the flavor text.

Dark Phoenix, Alien Life Force (MXM-128)
Come on, obvious much?

Dark Phoenix, Cosmic Entity (MOR-164)
Again, really obvious.

Harry's Hideaway (MXM-030)
When the X-Men first meet Shadowcat, they take her to an ice cream place, apparently called Harry's Hideaway. Yay, fun!

Mind Control (MXM-175)
Again, it is representing Wyngarde controlling Phoenix.

Psychic Struggle (MXM-179)
When Jean takes on Emma and crushes her.

Alter Density (MXM-191)
Whee, Wolverine smashing through the floor!

Mindtap Mechanism (MXM-198)
Man, they are obsessed with that image aren't they?

Jean Grey, Phoenix Force (MOR-014 and MVL-017)
Well, you can't have Dark Phoenix without Phoenix. Plus, one of the more flavorful cards of the first set.

Spider-Senses (MSM-012)
What? Why would this be here? Because when Dark Phoenix went crazy, all these beings felt it, including Spider-Man's Spider-Sense going crazy, Doc Strange noticing some stuff, scientists (I think) noticing weird stuff and Silver Surfer all noticing Phoenix going crazy. That's why.

Bamf! (MSM-109)
When they were attacking the Hellfire Club, Nightcrawler bamfed around, just like on the card, especially how he is taking out Hellfire Club goons.

Blue Area of the Moon (MHG-116)
It's where they fought, and where Jean sacrificed herself. 'Nuff said?

Intergalactic Summit (MHG-203)
When Dark Phoenix destroyed D'Bari, then the Shi'ar and everybody got together to discuss destroying Phoenix.

If you disagree with any of these, let me know. If you think any cards should be added, let me know. Basically, anything you want to say, let me know.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Beast Boy Legend Deck

Okay, so I want to make a deck featuring Beast Boy as my legend. To do this, I am making it a Doom Patrol deck. I could have done Teen Titans, although I like +1/+1 counters too much. Since Doom Patrol is not a good team on its own (1 of each character through 6 is not enough), I did team-up with Titans, especially since my main 3-drop is a Titan. Anyway, here is the deck list. Any comments and suggestions would be helpful.

Garfield Logan lives!

4 Elasti-Girl, Rita Farr
4 Argent, Toni Monetti
1 The Chief, Niles Caulder
4 Beast Boy, Garfield Logan
2 Mento, Steve Dayton
4 Negative Man, Larry Trainor
2 Zatara, Teen Magician
4 Robotman, Cliff Steele
2 Raven, Demon Spawn
4 Beast Boy, Freak of Nature

4 Call of the Wild
3 Headstrong Charge
4 Misfits
4 Freak Out
4 Heroic Effort
2 Strange Days
1 Heroes of Two Worlds
4 Total Recall, Team-Up

3 Dayton Manor

Comics for the week of 1/23

First off, I want to apologize for being late. My current Wednesday schedule is incredibly hectic and it is a miracle I can get anything done. Hopefully, I will continue to update this with my current comic load on Wednesday, but don't be surprised if I can't make it fit and I have to double post on Thursday.

Blue Beetle 23

Basic Plot: Blue Beetle attempts to expose the Reach for who they really are.

For those of you not in the know, the Reach are the aliens who created Blue Beetle's armor and scarab. They are ancient enemies of the Green Lantern Corps and they arrived on Earth, saying they want peace, when Blue Beetle knows they really want war and to kill everybody. With that in mind, Blue Beetle goes off on one of his most interesting journeys of all. I really like this issue. The Reach is panicking and Jaime just makes everything worse. Now, then end is a little harsh and annoying, but hopefully he'll pull through. He isn't stupid, and is in fact rather clever. He is able to make 3 versions of hiumself appear almost simultaneously, pulling Reach World Rippers into 3-space. When the Reach has to simultaneously destroy all three World Rippers, Jaime is able to triangulate and find their ship and take the fight to them. Unfortunately, it doesn't go as planned, but it is still really good.

Ultimate Fantastic Four 50

Basic Plot: The Cosmic Cube Reed created is sought after by the Halycon.

What you say? Basically, Reed created a Cosmic Cube which basically can make Reed do whatever he wants. The Halycon fight Thanos and the Acheron empire, who are bad. Thanos once had a Cosmic Cube. He wants another one. The Halycon don't want the possibility of him ever possessing one again. It is pretty amusing, as Reed has limitless abilities at the moment. Unfortunately, he does have limits and therefore, he isn't all powerful. It is rather amusing, but I readlly didn't like God War, the first time they introduced the Halycon and Thanos, so I don't have high hopes for this. The issue is amusing, but not good. I don't know how to explain it better.

