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Comic Review for Wednesday, 1/16

Well, time again for comics. For those of you who want to know what I read during the break, I can easily show what I read and I will do smaller reviews over the next couple days. For now, though, I will review comics from this week.

New Warriors 8

Basic Plot: Night Thrasher comes face to face with Midnight's Fire (who came up with that name?) to talk to him. The Warriors discuss terrorism and whether they are terrorists.

Well, New Warriors is an interesting comic. Sometimes, it is good. Sometimes, it is meh. Today was more meh than good. Maybe if I knew all the people from old NW stuff (Midnight's Fire and more info about Night Thrasher (original), his brother (current) and Silhouette), I would understand more of the stuff between Thrasher and his old enemy (apparently). The rest, with the NW discussing whether they are terrorists was kind of stupid to me. I did not think Cap was on the wrong side of the Civil War. I don't remember when I chose Cap's side, but once I did, I saw very little good about Iron Man. Plus, they are acting a lot like how Spider-Man used to act back in the day (which is also the Brand New Day, but you'll see that later). I love classic Spidey comics, so I find their discussing of their own actions fairly pointless. They are doing the right thing, even if they are vigilantes. Like Thomas Jane says as Frank Castle in the Punisher movie, "In certain, extreme situations, the law is inadequate. In order to shame its inadequacy, it is necessary to act outside the law. To pursue - natural justice." Now, in a world with superheroes, there is a lot more reason to work outside the law. With this in mind, the New Warriors and vigilante superheroes make sense. All in all, an amusing comic. I enjoyed some parts, but, again, meh.

Amazing Spider-Man 547

Basic Plot: Spidey goes after the Spider-Man mask wearing guy who mugged him, when he gets caught up in a plot by the mysterious Mr. Negative.

Okay, first off, this entire idea is bullshit. Complete and utter bullshit. I am completely and utterly ashamed of Marvel. They decided to make their own Crisis event, but have the only person affected be Spider-Man (See how Zero Hour affected Batman). What Marvel did was think that Spider-Man was getting too complicated (or something stupid) and totally retcon to the point of stupidity. See, retconning can be good and can be bad. Sometimes, I like retcons. Sometimes, I don't. Most of the time, I can deal with it, but sometimes, it is just stupid. First off, as opposed to answering questions and making things simple and understandable, now they are not only more complicated than ever, but they are stupid too. What has changed since the retcon? Well, Aunt May is alive and well and working at a homeless shelter. Peter and MJ never got married and nobody knows who Spider-Man is aside from Peter Parker. Oh, and Harry Osborn is alive again. Craziness. And, somehow this also all fits into the regular MU. Apparently, people remember Peter unmasked during Civil War, but they don't remember who it was. Or something. It's stupid. See, Spider-Man is supposed to be one of my favorite heroes and they go and turn him into a pile of crap. One More Day started off really well. Issues 1-3 were amazing and great. Issue 4? I almost threw up. I was so disturbed by it. The rant you are getting here? To be continued tomorrow, along with my actual plot summary and review of 547. Sorry.

Incredible Hulk Herc 113

Basic Plot: Hercules and Amadeus are on the run. Lots of flashbacks to Greek Mythology. Ares is pissed at Herc. Amadeus keeps being smart.

I loved Hulk. World War Hulk was awesomeness. The Incredible Herc is a great series in the aftermath (aftersmash?) of WWH. I love Greek Mythology and think it is awesome. I grew up learning about it, and while I may have forgot some of it, and haven;t dealt with it much at this point in life, I have been reminded of it often by Herc in WWH and its prequels and sequels. A lot references Herc (known as Heracles in Greek, but Hercules in Roman, I remember some stuff) and his past trials and tribulations. It was an awesome story too. I do like the fight between Wonder Man and Herc, mainly with Ares butting in and saying Herc is threatening Wonder Man's life (both Herc and Wonder Man say that Herc isn't) before firing bullets with Hydra blood in them (not the organization, the actual creature), which is lethal to Olympians. Apparently, it cannot kill, but is still incredibly painful. So, Herc is now hallucinating and thinks Amadeus is Iolaus, his nephew who helped him defeat the Hydra. Craziness is ensuing and I love it!

