Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Comics that I got 1/30

Wednesday, late, but here. Just a warning to people that may care, but I do have spoilers, as it is my rants about the comics.

Ultimate X-Men 90

Basic Plot: Knowing Sinister faked his own death, the X-Men try to track him down before he fulfills his prophecy and kills 10 innocent mutants.

I got Ultimate X-Men vol 9 when I was at a camp a few years ago. I hadn't brought comics, and hadn't read volumes 7 or 8, but it was awesome. I loved how they took a corny villain who I had never liked and made him into a badass killer, who is trying to just kill mutants to bring Apocalypse, who may or may not exist. Well, Robert Kirkman decided to bring him to life. With this issue, Sinister goes after the Morlocks, as he knows there is a community that isn't dedicated to fighting with plenty of innocent mutants he could kill. I do think Robert Kirkman is an amazing writer, and this is no exception. He can make funny, as in Marvel Zombies or Astonishing X-Men, he can write tragedy as in this issue. Sinister just shoots 5 Morlock kids, needing only 6 more to fulfill the prophecy, then when the X-Men try to take him out, he shoots Angel. There is tragedy and murder in this issue, and I forgot that Kirkman wrote it, because it doesn't quite feel like him, even though I do know it is Kirkman. Bishop indirectly kills Angel, by making Dazzler and Storm miss Sinister when trying to take him out, allowing Sinister the leverage he needs to shoot Angel. With Angel dead, Wolverine is tired of Bishop trying to do all these things because he knows the future, allowing things to happen, that probably are better in the long run, but tragic in the short run. So, Wolverine stabs him as he explains that he wanted Sinister to kill 10 people so that they would be prepared for the coming of Apocalypse, who then forms himself out of Sinister's body, appearing on the streets of New York, claiming that it is the time for Apocalypse. Apocalypse is an interesting villain. I both like and dislike him. Certain things, like his rivalry with Cable, and how he is so powerful, I dislike, but when it really comes down to it, I do realize that he is a good villain. He is the kind of person that will being multiple opposing teams together. Yes, that is the plot of X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse which bases its Apocalypse's look after the Apocalypse at the end of Ultimate X-Men vol 9, which is the same Apocalypse at the end of this issue, which is pretty awesome. What are Ultimate Apocalypse's powers, what can he do? Who knows, but I am looking forward to it.

Captain America 34

Basic Plot: The new Cap A is revealed and he fights AIM, as Red Skull starts his evil plan.

Well, the most obvious choice, Bucky/Winter Soldier, is the new Cap. Sigh, I wish they had made it more surprising. I would have preferred Union Jack, as he would be a choice not many would expect and would be awesome. But, no, it is the obvious choice of Bucky, who performs admirably as Cap. He isn't as strong or fast, but still pretty handy with the shield, and also with his gun, which proves that he isn't Steve Rogers, but he doesn't kill, trying to still live up to being Steve. He designed a new costume because he couldn't wear the same one Steve wore, but being Captain America does something to a person. It makes a person stand for not only himself but for his country, and as much as I didn't really like Captain America, I did respect him for many things that he did. He proves he can handle the shield, when he hits someone behind him by bouncing it off of a couple surfaces, although missing people who were in front of him. This made them doubt his skills as Captain America, but he still got the guy, and shot the AIM members. I really like that there is still a Captain America, because Marvel USA really does need a Captain America, even if it isn't Steve Rogers. The other plot was amusing, with Skull's brainwashed agents shooting protesters, which will make SHIELD look really bad.