Nova 10

Basic Plot: Nova and Gamora try and fight their way out of something.

Yes, I know this came out a couple weeks ago. For some reason, I wasn't able to get it then, but got it yesterday. Anyway, the stories involving Nova are pretty much only good when dealing with a cosmic event, as far as my taste is concerned. He's fighting the Phalanx inside himself the entire time, while also fighting Gamora who is a Phalanx select and the inside of a wormhole beast-ish thingy. It is kind of complex and pretty far-fetched. I think that all in all, it is pretty good, but that Nova is really only good when in the cosmic events or dealing with the aftermath of them. This story and the couple before just aren't as good as they probably could have been and just leave a lot to be desired. Is it good? It's okay, but not brilliant.

Ultimate Iron Man II 2

Basic Plot: Tony tries to protect and exonerate his father with weirdness and stuff happening.

Well, I like Orson Scott Card, ann am okay with Pasqual Ferry. Not my favorite artist, but whatever. The story is pretty good, although confusing. I do like Tony in this manner and all in all, it is fun. I just don't know fully though. Meh, I guess we'll see. It mainly confuses me because I don't know what half of the things that the people are talking about are, and I think that is intentional. It sounds all convoluted and everything and is an amusing story, although, as I said, we'll see where it goes. Sigh...

Ultimates 3 #2

Basic Plot: The Brotherhood comes for Scarlet Witch's body.

Um, what? In case you didn't know, I loved Ultimates and Ultimates 2. Ultimates 2 is my favorite storyline of all time. Ultimates is my second favorite. Ultimates 3 #1 was something I was looking forward to a lot and I was incredibly disappointed. If it weren't for Ultimates and Ultimates 2, I would never have picked up this issue. I want this to be better. I really do. It just isn't. This issue is better than the previous issue, maybe because I have lower standards, and so meeting those was good enough. Maybe because I am more used to the art by now and am more used to just not expecting to know anything. This one does make more sense and is better, although it is not nearly as good as Ultimates. Oh well. We'll see how this turns out also. Hopefully better than how it is now.

Amazing Spider-Man 548

Basic Plot: Spidey tries to save a bunch of kids.

Well, honestly, I can say that I like the story. Do I like why the story exists, as part of Brand New Day? No. I sincerely dislike, maybe even hate the reason behind Brand New Day. It's a cop out and, you know what, I sound lile a broken record. Whatever. Anyway, I am digging the story and hope that it continues to be good, even if I do hate the reasons behind it. 'Nuff said?

Mighty Avengers 7

Basic Plot: Spider-Woman goes to Tony with Elektra-Skrull and eventually a Venom Bomb hits New York City.

First off, Bendis and Bagley together again. After 110 issues of Ultimate Spider-Man together, you'd think they would be sick fo each other, but no. Now, I love Bagley and his art, but unfortunately, I saw the previews for March and Mighty Avengers 11 has the text, "Marvel Comics says sayonara to longtime penciler Mark Bagley with this bombastic storyline!" Unfortunately, he is leaving Marvel. He drew Spider-Man for a long time, even before Ultimate Spider-Man, and it is sad that he is leaving. He could draw symbiotes like no one else. How appropriate that his last arc is one with lots of symbiotes. Anyway, this issue was pretty good and I do like that Mighty Avengers is trying to catch up to where it should be after Civil War (around issue 9 or so, as opposed to 7). The Venom bomb is amusing and should be great with Bagley art.

Astonishing X-Men 24

Basic Plot: The X-Men try to stop the Breakworld from launching its missile at Earth.

Cyclops has my attention. He has his powers back and under control. Awesomeness. Whedon and Cassady are amazing, astonishing even, and this is the perfect end to their run on Astonishing X-Men. Well, there is still the Giant Size which has the conclusion to this storyline, but it is fairly awesome all in all. Spoilers, like you care, but the missile is no missile, but a bullet. A giant fraking bullet that is aimed at Earth and then launched. At the speed and size of the bullet, it probably would destroy Earth. Like I said, this is pretty cool stuff. I really like Astonishing X-Men and think it is amazing. This is not proving me wrong at all. WOOT! Almost no action, but still an awesome comic. Not many comics have done that for me. This one does. Well, looking forward to the end.

Marvel Zombies 2 #4

Basic Plot: T'Challa and the rest have a plan to do something. Hopefully, they'll succeed.