Warbound 2

Basic Plot: The remaining Warbound have to deal with all the hidden surprises in Gammaworld.

I like the Warbound, but am not thrilled with the art. Anyway, the series is somewhat interesting. Kind of confusing. But I do like how the military is letting the Warbound help them in defeating giant bugs. What the Leader is up to, I don't yet know, but it can't be good. All I know is that while I do like the Warbound as characters, I don't quite like the story as much as I like them.

Wolverine Origins 21

Basic Plot: Deadpool goes after Wolverine.

It must be my birthday because I got two issues with Deadpool this week! Oh, wait. It was my birthday this week! Anyway, I was excited until I remembered that I used to read Wolverine Origins and stopped for a reason. I sincerely hate Steve Dillon's artwork. It's flat, boring, stiff and devoid of motion. Everything is just horribly rendered. Ugh... I don't know how anybody can like his art. Now, the cover is done by Simone Bianchi who is amazing (did the art for the DC Legends box), but the interior art? God, it almost makes me want to throw up. I read Wolverine Origins because it was semi-interesting in the aftermath of House of M (Decimation), but once they finished the arc with Cyber and Daken (Wolverine's son), I stopped reading it because of Steve Dillon. I would not get this were it not for Deadpool. I love Deadpool a lot and it was painful. It was seriously painful. Daniel Way does not know who Deadpool is, does he? So, is all Way knows is that Wade is crazy? Because while Wade is crazy, he isn't the kind of guy (especially at this point in time) that has all these hallucinations and is stupid. Act stupid? Sure! Be stupid? No. His text boxes are almost yellowish, but not quite. It is more like they are slightly spilled upon with lemonade. So Deadpool was hired to take out Wolverine? Sure, but why did Daniel Way have to make him act like a retarded monkey as opposed to a merc who has the traits of a retarded monkey. And with Dillon's art, I just was not happy, even though it was Deadpool.

Cable Ka-zar and Zabu and Deadpool 49

Basic Plot: Deadpool and Agent X argue about pay, when Irene Merryweather shows up about helping Rumekistan by going to the Savage Land and gettting a machine from there.

If you didn't understand that basic plot, don't worry. Deadpool is of course the Merc with a mouth that I love a lot. Agent X is a guy who shares a lot of his attributes due to a complicated procedure with brain splitting and the likes. Basically, he is like Deadpool except currently he is incredibly fat because of a previous arc. He owns Agency X which hired Deadpool as its primary merc/go-to guy after he got chubby. Irene Merryweather was involved with Cable in complicated ways. Cable helped bring peace to a small fictional country called Rumekistan that he has helped before he recently died (although I don't know if he is currently alive or dead, at the very least, he'll be back). The Savage Land is in the Antarctic and is a wild jungle that is kept by alien technology and holds dinosaurs and is ruled over by Ka-Zar and his wife, Shanna, and his pet tiger, Zabu. Anyway, I loved this issue, especially since I am milking it for everything I can and the series for as much as possible as with Cable getting a new series, Deadpool's current series with Cable (although the most recent issues have been team-up issues) is getting canceled. Sigh... Well, this issue did not disappoint. I want all of you reading this to get this issue. It is awesome and funny. When Brainchild (an evil mutate designed by Magneto in a plan to rule the Savage Land) is trying to predict where the heroes are going (I guess Weasel, Bob and Deadpool can be counted as heroes), he easily predicts Ka-Zar, Zabu, Weasel and Bob's movements, but gets lost and confused when he can't predict Deadpool's. "How could he possibly outsmart me? Is he some kind of tactical genius?" Of course, the next panel shows that Deadpool is in the sewer pipes, because he wants to use Mario's strategy that always worked for him. Anyway, the next issue seems to be something with symbiotes on dinosaurs in Manhattan, maybe with the Mighty Avengers and FF being involved. Going out with a KA-BOOM!

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