Friday, January 18, 2008

Comics I didn't get a chance to review over the break p2

On the 3rd Day of Christmas, I bought from the comic store for me... What? I celebrate Christmas as well as Chanukah. Anyway, Christmas pushed the day back to the Friday, or Dec 28 aka the 3rd day of Christmas.

These are the ones I am choosing to review. For a list of what I read, contact me and ask.

Amazing Spider-Man 545

Basic Plot: Will Spidey and MJ agree to give up their marriage to Mephisto to save May?

You already know how I feel. This was stupid. Pete was stupid. MJ Might not have known better, but Peter should have. Deal with the devil? Come on! 'Nuff said.

Avengers: The Initiative 8

Basic Plot: Taskmaster is the new instructor at Camp Hammond. Ant-Man causes trouble with Stature and Yellowjacket.

This is an awesome comic. I love Avengers: The Initiative. It is a horrible idea in the MU, but a great idea in the regular universe. We get to watch it all unfold and fall to pieces. I've said this before, and it still holds true. This was a great issue. I loved the Ant-Man series, written by the great Robert Kirkman, and I loved the character and am glad to see him again. The battle between him and Stature was funny and great, and when Yellowjacket gets involved, Gyrich wants Taskmaster to stop the giants. Of course, he doesn't want to, as he is still somewhat a villain, and is there "only to teach". Then, when Gyrich practically forces him to, he takes hi shield, throws it off of all their lower legs, bringing them all down. Then, he shield punches Yellowjacket in the neck, knocking him out. This was awesomeness. I like Taskmaster, and he is awesome in this. This is a great comic, and it looks like it might be ending, just because of what is going on, and that would be sad, as I want to see it fall forever.

Captain America 33

Basic Plot: Bucky is aboard the helicarrier. Awesomeness ensues.

Yes, that is the plot, effectively. Not much else. Some scolding from Red Skull, and some other stuff, but once he is there, he goes after Iron Man. Now, I have had respect for Winter Soldier as he is the once-dead Bucky, but I never thought he'd be able to take out Iron Man. He was cool, but not on an Iron Man level. I was wrong. He was able to trick Iron Man into all this stuff, before taking off Tony's helmet and sticking a gun in his face. WOOT! I love that. I wanted him to shoot Tony, but Tony was able to convince Bucky to listen to him, and it seems very much that Bucky will be the new Cap A. We shall see soon.

Giant Size Avengers Special

Basic Plot: Lots of different stories involving the Avengers.

This was just pure and simple fun. After Ms. Marvel, Wasp and Black Widow take out the BAD Girls (Black Mamba, Asp and Diamondback), then the fun begins. A great story involving how Jarvis always keeps Avengers Mansion clean and keeps everything important from breaking, even while the Avengers are fighting was fun and enjoyable. Jarvis is more powerful than any of the Avengers, telling them what to do. He commands Thor to take the fight outside. Heh, it is good, and you see an Avengers story through Jarvis' eyes. Next, Gyrich is seen as the hero of a small planet. This planet has lifeforms who do not speak English, and always rhyme when speaking. While fighting a being that looks like Meta-Ridley from Metroid (one of the most awesome video game series ever), Thor, Captain America and Iron Man draw him into this world, with Gyrich with them. Cap is down and hallucinating, Thor is out cold and Iron Man's armor needs to boot up. Gyrich is the only one left and Iron Man yells at him for being a coward and that everybody hates him. Then, eventually, the Avengers recover and Gyrich yells at them to just return, leaving Meta-Ridley behind, but the Avengers think they may be sentient beings on the planet, so they take out Meta-Ridley, with Iron Man launching his "F*&^ it! Fire Everything!" command protocol and Thor calling upon the constant lightning on the planet, destroying Meta-Ridley. The beings on the planet only saw Gyrich yelling at everybody and thought he was leading them, so when he left and said, "What are you looking at?" to the creatures, they took that to be holy words and whenever they say goodbye, they say "Wattaryulukinat" The rest of the stories are kind of amusing, but not as good, but enjoyable.

Marvel Zombies 2 #3

Basic Plot: Zombie Luke Cage and Spidey want to help the remaining humans from the rest of the zombies, while the rest want to eat and then go to other universes to eat.

I liked issue one. I disliked issue two. Robert Kirkman, you've done it again. I loved Marvel Zombies 2 #3. It was what I needed in the Zombieverse. Forge would have gone all around the world, taking Reed Richards' stuff and Tony Stark's stuff and Hank McCoy's stuff and Hank Pym's stuff and making his own stuff. That's what he did, especially with taking Reed's device to transport people to other universes and with Tony's original Iron Man armor, making it awesomely powerful as opposed to what it originally was. It still looks fairly similar, but is powered up a lot. The story just felt right this time around. Good job, Kirkman, good job.

Ultimate Power 9

Basic Plot: The Squadron, the Squadron and the Ultimates must team-up to take out Ultimate Hulk.

Yes, the Squadron Supreme is mentioned twice. One is the original Squadron Supreme, while the other is the Supreme Power Squadron Supreme. Each of the duplicates (Dr. Spectrum, Blur/Whizzer, Hyperion) have their power levels decreased by half, as there are two of them. So really, it is the Squadron, in groups of two, and the Ultimates vs Ultimate Hulk. Eventually, the good guys win (yay) and when looking who to blame for ruining the Supreme Powerverse, Spider-Man offers up Fury who was dealing with Doom (Doombot), who was dealing with Hamilton. So until they find Doom, Fury is their "Sorry, Try Again" and left in the Supreme Powerverse. Now, continuity issues abound and I'll go over that some other time, but a fun way to finish off the series.

Whew, what a week! And that wasn't all I read that week, just what I wanted to talk about.

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