Avengers: The Initiative 9

Basic Plot: An MVP clone is given the Tactigon and goes crazy. Meanwhile, Taskmaster tries to train his recruits.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of saying that I love this comic because everything goes wrong. This is probably the biggest thing to happen to the series, and I love parts of it. So, the Tactigon is the weapon that Armory had that killed MVP. It hasn't worked for anyone else yet, but they want to try it on MVP. Of course, the Tactigon is sentient, and being the weapon that killed him, it kind of makes him crazy. The Tactigon or the MVP clone goes crazy, finds out who was there when he was killed and goes off to kill them all. He takes out Baron von Blitzschlag pretty easily and then goes off to find everybody else. He claims that he shouldn't follow orders because he isn't alive, he was killed in action. So he calls himself KIA and goes off. He seemingly kills Yellowjacket (I've thought he was dead before, even in this series, but he could have shrunk), kills Thor Girl and then kills Trauma. Yeah, that was kind of bad. He becomes the Tactigon's greatest fear, but not KIA's, so KIA can still take him out. Then, as he goes after the Gauntlet, he discovers the Gauntlet is gone. Not controlling his own body, the Gauntlet goes to the weapon vault and breaks out this weird scorpion-like tail thingy, which starts transforming him into the thing the Tactigon feared. I just love this series. Awesomeness, even as all falls apart.

Mighty Avengers 8

Basic Plot: With the Venom bomb hitting New York, Iron Man tries to find an antidote.

Ah, Bagley symbiotes. I really do like this storyline, although nothing was surprising, since New Avengers already passed this point. I do like the story, but, like I said, I'm already past this point. Um, it was cool, but too late. The Bagley symbiotes were awesome, like always. Too bad he is going to DC exclusively after this stuff.

Ultimate Spider-Man 118

Basic Plot: Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. Everybody has problems, Human Torch and Iceman both go to high school. They go to the beach.

Immonen is something I am still impressed with. I know I shouldn't be as impressed, but I just can't help, but it is different from Bagley and he is the Ultimate Spider-Man artist. I do love that they made Liz into Firestar. Somebody had to be a mutant, and the most mutant-hating person in school was bound to be a mutant. Overall, it was a fun introduction and fairly light, which was needed after how deep "Death of a Goblin" was. I do love how Spidey is so uptight about his identity, especially when talking with Human Torch (no secret ID) and Iceman (no secret ID). Peter, MJ, Kitty, Kenny, Liz, Johnny and Bobby all end up hanging at the beach after school. Then Liz lights herself on fire. I loved the show (even though it was pretty stupid many a time), and I love how this is going.

New Avengers Annual 2

Basic Plot: The Hood tries to get revenge for the New Avengers disrupting his plans.

Awesomeness. Craziness. The Hood is out of his mind. I had no idea he was this cool. When I read Beyond, I kind of was meh towards him. He had guns, could turn invisible? Whatever. This is totally different though, and awesome. He is posessed by a demon, and has other demonic powers, like being able to see through Strange's cloaking spell (powerful enough to have Brother Voodoo be stumped, or at least say he was stumped), and let everybody else see through the spell. Dr. Strange scares me though. After World War Hulk and everything, he has kind of lost it to an extent. His hands were re-crushed and he is losing his control and he thinks too highly of himself, remaking the arrogance that led to him losing his hands in the first place. The fight was pretty darn cool. Plus, Tigra joined in, especially since she was the one who told the Hood (who has threatened not only her life, but her mother's) where the New Avengers were. Oh, and Doc is out. He is no longer with the team. He has to reteach himself and lock away all the dark magics he unleashed that he arrogantly thought he could control. Ms. Marvel let the New Avengers go, again. She really doesn't want to bring them in, and I don't blame her, especially since I am with the New Avengers on this, but she keeps letting them go. Heck, twice this week, in this and in Mighty Avengers.


David said...

Have you read the What If that also came out? It's a pretty cool story about Spidey and Wolverine, certainly better than reading that Brand New Day nonsense.

Pi_3.14159... said...

Well, I would have, but the comic store I went to didn't have it. Either they sold out before I got there, or just didn't put copies back on the shelf. Either way, I am going to get it today, or next week, whenever I can. I liked the original, and thought it was pretty cool, so I am looking forward to this What if...?

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