Thursday, October 30, 2008

A small story

Okay, let me tell you all a story:
Once upon a time, there was a young man. Let's call him Pi. Now, if Pi wanted to take a plane or train, to leave his school, where he had no family, to go to Maryland or California where he had family to spend time with over holidays, he needed a form of government-issued photo identification. So Pi went to the post office to get a passport. While there, he was told that to get a passport, a form of government-issued photo identification, he needed some form of government-issued photo identification. In other words, to get a government-issued photo identification, he needed a government-issued photo identification. With other identifications, the government-issued photo identification might be able to be disregarded. Hopefully, Pi will get his government-issued photo identification, as it cost 116.05 just to attempt to get it, and if it fails, that is 116.05 on nothing.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10/29 comics

Wow, there sure is a lot today. Freakin' Annuals...

Ultimate Spider-Man Annual 3

Secret Invasion: Thor 3

Ultimate Captain America Annual 1

Incredible Hercules 122

Secret Invasion: X-Men 3

Amazing Spider-Man: Annual 1

Amazing Spider-Man 575

Thor 11

Nova 18

Avengers: The Initiative 18

Wolverine: First Class 8

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Pretender

There are Pretenders among us. Geniuses with the ability to become anyone they want to be. In 1963, a corporation known as the Centre isolated a young Pretender named Jarod and exploited his genius for their research. Then, one day, their Pretender ran away...
Okay, so to actually try to summarize The Pretender, Jarod is a Pretender, a genius who can insinuate himself into any style of life. He can become a doctor, a lawyer, an astronaut, a racecar driver, etc. When he was a young child, he was abducted from his home by an organization known as the Centre. The Centre used Jarod's genius to preform "simulations" which put him into a different life, and he had to solve situations, and report them. They soldd the information in these "simulations" and people died. When Jarod learned of this, he broke out of the Centre, and then spent time searching for his family, whom he can barely remember, and helping people out, by getting back at people who had done wrong and gotten away with it. Chasing him are Sydney, the person who raised him in the Centre, and a psychiatrist, Miss Parker, whose father is big at the Centre and knew Jarod while they were growing up, and Broots, a tech guy. A lot of the show is Jarod helping people and Sydney, Miss Parker and Broots trying to locate Jarod, but there is also a lot about the Centre in general, with Jarod learning about the pase, and Sydney and Miss Parker learning things about the Centre that make them dubious about their mission. It is a ridiculously fun show. Some of the best parts are the new things Jarod learns. Having been raised in a controlled environment with little interaction with the outside world, he learns about ice cream, Twinkies, Pez, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Magic 8-Balls, Halloween pranks, etc. Usually, he also uses those items in his method of getting the person to confess. For example, he learns about Twinkies, then becomes a toxic-chemical disposal person, and exposes someone to what they think is a deadly chemical, but in reality is only Twinkie cream. It is just a lot of fun. Plus, I love it because it is one of the first TV shows I have watched that wasn't a Saturday morning cartoon or something without a plot. Along with Quantum Leap and Due South, I watched The Pretender to its completion as a kid. It holds a special place in my heart. It's awesome anyway, but it is special for that reason also.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hulu's amazing

Hulu is one of the biggest time wasters I can find on the internet. Sure, there are all the shows that I want to watch that are going on right now, like Heroes, The Office, Bones, House, etc, that I can watch there. But, there are also shows that I haven't watched before, that I am interested in watching. I had watched a lot of Arrested Development, but I watched the entire series on Hulu. Firefly, I hadn't watched, but had heard about, and I watched all 13 episodes there. Then, there's Naruto, which I am more amused by, but they have over 50 episodes. Dresden Files, I haven't gotten to it yet, but I look forward to it, since it is a great show, and what introduced me to the (what I think are better) Dresden books. If you ask me about the 7th Harry Potter, I just mention how much I loved the 7th Harry, who is a wizard book. I mean, Dead Beat was an awesome book. Still, I have to say how happy I am that they have The Pretender. Maybe my favorite TV show of all time, The Pretender was one of the first series I watched that wasn't a kid's cartoon (or other cartoon), and it is an amazing series. I highly recommend that you go to Hulu right now, and watch the first 2 seasons. They are what introduced me to Jefferey Donovan (the star of Burn Notice) and I watched Touching Evil (a good show that was cancelled too early) and Burn Notice because of him. The Pretender is about a genius who can "pretend" he is someone else, allowing him to feel what they felt, and do what they did, so he can learn more. He was taken when he was a child by this group known as The Centre and is trying to find his past, all while helping the "weak and abused". I can't explain it very well in one sentence. I recommend you just watch the pilot, and if you don't want to watch it, then please leave me alone.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

10/22 Comics

Here's the covers. Hope my test went well.

Secret Invasion: Spider-Man 3

Basic Plot: Jackpot fights the Super Skrull.

