Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Justice League-Justice League Unlimited

Craziness prevails. I decided at some point that I wanted to watch every single episode of the Justice League and every single episode of Justice League Unlimited, following Justice League. Why? Who knows, but either way, I decided to do it and was able to succeed.

I understand why they picked Hawkgirl as opposed to Aquaman and John Stewart as opposed to Hal Jordan or Kyle Rayner, but I still disagree. Being politically correct is okay for certain things, but I dislike when everything is changed by PC-ness. The DCAU is not the DCU, but it is supposed to be as close as possible. With that in mind, it is disturbing to me that there are so many things that are different. If they had not tried to make it the Mag 7 (or founding 7-ish), then I wouldn't have cared nearly as much. With them copying the Mag 7, except switching one GL for another and Aquaman for Hawkgirl, they gain a black character and another female character, and make me unhappy.

After getting beyond that, I was then disturbed by that none of the characters except Superman had their weakness. Supes is still vulnerable to kryptonite, but GL isn't weak to yellow at all (which even if it exists that way now, it didn't then) and Martian Manhunter (always called J'onn) isn't weak to fire. Beyond that, none of the characters were quite as powerful as in the DCU. A GL construct can be broken, but it is a lot more dependant upon the GL's willpower than anything else. John Stewart might not have as much willpower as Hal or Alan, but he still has a fair amount of willpower. GL constructs in the show get broken left and right, just because people are super-strong. Hawkgirl is super-strong to an extent, but not as strong as Wonder Woman, or anything like that. Batman has no powers. However, WW might punch somebody, Hawkgirl might swing her mace, and Batman also punches the same person and the exact same thing happens each time, as they get knocked back. What? Oh, and a GL's ring is fairly invulnerable. It takes a lot to actually destroy or even damage a GL ring. Apparently they have been broken before, but I do remember a GL Quarterly issue in which a GL realizes that if he throws his ring into this machine, he can stop it, as the ring won't be destroyed, but will mess up the machinery (which is all yellow before Parallax), and there isn't much else that can stop the machine from destroying some sentient trees. Either way, it is powerful and almost indestructible. However, a Thanagarian, who is fairly strong, but not Superman level of strength is able to chop John's ring in two, destroying it. Oh, and on another note of GL rings, there is some stuff that says they have to be charged every 24 hours, but they don't ever show him charging it. There are many times, where it seems like more than 24 hours would have passed, but his ring still has energy. Also, GL's do say that their rings can only produce so much power, and then can be exhausted and not be able to produce power until they are recharged. However, a GL ring is actually as powerful the second after it is charged as it is the second before 24 hours have passed since the GL charged it. The ring does not get weaker as you use it, just that there is less time before it powers off.

Once I realized that I could just choose to accept that everything is different and that I should not think of it as set in the DCU, I was able to like it more. I see a character and don't assume I know anything about that character. With that, I enjoyed it a lot more. The Question is probably my second favorite character after watching it, followed by Green Arrow. Of course, I love Flash more than any of them, but Question was really good in the series.
-"The little plastic parts at the end of shoelaces are called aglets. Their true purpose is sinister."

-"Supergirl should lay off the spicy snacks before bed."
"Actually, she has peanut butter and banana sandwiches."
"What, do you go through my trash?"
"Please, I go through everyone's trash."

-"Ah, hah! I knew it. 32 flavors."

Everything he said was hilarious. Green Arrow I love because he is based off of his resurrection, which is based off of how he acted in the 70's, although set today. I have liked Green Arrow, as he reminds me of Batman (no powers), but is still able to get by with his arrows and marksmanship. In the Kevin Smith resurrection, he took out The Demon with his fire-extinguisher arrow. That just makes me respect him a lot more. He plays a major part in Identity Crisis, and I just respect him a lot.

Flash I have loved for a while. If you ask me what super power I want, it is super speed. Flash and other people have made me love super speed. He doesn't come up much as a powerful hero, but it comes up a couple times. The first time is when Luthor and Brainiac merge. After he has taken out the Justice League, Flash runs around the world to get power for his punches. Then he is able to punch quickly enough and shred all of Brainiac off of Luthor. He moves fast enough that he realizes there is the Speed Force, although he also realizes that if he runs that fast again, he'll be sucked into the Speed Force forever and never come back again. The second time is when Flash and Luthor switch bodies. Luthor, in Flash's body, proves why super speed is so amazing. He takes out almost everybody on the Watchtower, some people multiple times, as he tries to get away. Dr. Fate, John Stewart, even Supergirl I noticed for a short time, but he takes them all on, and wins, until Mr. Terrific turns off the gravity, and as Flash tries to get back to the ground, he turns it back on, knocking Flash out. Flash is powerful enough that if he tried hard enough, he could take out most of the League by himself. Plus, his one-liners in the show are the stuff of legends.

All in all, once you get past that it is not the DCU and that you can make no assumptions about anything, you get a pretty fun show that tries to get deep at times, and is somewhat successful.

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