Thursday, January 24, 2008

Beast Boy Legend Deck

Okay, so I want to make a deck featuring Beast Boy as my legend. To do this, I am making it a Doom Patrol deck. I could have done Teen Titans, although I like +1/+1 counters too much. Since Doom Patrol is not a good team on its own (1 of each character through 6 is not enough), I did team-up with Titans, especially since my main 3-drop is a Titan. Anyway, here is the deck list. Any comments and suggestions would be helpful.

Garfield Logan lives!

4 Elasti-Girl, Rita Farr
4 Argent, Toni Monetti
1 The Chief, Niles Caulder
4 Beast Boy, Garfield Logan
2 Mento, Steve Dayton
4 Negative Man, Larry Trainor
2 Zatara, Teen Magician
4 Robotman, Cliff Steele
2 Raven, Demon Spawn
4 Beast Boy, Freak of Nature

4 Call of the Wild
3 Headstrong Charge
4 Misfits
4 Freak Out
4 Heroic Effort
2 Strange Days
1 Heroes of Two Worlds
4 Total Recall, Team-Up

3 Dayton Manor

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