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Comics for the week of 1/23

First off, I want to apologize for being late. My current Wednesday schedule is incredibly hectic and it is a miracle I can get anything done. Hopefully, I will continue to update this with my current comic load on Wednesday, but don't be surprised if I can't make it fit and I have to double post on Thursday.

Blue Beetle 23

Basic Plot: Blue Beetle attempts to expose the Reach for who they really are.

For those of you not in the know, the Reach are the aliens who created Blue Beetle's armor and scarab. They are ancient enemies of the Green Lantern Corps and they arrived on Earth, saying they want peace, when Blue Beetle knows they really want war and to kill everybody. With that in mind, Blue Beetle goes off on one of his most interesting journeys of all. I really like this issue. The Reach is panicking and Jaime just makes everything worse. Now, then end is a little harsh and annoying, but hopefully he'll pull through. He isn't stupid, and is in fact rather clever. He is able to make 3 versions of hiumself appear almost simultaneously, pulling Reach World Rippers into 3-space. When the Reach has to simultaneously destroy all three World Rippers, Jaime is able to triangulate and find their ship and take the fight to them. Unfortunately, it doesn't go as planned, but it is still really good.

Ultimate Fantastic Four 50

Basic Plot: The Cosmic Cube Reed created is sought after by the Halycon.

What you say? Basically, Reed created a Cosmic Cube which basically can make Reed do whatever he wants. The Halycon fight Thanos and the Acheron empire, who are bad. Thanos once had a Cosmic Cube. He wants another one. The Halycon don't want the possibility of him ever possessing one again. It is pretty amusing, as Reed has limitless abilities at the moment. Unfortunately, he does have limits and therefore, he isn't all powerful. It is rather amusing, but I readlly didn't like God War, the first time they introduced the Halycon and Thanos, so I don't have high hopes for this. The issue is amusing, but not good. I don't know how to explain it better.

Nova 10

Basic Plot: Nova and Gamora try and fight their way out of something.

Yes, I know this came out a couple weeks ago. For some reason, I wasn't able to get it then, but got it yesterday. Anyway, the stories involving Nova are pretty much only good when dealing with a cosmic event, as far as my taste is concerned. He's fighting the Phalanx inside himself the entire time, while also fighting Gamora who is a Phalanx select and the inside of a wormhole beast-ish thingy. It is kind of complex and pretty far-fetched. I think that all in all, it is pretty good, but that Nova is really only good when in the cosmic events or dealing with the aftermath of them. This story and the couple before just aren't as good as they probably could have been and just leave a lot to be desired. Is it good? It's okay, but not brilliant.

Ultimate Iron Man II 2

Basic Plot: Tony tries to protect and exonerate his father with weirdness and stuff happening.

Well, I like Orson Scott Card, ann am okay with Pasqual Ferry. Not my favorite artist, but whatever. The story is pretty good, although confusing. I do like Tony in this manner and all in all, it is fun. I just don't know fully though. Meh, I guess we'll see. It mainly confuses me because I don't know what half of the things that the people are talking about are, and I think that is intentional. It sounds all convoluted and everything and is an amusing story, although, as I said, we'll see where it goes. Sigh...

Ultimates 3 #2

Basic Plot: The Brotherhood comes for Scarlet Witch's body.

Um, what? In case you didn't know, I loved Ultimates and Ultimates 2. Ultimates 2 is my favorite storyline of all time. Ultimates is my second favorite. Ultimates 3 #1 was something I was looking forward to a lot and I was incredibly disappointed. If it weren't for Ultimates and Ultimates 2, I would never have picked up this issue. I want this to be better. I really do. It just isn't. This issue is better than the previous issue, maybe because I have lower standards, and so meeting those was good enough. Maybe because I am more used to the art by now and am more used to just not expecting to know anything. This one does make more sense and is better, although it is not nearly as good as Ultimates. Oh well. We'll see how this turns out also. Hopefully better than how it is now.

Amazing Spider-Man 548

Basic Plot: Spidey tries to save a bunch of kids.

Well, honestly, I can say that I like the story. Do I like why the story exists, as part of Brand New Day? No. I sincerely dislike, maybe even hate the reason behind Brand New Day. It's a cop out and, you know what, I sound lile a broken record. Whatever. Anyway, I am digging the story and hope that it continues to be good, even if I do hate the reasons behind it. 'Nuff said?

Mighty Avengers 7

Basic Plot: Spider-Woman goes to Tony with Elektra-Skrull and eventually a Venom Bomb hits New York City.

First off, Bendis and Bagley together again. After 110 issues of Ultimate Spider-Man together, you'd think they would be sick fo each other, but no. Now, I love Bagley and his art, but unfortunately, I saw the previews for March and Mighty Avengers 11 has the text, "Marvel Comics says sayonara to longtime penciler Mark Bagley with this bombastic storyline!" Unfortunately, he is leaving Marvel. He drew Spider-Man for a long time, even before Ultimate Spider-Man, and it is sad that he is leaving. He could draw symbiotes like no one else. How appropriate that his last arc is one with lots of symbiotes. Anyway, this issue was pretty good and I do like that Mighty Avengers is trying to catch up to where it should be after Civil War (around issue 9 or so, as opposed to 7). The Venom bomb is amusing and should be great with Bagley art.

Astonishing X-Men 24

Basic Plot: The X-Men try to stop the Breakworld from launching its missile at Earth.

Cyclops has my attention. He has his powers back and under control. Awesomeness. Whedon and Cassady are amazing, astonishing even, and this is the perfect end to their run on Astonishing X-Men. Well, there is still the Giant Size which has the conclusion to this storyline, but it is fairly awesome all in all. Spoilers, like you care, but the missile is no missile, but a bullet. A giant fraking bullet that is aimed at Earth and then launched. At the speed and size of the bullet, it probably would destroy Earth. Like I said, this is pretty cool stuff. I really like Astonishing X-Men and think it is amazing. This is not proving me wrong at all. WOOT! Almost no action, but still an awesome comic. Not many comics have done that for me. This one does. Well, looking forward to the end.

Marvel Zombies 2 #4

Basic Plot: T'Challa and the rest have a plan to do something. Hopefully, they'll succeed.

Well, first off, I know that it says Marvel Zombies 2 #3 on the pic, but that is what issue 4 is. Issue 3 had the Iron Man pic that was supposed to be on 4. Whatever. Anyway, this was another great issue by Kirkman. I really love the zombies and their plan and how it fails and how everything is messy and I just love it. What happens in the story? A lot. Is it confusing? You bet. Does it work all in all? Uh huh. Awesomeness in Marvel Zombies 2 #4. Who cares about spoilers. You know that you don't. Apparently, at the end, Hank is no longer hungry. He is about to eat T'Challa's wife, but he realizes that he is no longer hungry. Considering all he's eaten, I'm not surprised in the least, but the hunger does fade naturally, and I believe that they have just been eating for too long and didn't realize they weren't hungry any more. Oh well. I have no idea what issue 5 will bring, but it better be good. What am I saying? Robert Kirkman, I believe in you.

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