Well, first off, I know that it says Marvel Zombies 2 #3 on the pic, but that is what issue 4 is. Issue 3 had the Iron Man pic that was supposed to be on 4. Whatever. Anyway, this was another great issue by Kirkman. I really love the zombies and their plan and how it fails and how everything is messy and I just love it. What happens in the story? A lot. Is it confusing? You bet. Does it work all in all? Uh huh. Awesomeness in Marvel Zombies 2 #4. Who cares about spoilers. You know that you don't. Apparently, at the end, Hank is no longer hungry. He is about to eat T'Challa's wife, but he realizes that he is no longer hungry. Considering all he's eaten, I'm not surprised in the least, but the hunger does fade naturally, and I believe that they have just been eating for too long and didn't realize they weren't hungry any more. Oh well. I have no idea what issue 5 will bring, but it better be good. What am I saying? Robert Kirkman, I believe in you.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Comics I didn't get a chance to review over the break p3

On the first week of January, comic shipping was the same as the previous week, so I give to you, today, the comics of January 4.

Annihilation: Conquest 3

Basic Plot: Quasar and Moondragon fight off Ultron with the High Evolutionary. Star-Lord and his rag-tag team of rebels try and take out something or another. Ronan, with Kl'rt, Praxagora and Wraith in tow, confronts Ravenous.

To be perfectly honest, I don't actually remember the comic all too well. I do know that I like Annihilation: Conquest, but these parts I do remember. Ronan pulls an awesome double cross where he gets his way. Star-Lord eventually faces a Phalanx converted Blastaar and that Adam Warlock fights well against Ultron and that they still haven't explained Ultron's presence. Oh, yeah, Ultron is behind the Phalanx. It isn't just the Phalanx, but Ultron as well. Kind of weird, but interesting. I do like Tom Raney's art, most of the time, but the inking and coloring are not good with Raney's style. It doesn't feel like Raney half of the time. There are a few moments that I realize, "Oh, yeah! Tom Raney draws this!" Otherwise, I am completely clueless that Raney had anything to do with it. That does go for the entire series too. Looking forward to part 4. Not nearly as good, though, as Annihilation, which is now out in 3 paperbacks. Enjoy that!

Howard the Duck 4

Basic Plot: Howard and Bev confront MODOT and try and make a stand.

What can I say? It's Howard the Duck. It is not supposed to be serious at all, and it is only supposed to be fun. It was a great series and I did like all the references to the media. It was just an awesome time to read a comic. I recommend this highly. It is amazing, although don't go to it looking for a serious comic involving a anthropomorphic talking duck that has a plucky, hot, model girlfriend (not his girlfriend, but close enough). It's just a lot of fun.

Ultimate Human 1

Basic Plot: Bruce Banner wants a cure for being the Hulk. Tony Stark might be able to provide the answers, but only if Hulk doesn't kill them both first.

It was interesting. I did enjoy trying to figure out where it took place in continuity. I believe it does take place after the events of Ultimates 2, although I am not fully certain. In the aftermath of Ultimates 2, Bruce and the Hulk seem to have come to an agreement of sorts, and the Hulk isn't nearly the threat he once was. So, why the change for this comic? It seems interesting, of course, and provides Marvel a way to destroy Millar and Hitch's work even more. I talk of course about Ultimates 3, which is the saddest thing I have ever seen. It makes no sense, and is just poorly done. Ultimate Human, is okay, but does not quite fit things as well as it may want to. The Hulk just wouldn't be the same after Ultimates 2 as he was, even at the beginning of Ultimates 2. Hulk changed, and the writers have no reason to make people assume that Hulk is a menace again. Anyway, the story is kind of meh, and the art is okay, and it is bizarre that the Ultimate Leader (looking for both Bruce Banner's blood and Tony Stark's blood) is Peter Wisdom, the man who stole Kitty Pryde's heart before she realized she should be with someone better than him. So odd.

Huh, the week before was loaded, while this week was very light. Sigh, who can ever predict this kind of thing?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Comics I didn't get a chance to review over the break p2

On the 3rd Day of Christmas, I bought from the comic store for me... What? I celebrate Christmas as well as Chanukah. Anyway, Christmas pushed the day back to the Friday, or Dec 28 aka the 3rd day of Christmas.

These are the ones I am choosing to review. For a list of what I read, contact me and ask.

Amazing Spider-Man 545

Basic Plot: Will Spidey and MJ agree to give up their marriage to Mephisto to save May?

You already know how I feel. This was stupid. Pete was stupid. MJ Might not have known better, but Peter should have. Deal with the devil? Come on! 'Nuff said.

Avengers: The Initiative 8

Basic Plot: Taskmaster is the new instructor at Camp Hammond. Ant-Man causes trouble with Stature and Yellowjacket.

