Friday, January 18, 2008

Comics I didn't get a chance to review over the break p1

Well, on December 19, I picked up some comics from a local place that I like in San Francisco, liked mainly because of its proximity to another place I like, but I digress.

NOTE: These are not all the comics I got. If you want a list, then please let me know.

Cable & Deadpool 48

Basic Plot: Deadpool has to fix his mortal enemy T-Ray by bonding his soul to his body, with the help of guest star Brother Voodoo.

When the comic starts with Deadpool being happy, shooting a bunch of zombies, while Bob cowers in fear, you can tell it is going to be good. I love Deadpool, so I was going to like it, but it was still good, even without my love of Deadpool interfering. The whole concept was great as it is pushing for Deadpool to be a hero even though he is incredibly flawed. He still saved his mortal enemy because he knew the consequences would be worse for the universe. They have a fight inside T-Ray's soul and when T-Ray smashes Deadpool, he becomes a lot of tiny Deadpools that all are based off of superheroes. A Thor Deadpool. A Ms. Marvel Deadpool. An Iron Man Deadpool. He hates his Black Bolt Deadpool. He even was going to have his Captain America and Iron Man Deadpools fight a Civil War inside his head to determine something stupid. But, he still won. It was just a lot of fun, and I love fun, especially with my buddy, DP.

Mighty Avengers 6

Basic Plot: Ultron is trying to launch nukes. Ares is trying to deliver a virus to Ultron. Sentry is pissed at Ultron for killing his wife.

Well, finally! The first arc is over. How long did that take? I mean, New Warriors was a latecomer to The Initiative and they just had issue 8. It is absurd how long it took to come out. It was good, don't get me wrong. Frank Cho is an amazing artist and I love Bendis, but lateness is horrible. I don't understand all of what happened, with Ultron and Sentry's wife, because, spoiler alert from a while ago, she didn't die. Apparently. Okay... The story was good and I love all of the thought bubbles with people thinking being an important part of the dialogue. A Commodore 64. Seriously. Ah, I did enjoy the issue, even though it was late.

What if...? Civil War

Basic Plot: What would have happened if Iron Man had died of the Extremis injection thingy and Cap lead all the heroes against Registration? What would have happened if Iron Man had been a little more forthcoming when he tried to shake hands with Cap?

I loved this issue. The first part was kind of stupid, and I didn't like that Gyrich was leading Sentinels, and then man-powered Sentinels and then Clor clones against the heroes. It was kind of stupid and I thought it was pretty stupid. It also didn't show my point. The second part was amazing. It was all I needed. If, when Iron Man reached out his hand and Cap has his bug in his hand, Tony had been honest and said that he really wanted to make things right, Cap would not have given him the bug and nobody would have died that night. Iron Man would have saved Bill Foster from Clor and then all the heroes would have pounded on Clor and beaten him. Then, they would compromise, with Cap being the only person who knows the identities of heroes, which works. It shows then that a new Golden Age of heroism would have started. Many years down the line, they would have been friends still and glad they worked everything out. It was nice and I loved it because it really was true that things would have been better if Cap had won. Sure, Iron Man semi-won, but Cap did so much more because of it and I love that story. Of course, I realize that he never would have won, but this would have been better. Not happening, alternate universe, blah, blah, blah, but I still am glad there is the What if...? comics.

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