Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Comics I didn't get a chance to review over the break p3

On the first week of January, comic shipping was the same as the previous week, so I give to you, today, the comics of January 4.

Annihilation: Conquest 3

Basic Plot: Quasar and Moondragon fight off Ultron with the High Evolutionary. Star-Lord and his rag-tag team of rebels try and take out something or another. Ronan, with Kl'rt, Praxagora and Wraith in tow, confronts Ravenous.

To be perfectly honest, I don't actually remember the comic all too well. I do know that I like Annihilation: Conquest, but these parts I do remember. Ronan pulls an awesome double cross where he gets his way. Star-Lord eventually faces a Phalanx converted Blastaar and that Adam Warlock fights well against Ultron and that they still haven't explained Ultron's presence. Oh, yeah, Ultron is behind the Phalanx. It isn't just the Phalanx, but Ultron as well. Kind of weird, but interesting. I do like Tom Raney's art, most of the time, but the inking and coloring are not good with Raney's style. It doesn't feel like Raney half of the time. There are a few moments that I realize, "Oh, yeah! Tom Raney draws this!" Otherwise, I am completely clueless that Raney had anything to do with it. That does go for the entire series too. Looking forward to part 4. Not nearly as good, though, as Annihilation, which is now out in 3 paperbacks. Enjoy that!

Howard the Duck 4

Basic Plot: Howard and Bev confront MODOT and try and make a stand.

What can I say? It's Howard the Duck. It is not supposed to be serious at all, and it is only supposed to be fun. It was a great series and I did like all the references to the media. It was just an awesome time to read a comic. I recommend this highly. It is amazing, although don't go to it looking for a serious comic involving a anthropomorphic talking duck that has a plucky, hot, model girlfriend (not his girlfriend, but close enough). It's just a lot of fun.

Ultimate Human 1

Basic Plot: Bruce Banner wants a cure for being the Hulk. Tony Stark might be able to provide the answers, but only if Hulk doesn't kill them both first.

It was interesting. I did enjoy trying to figure out where it took place in continuity. I believe it does take place after the events of Ultimates 2, although I am not fully certain. In the aftermath of Ultimates 2, Bruce and the Hulk seem to have come to an agreement of sorts, and the Hulk isn't nearly the threat he once was. So, why the change for this comic? It seems interesting, of course, and provides Marvel a way to destroy Millar and Hitch's work even more. I talk of course about Ultimates 3, which is the saddest thing I have ever seen. It makes no sense, and is just poorly done. Ultimate Human, is okay, but does not quite fit things as well as it may want to. The Hulk just wouldn't be the same after Ultimates 2 as he was, even at the beginning of Ultimates 2. Hulk changed, and the writers have no reason to make people assume that Hulk is a menace again. Anyway, the story is kind of meh, and the art is okay, and it is bizarre that the Ultimate Leader (looking for both Bruce Banner's blood and Tony Stark's blood) is Peter Wisdom, the man who stole Kitty Pryde's heart before she realized she should be with someone better than him. So odd.

Huh, the week before was loaded, while this week was very light. Sigh, who can ever predict this kind of thing?

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