This is an awesome comic. I love Avengers: The Initiative. It is a horrible idea in the MU, but a great idea in the regular universe. We get to watch it all unfold and fall to pieces. I've said this before, and it still holds true. This was a great issue. I loved the Ant-Man series, written by the great Robert Kirkman, and I loved the character and am glad to see him again. The battle between him and Stature was funny and great, and when Yellowjacket gets involved, Gyrich wants Taskmaster to stop the giants. Of course, he doesn't want to, as he is still somewhat a villain, and is there "only to teach". Then, when Gyrich practically forces him to, he takes hi shield, throws it off of all their lower legs, bringing them all down. Then, he shield punches Yellowjacket in the neck, knocking him out. This was awesomeness. I like Taskmaster, and he is awesome in this. This is a great comic, and it looks like it might be ending, just because of what is going on, and that would be sad, as I want to see it fall forever.

Captain America 33

Basic Plot: Bucky is aboard the helicarrier. Awesomeness ensues.

Yes, that is the plot, effectively. Not much else. Some scolding from Red Skull, and some other stuff, but once he is there, he goes after Iron Man. Now, I have had respect for Winter Soldier as he is the once-dead Bucky, but I never thought he'd be able to take out Iron Man. He was cool, but not on an Iron Man level. I was wrong. He was able to trick Iron Man into all this stuff, before taking off Tony's helmet and sticking a gun in his face. WOOT! I love that. I wanted him to shoot Tony, but Tony was able to convince Bucky to listen to him, and it seems very much that Bucky will be the new Cap A. We shall see soon.

Giant Size Avengers Special

Basic Plot: Lots of different stories involving the Avengers.

This was just pure and simple fun. After Ms. Marvel, Wasp and Black Widow take out the BAD Girls (Black Mamba, Asp and Diamondback), then the fun begins. A great story involving how Jarvis always keeps Avengers Mansion clean and keeps everything important from breaking, even while the Avengers are fighting was fun and enjoyable. Jarvis is more powerful than any of the Avengers, telling them what to do. He commands Thor to take the fight outside. Heh, it is good, and you see an Avengers story through Jarvis' eyes. Next, Gyrich is seen as the hero of a small planet. This planet has lifeforms who do not speak English, and always rhyme when speaking. While fighting a being that looks like Meta-Ridley from Metroid (one of the most awesome video game series ever), Thor, Captain America and Iron Man draw him into this world, with Gyrich with them. Cap is down and hallucinating, Thor is out cold and Iron Man's armor needs to boot up. Gyrich is the only one left and Iron Man yells at him for being a coward and that everybody hates him. Then, eventually, the Avengers recover and Gyrich yells at them to just return, leaving Meta-Ridley behind, but the Avengers think they may be sentient beings on the planet, so they take out Meta-Ridley, with Iron Man launching his "F*&^ it! Fire Everything!" command protocol and Thor calling upon the constant lightning on the planet, destroying Meta-Ridley. The beings on the planet only saw Gyrich yelling at everybody and thought he was leading them, so when he left and said, "What are you looking at?" to the creatures, they took that to be holy words and whenever they say goodbye, they say "Wattaryulukinat" The rest of the stories are kind of amusing, but not as good, but enjoyable.

Marvel Zombies 2 #3

Basic Plot: Zombie Luke Cage and Spidey want to help the remaining humans from the rest of the zombies, while the rest want to eat and then go to other universes to eat.

I liked issue one. I disliked issue two. Robert Kirkman, you've done it again. I loved Marvel Zombies 2 #3. It was what I needed in the Zombieverse. Forge would have gone all around the world, taking Reed Richards' stuff and Tony Stark's stuff and Hank McCoy's stuff and Hank Pym's stuff and making his own stuff. That's what he did, especially with taking Reed's device to transport people to other universes and with Tony's original Iron Man armor, making it awesomely powerful as opposed to what it originally was. It still looks fairly similar, but is powered up a lot. The story just felt right this time around. Good job, Kirkman, good job.

Ultimate Power 9

Basic Plot: The Squadron, the Squadron and the Ultimates must team-up to take out Ultimate Hulk.

Yes, the Squadron Supreme is mentioned twice. One is the original Squadron Supreme, while the other is the Supreme Power Squadron Supreme. Each of the duplicates (Dr. Spectrum, Blur/Whizzer, Hyperion) have their power levels decreased by half, as there are two of them. So really, it is the Squadron, in groups of two, and the Ultimates vs Ultimate Hulk. Eventually, the good guys win (yay) and when looking who to blame for ruining the Supreme Powerverse, Spider-Man offers up Fury who was dealing with Doom (Doombot), who was dealing with Hamilton. So until they find Doom, Fury is their "Sorry, Try Again" and left in the Supreme Powerverse. Now, continuity issues abound and I'll go over that some other time, but a fun way to finish off the series.

