Monday, January 28, 2008

UDE Points Store

I just got my X-Men Assemble! that I ordered from the UDE Points store today. The way I do things, I order only a single card each from the Points store because I like trying to have a set. Do I always get that set? No, but I try with the limited resources I have. I understand that there were fires and that shipping was delayed, but by this much? Come on! Their shipping method amuses me. I do have to ask a question to other people who have bought stuff from the points store. When you ordered your stuff, how many did you order? If you ordered more than one of the same thing, did all of them come in individual packages or all as one package? Because I order one of each, I occasionally (recently, it has been pretty good) get a package containing a single card. There was a lot more space, but I got stuck with my single card, while all the others come at different times. To me, that doesn't make much sense. I think I know what they are doing, though. They are putting together lists of "How many X-Men Assemble! did Person X order?" Then, they ship those. After that, "How many Apocalypse did Person X order?" Then, they ship those. Sure, if all you ordered was 10 X-Men Assemble!, then you're fine. Meanwhile, the person who ordered a single copy of each available card gets screwed with package after package. How many cards can each of those packages I get hold? Because I think the way they do things should be to look at a person's order, and fulfill as much of it as possible in groups of however many cards they want to fit into that package.
Then again, maybe I'm just cranky because the only way I can get MAA cards or cards like them is through the UDE Points store and it gets really expensive. A box and a pack to get a single rare? Come on!. I love the idea of having special cards that you can get through tournaments and then putting them up for sale in the Points store, but I really don't want to spend $60+ to get a copy of Thank Granny Goodness. My suggestion to UDE, take it or leave it, is that you also offer those cards to be bought with actual money. 2 bucks a common, 4 an uncommon and 6 for a rare or something like that. I don't have tournaments near me, so I can't get the cards any other way, unless I want to go online and buy stuff from eBay, but that has not proven to me to be reliable. The idea is great, but I don't think it works that well, or at least not for me.


Rian Fike said...

You are cranky, but realize one thing.

The sports side of Upper Deck is EVEN WORSE. Some people wait 50 weeks to get their redemption cards.


Pi_3.14159... said...

Wow, almost a year? Upper Deck puts out great product, but has bad customer service when it comes to rewarding people for buying their products, is that what it comes down to?

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