Whew, what a week! And that wasn't all I read that week, just what I wanted to talk about.

Comics I didn't get a chance to review over the break p1

Well, on December 19, I picked up some comics from a local place that I like in San Francisco, liked mainly because of its proximity to another place I like, but I digress.

NOTE: These are not all the comics I got. If you want a list, then please let me know.

Cable & Deadpool 48

Basic Plot: Deadpool has to fix his mortal enemy T-Ray by bonding his soul to his body, with the help of guest star Brother Voodoo.

When the comic starts with Deadpool being happy, shooting a bunch of zombies, while Bob cowers in fear, you can tell it is going to be good. I love Deadpool, so I was going to like it, but it was still good, even without my love of Deadpool interfering. The whole concept was great as it is pushing for Deadpool to be a hero even though he is incredibly flawed. He still saved his mortal enemy because he knew the consequences would be worse for the universe. They have a fight inside T-Ray's soul and when T-Ray smashes Deadpool, he becomes a lot of tiny Deadpools that all are based off of superheroes. A Thor Deadpool. A Ms. Marvel Deadpool. An Iron Man Deadpool. He hates his Black Bolt Deadpool. He even was going to have his Captain America and Iron Man Deadpools fight a Civil War inside his head to determine something stupid. But, he still won. It was just a lot of fun, and I love fun, especially with my buddy, DP.

Mighty Avengers 6

Basic Plot: Ultron is trying to launch nukes. Ares is trying to deliver a virus to Ultron. Sentry is pissed at Ultron for killing his wife.

Well, finally! The first arc is over. How long did that take? I mean, New Warriors was a latecomer to The Initiative and they just had issue 8. It is absurd how long it took to come out. It was good, don't get me wrong. Frank Cho is an amazing artist and I love Bendis, but lateness is horrible. I don't understand all of what happened, with Ultron and Sentry's wife, because, spoiler alert from a while ago, she didn't die. Apparently. Okay... The story was good and I love all of the thought bubbles with people thinking being an important part of the dialogue. A Commodore 64. Seriously. Ah, I did enjoy the issue, even though it was late.

What if...? Civil War

Basic Plot: What would have happened if Iron Man had died of the Extremis injection thingy and Cap lead all the heroes against Registration? What would have happened if Iron Man had been a little more forthcoming when he tried to shake hands with Cap?

I loved this issue. The first part was kind of stupid, and I didn't like that Gyrich was leading Sentinels, and then man-powered Sentinels and then Clor clones against the heroes. It was kind of stupid and I thought it was pretty stupid. It also didn't show my point. The second part was amazing. It was all I needed. If, when Iron Man reached out his hand and Cap has his bug in his hand, Tony had been honest and said that he really wanted to make things right, Cap would not have given him the bug and nobody would have died that night. Iron Man would have saved Bill Foster from Clor and then all the heroes would have pounded on Clor and beaten him. Then, they would compromise, with Cap being the only person who knows the identities of heroes, which works. It shows then that a new Golden Age of heroism would have started. Many years down the line, they would have been friends still and glad they worked everything out. It was nice and I loved it because it really was true that things would have been better if Cap had won. Sure, Iron Man semi-won, but Cap did so much more because of it and I love that story. Of course, I realize that he never would have won, but this would have been better. Not happening, alternate universe, blah, blah, blah, but I still am glad there is the What if...? comics.

Justice League is distracting

I would have posted earlier, but with homework and breaks consisting of me trying to watch the entire Jusitce League TV show, I didn't have time.

Anyway, One More Day and Brand New Day. For those of you just joining us, I hate Brand New Day. Brand New Day is what is taking place in the Marvel Universe as a retcon of Spider-Man. This includes a lot of spoilers, so be careful. When Spider-Man revealed his identity in Civil War, he realized this was a mistake and switched sides. When he did that, he was on the run, with everybody knowing who he is because of his blind faith in Tony Stark. The Kingpin discovered where he was hiding, along with his wife and aunt. He hired an assassin to take out Spidey, but Spidey's Spider-Sense went off and he dove, protecting MJ, but Aunt May was shot and fell. After taking her to the hospital, he has never forgiven himself. He went through his period where he dressed in black to try and show that he was black on the inside too (it was stupid, but fit in time with the timing of the third Spider-Man movie). Eventually, May's condition demanded either more money or to be put aside with other people with small amounts of money, so Peter went to Avengers Tower, looking for Iron Man. When he found Tony, he was able to eventually convince Tony to lend money, which he did through Jarvis. The doctor said he would make her comfortable, but there was nothing he could do. Spider-Man knows a lot more people of course, so he went to Dr. Strange who could not help, but allowed him to go to other people who might be able to help, all at the same time, all over the world. Unfortunately, all of them, including Mr. Fantastic, Black Panther, The Wizard and Dr. Doom all said there was nothing. After a vain attempt to try and go into the past, Spidey eventually was walking somberly when he ran into a little girl with red hair who convinced him that he should stop thinking about himself all the time. Then, he ran into a computer programmer, who told his story as a version of Peter Parker who never got bit and just went through life ignoring people and everything. Then, he ran into a super successful rich version of himself who used the spite for him to become motivation and used his considerable intellect to make a fortune. Eventually he ran into Mephisto who told him that all three were versions of him, and that Mephisto could save May, but wanted Peter and MJ's marriage in return. They discussed this and, in one of the most idiotic choices, ranking up there with trusting Tony Stark, although maybe worse, he decided to take the deal, and Mephisto revealed that the little girl would have been theirs if they had not taken the deal. Still, the deal goes through and they never became married and Spider-Man's life gets completely and utterly retconned.
Now, everything is crazy and stupid. Don't get me wrong, the art is great and the story isn't half bad, but it doesn't fit at all. It should be an alternate universe, hey, maybe it should get its own series, but it should not be the Spider-Man series. I am appreciative of the story, but it feels like it should be set in the 70's or something, and I hate how they set it up. Peter is intelligent, right? He made some bad choices, but he also has made some good choices in his life. The entire story that was told in One More Day 1-3 made the case for Peter to let her go as it would make the most sense, and he had to accept it. Sure, he semi-caused it by being Spider-Man and being a target for assassination by the Kingpin, but May knew the risks, as did MJ, and both were willing to risk their life. Plus, in the last issue of Sensational Spider-Man before One More Day, God showed up and let Peter know he was doing a good job. You read that correctly. God shouwed up and said that he was doing a good job. How much clearer can it be than that? Peter might make a few mistakes, but he keeps on going and he doesn't just quit. He did that in One More Day.
I hate it because it is out of character. Yes, he would want to save his aunt, and he would do "anything", but he has lost her before. He has lost his uncle before. He has lost Gwen Stacy and even has lost MJ for a time (thought to be dead), but he continued on. This was his fault? So was Gwen Stacy. He moved on. Uncle Ben he always blamed on himself, but he became a superhero because of it. Peter is an intelligent individual. He invented his webshooters, he invented spider-tracers that he can find with his Spider-Sense. That was when he was a kid. He doesn't always think things through fully, and doesn't always have great common sense, but he is not an idiot. Otherwise, he never would have survived 46 years superheroing. There was a time I remember where Darkhawk had the opportunity to try and go back in time to help his father from dying, and Spidey said that he would do anything to change Uncle Ben's death, but (to himself, said that) he knew that he shouldn't do anything to try and change the past. Why did the writers think this was a good idea? I don't think this was all Stracyszinki (or however you spell it), but he made some bad ideas. He redeemed himself in my eyes a little when he said he wanted to change the Gwen getting pregnant thing from Sins Past during One More Day, but wasn't allowed, but that he made it in the first place and that he made Spider-Man more "magical" always made me sad.
All in all, it just doesn't make sense for Spidey to agree. I know that MJ semi-convinced him, but he should know better than to deal with Mephisto. Mephisto, also usually known as Mephistopholes or Satan or the Devil. YOU DON'T MAKE DEALS WITH THE DEVIL! Oy. Well, as for the story itself, I find it kind of fun, but mostly when I imagine it as being a story set in the 70's and not in present day (with Harry around and stuff like that). It's not the best story in the world, but it could easily be worse, and it works for what it is, I guess.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Comic Review for Wednesday, 1/16

Well, time again for comics. For those of you who want to know what I read during the break, I can easily show what I read and I will do smaller reviews over the next couple days. For now, though, I will review comics from this week.

New Warriors 8

Basic Plot: Night Thrasher comes face to face with Midnight's Fire (who came up with that name?) to talk to him. The Warriors discuss terrorism and whether they are terrorists.

Well, New Warriors is an interesting comic. Sometimes, it is good. Sometimes, it is meh. Today was more meh than good. Maybe if I knew all the people from old NW stuff (Midnight's Fire and more info about Night Thrasher (original), his brother (current) and Silhouette), I would understand more of the stuff between Thrasher and his old enemy (apparently). The rest, with the NW discussing whether they are terrorists was kind of stupid to me. I did not think Cap was on the wrong side of the Civil War. I don't remember when I chose Cap's side, but once I did, I saw very little good about Iron Man. Plus, they are acting a lot like how Spider-Man used to act back in the day (which is also the Brand New Day, but you'll see that later). I love classic Spidey comics, so I find their discussing of their own actions fairly pointless. They are doing the right thing, even if they are vigilantes. Like Thomas Jane says as Frank Castle in the Punisher movie, "In certain, extreme situations, the law is inadequate. In order to shame its inadequacy, it is necessary to act outside the law. To pursue - natural justice." Now, in a world with superheroes, there is a lot more reason to work outside the law. With this in mind, the New Warriors and vigilante superheroes make sense. All in all, an amusing comic. I enjoyed some parts, but, again, meh.

Amazing Spider-Man 547

Basic Plot: Spidey goes after the Spider-Man mask wearing guy who mugged him, when he gets caught up in a plot by the mysterious Mr. Negative.

Okay, first off, this entire idea is bullshit. Complete and utter bullshit. I am completely and utterly ashamed of Marvel. They decided to make their own Crisis event, but have the only person affected be Spider-Man (See how Zero Hour affected Batman). What Marvel did was think that Spider-Man was getting too complicated (or something stupid) and totally retcon to the point of stupidity. See, retconning can be good and can be bad. Sometimes, I like retcons. Sometimes, I don't. Most of the time, I can deal with it, but sometimes, it is just stupid. First off, as opposed to answering questions and making things simple and understandable, now they are not only more complicated than ever, but they are stupid too. What has changed since the retcon? Well, Aunt May is alive and well and working at a homeless shelter. Peter and MJ never got married and nobody knows who Spider-Man is aside from Peter Parker. Oh, and Harry Osborn is alive again. Craziness. And, somehow this also all fits into the regular MU. Apparently, people remember Peter unmasked during Civil War, but they don't remember who it was. Or something. It's stupid. See, Spider-Man is supposed to be one of my favorite heroes and they go and turn him into a pile of crap. One More Day started off really well. Issues 1-3 were amazing and great. Issue 4? I almost threw up. I was so disturbed by it. The rant you are getting here? To be continued tomorrow, along with my actual plot summary and review of 547. Sorry.

Incredible Hulk Herc 113

Basic Plot: Hercules and Amadeus are on the run. Lots of flashbacks to Greek Mythology. Ares is pissed at Herc. Amadeus keeps being smart.

I loved Hulk. World War Hulk was awesomeness. The Incredible Herc is a great series in the aftermath (aftersmash?) of WWH. I love Greek Mythology and think it is awesome. I grew up learning about it, and while I may have forgot some of it, and haven;t dealt with it much at this point in life, I have been reminded of it often by Herc in WWH and its prequels and sequels. A lot references Herc (known as Heracles in Greek, but Hercules in Roman, I remember some stuff) and his past trials and tribulations. It was an awesome story too. I do like the fight between Wonder Man and Herc, mainly with Ares butting in and saying Herc is threatening Wonder Man's life (both Herc and Wonder Man say that Herc isn't) before firing bullets with Hydra blood in them (not the organization, the actual creature), which is lethal to Olympians. Apparently, it cannot kill, but is still incredibly painful. So, Herc is now hallucinating and thinks Amadeus is Iolaus, his nephew who helped him defeat the Hydra. Craziness is ensuing and I love it!

Warbound 2

Basic Plot: The remaining Warbound have to deal with all the hidden surprises in Gammaworld.

I like the Warbound, but am not thrilled with the art. Anyway, the series is somewhat interesting. Kind of confusing. But I do like how the military is letting the Warbound help them in defeating giant bugs. What the Leader is up to, I don't yet know, but it can't be good. All I know is that while I do like the Warbound as characters, I don't quite like the story as much as I like them.

Wolverine Origins 21

Basic Plot: Deadpool goes after Wolverine.

It must be my birthday because I got two issues with Deadpool this week! Oh, wait. It was my birthday this week! Anyway, I was excited until I remembered that I used to read Wolverine Origins and stopped for a reason. I sincerely hate Steve Dillon's artwork. It's flat, boring, stiff and devoid of motion. Everything is just horribly rendered. Ugh... I don't know how anybody can like his art. Now, the cover is done by Simone Bianchi who is amazing (did the art for the DC Legends box), but the interior art? God, it almost makes me want to throw up. I read Wolverine Origins because it was semi-interesting in the aftermath of House of M (Decimation), but once they finished the arc with Cyber and Daken (Wolverine's son), I stopped reading it because of Steve Dillon. I would not get this were it not for Deadpool. I love Deadpool a lot and it was painful. It was seriously painful. Daniel Way does not know who Deadpool is, does he? So, is all Way knows is that Wade is crazy? Because while Wade is crazy, he isn't the kind of guy (especially at this point in time) that has all these hallucinations and is stupid. Act stupid? Sure! Be stupid? No. His text boxes are almost yellowish, but not quite. It is more like they are slightly spilled upon with lemonade. So Deadpool was hired to take out Wolverine? Sure, but why did Daniel Way have to make him act like a retarded monkey as opposed to a merc who has the traits of a retarded monkey. And with Dillon's art, I just was not happy, even though it was Deadpool.

Cable Ka-zar and Zabu and Deadpool 49

Basic Plot: Deadpool and Agent X argue about pay, when Irene Merryweather shows up about helping Rumekistan by going to the Savage Land and gettting a machine from there.

If you didn't understand that basic plot, don't worry. Deadpool is of course the Merc with a mouth that I love a lot. Agent X is a guy who shares a lot of his attributes due to a complicated procedure with brain splitting and the likes. Basically, he is like Deadpool except currently he is incredibly fat because of a previous arc. He owns Agency X which hired Deadpool as its primary merc/go-to guy after he got chubby. Irene Merryweather was involved with Cable in complicated ways. Cable helped bring peace to a small fictional country called Rumekistan that he has helped before he recently died (although I don't know if he is currently alive or dead, at the very least, he'll be back). The Savage Land is in the Antarctic and is a wild jungle that is kept by alien technology and holds dinosaurs and is ruled over by Ka-Zar and his wife, Shanna, and his pet tiger, Zabu. Anyway, I loved this issue, especially since I am milking it for everything I can and the series for as much as possible as with Cable getting a new series, Deadpool's current series with Cable (although the most recent issues have been team-up issues) is getting canceled. Sigh... Well, this issue did not disappoint. I want all of you reading this to get this issue. It is awesome and funny. When Brainchild (an evil mutate designed by Magneto in a plan to rule the Savage Land) is trying to predict where the heroes are going (I guess Weasel, Bob and Deadpool can be counted as heroes), he easily predicts Ka-Zar, Zabu, Weasel and Bob's movements, but gets lost and confused when he can't predict Deadpool's. "How could he possibly outsmart me? Is he some kind of tactical genius?" Of course, the next panel shows that Deadpool is in the sewer pipes, because he wants to use Mario's strategy that always worked for him. Anyway, the next issue seems to be something with symbiotes on dinosaurs in Manhattan, maybe with the Mighty Avengers and FF being involved. Going out with a KA-BOOM!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Not doing great

Well, my headache is pretty much gone, but my throat is still sore and I still am tired. Oh well. I do look forward to tomorrow, when the next issue of Cable and Deadpool comes out. Getting my computer back to the way it was is always a challenge for me, as I have to set up Firefox, Thunderbird and everything else the right way again, so that I can go back to doing things semi-normally. Sigh...

Well, sorry I am not being helpful on anything, but I am much too tired and feel too poorly to do a lot. See you tomorrow with reviews!

Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm back!

Well, my computer is up and running again, so I can use the internet again. This will be a short post, and I am sick, but I will continue to try and update regularly.

Over the interval where I was at home (and not posting), I did get a bunch of DC Legends cards and I have mixed feelings about the set. I feel they tried to do too much and nothing was as good as it could have been. With no more than 2 characters per legend and approx 1-3 support cards, they just didn't feel the same as someone like Jean Grey or Punisher. However, I have decided to build a Beast Boy deck. Rare Doom Patrol cards would be lovely (as I only have a couple), and I will give you something in return. Just comment with what and what you want and a place I can contact you and I'll try to get back to you.

I also finally got back to school, where I had four packages waiting for me, two of which were from UDE. Now I finally own a single Bishop and a single Apocalypse. WOOT! I also got something from Australia for building a United Front deck (Nova, Drax, etc). In it, I have received EA Deadshot, Blinding Rage and No Man, along with a foil Chill Out! (for my X-Men energy deck). Also, I got a birthday present from a friend, being a Marvel Zombies poster based off of X-Men 1 ( the one with Magneto on the right and all the different X-Men attacking him). I do have the issue and love Marvel Zombies, so it was awesome. Oh, yeah. My birthday was Sunday. Now I can do a lot more, being as I am finally 18. Thank goodness. I was getting really annoyed with things requiring me to be 18 or people mistaking me for 18, when being a year younger would benefit me (MUNI is San Francisco charges 50 cents for 5-17 year olds and $1.50 for adults). I also can vote and that will be fun.

Well, see you tomorrow.
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