Well, not great, but whatever. I guess the one thing I dislike the most is that Spidey shows up at the end. I mean, sure, he obviously shouldn't have died during Secret Invasion, and he should be around afterwards, but I just didn't like knowing he was alive at the end. I mean, seeing a Civil War tie-in with Cap doing something other than being in jail after the big fight would be confusing, right? Whatever. It happened, it wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible.

Blue Beetle 32

Basic Plot: The new Dr. Polaris goes over his origin.

Well, I barely realized there was a new Dr. Polaris. At least his identity isn't a mystery. They just say who he is. Some random guy who attended Neal Emerson's lectures (I didn't know he wore the suit before he became a supervillain) learned of the power of magnetism, and as a power-hungry maniac, became a new Dr. Polaris. Still, not that interesting. I think the best part was with Traci and how anything she tried to conjure kept becoming carrots because of some weirdness with magic (probably due to Final Crisis, although I honestly have no idea). At least he has some strange master plan. I just want Jaime to stop being stupid and listen to his father (who kicked ass).

Amazing Spider-Man 574

Basic Plot: The story of Flash Thompson.

Um, what? Freaking OMD. Ruining everything. Okay, so yeah, he served in 'Nam, and I can understand he'd serve in Iraq, but this just doesn't make sense. When did he leave? He was part of Back in Black, when he had little memory, but now, after OMD, he has his memories back, was at Harry's party, but also went to Iraq and lost his legs. I mean, it's a good story, but it just doesn't fit. It is a great story, but has nothing to do with Spider-Man, and doesn't fit into a continuity that makes sense.

Ultimate Spider-Man 127

Basic Plot: Eddie makes his move, as Gwen makes hers.

Well, Gwen is amusing. I never liked Carnage, although Ultimate Carnage is better. As opposed to just a deranged psychopath with a way to kill people, it is more a suit that tries to wreak havoc and carnage, and is merely attached to a clone of Gwen Stacy. Ah, well, hopefully this arc will end soon. This isn't Bendis' best work, but he's been busy, so I can understand. I mostly liked the last page, where Gwen is at Peter's house, saying she can't control it, and has Carnage's face.

Runaways 3

Basic Plot: The Runaways start to dissolve as a team.

Sure, they really aren't a team, they are more like a family, but still. Pretty amusing, especially since they explain it pretty well. I love how Molly and Klara go build a fort off to the side, Xavin socializes with neighbors and everybody does their own thing. It is amusing. Nico said scatter, so they scattered, not just the Majesdanians, but the Runaways scattered as well, just not as magically. It was okay, but nothing special.

New Avengers 46

Basic Plot: The villains try to determine the Skrull situation.

This was awesome. First, some nice action aboard the Helicarrier as the Skrulls tried to become Madame Masque to infiltrate Hood's criminal organization. Then, some great "Oh, no, who can we trust? Oh wait, we can trust pretty much everybody." And the Skrull had to infiltrate as the Slug? I mean, come on, that had to suck. "Who do I get to pretend to be?" "This crime boss known as 'The Slug'" Still great. Oh, and the ending? Totally did not see that coming. I never expected that the demon would be, well, let's just say it's stranger than it appears.

Thunderbolts 125

Basic Plot: Norman leads the charge to protect DC, then heads to NY to do battle with the rest of Earth's defenders.

Aw, yeah! The Thunderbolts are so ridiculously awesome. Norman is so great at manipulation. He is so cool. All in all, this is a great series. Every character is written perfectly, and everything works exactly as it should. Plus, I love how the dialogue synchs up with Secret Invasions 6 and 7 (well, for the most part, they switched some lines between Norman and Fury, but whatever). It makes it feel official. Plus, damn. Bullseye is so bad-ass. In his hands, a mundane object becomes a weapon. What happens if you put a weapon in his hands? He can snipe people with a rocket launcher. I mean, come on! Sniping with a rocket launcher? What is this, a video game? Still awesome.

Secret Invasion 7

Basic Plot: FIGHTING!

That's pretty much it. Lots of fighting. I loved it, as I've loved the previous issues, and I love the fighting taking place. All the Terrans fighting together. New Avengers with Mighty Avengers. Heroes with villains. Gods with Mortals. Thunderbolts with Spider-Man. Interactions between them are great. My favorite part is probably the end, but I do love Spidey talking about the Watcher, because it is so true. Oh, this isn't important, because Uatu isn't here. See, in Beyond!, they mentioned that, by having Uatu talk about how just the act of observing something changes it. Now, sure, it usually isn't as dramatic as Uatu, but, well. In Beyond!, the characters have teamed-up to fight the Stranger who gathered them together for an experiment, like in Secret Wars, but then Uatu shows up, and the Stranger gets nervous, wondering why he is there. Deathlok suggests he is there to witness a bunch of Terrans taking down the Stranger, which makes the Stranger panic, and eventually just leaves the conflict. By just being there, he changed the course of a battle. See, when Uatu shows up, you realize that it is a big event. Now, this is a big event. Sigh... Still awesome though.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Kind of late, I know, but basically, this week is kind of tough, with a big homework and a test, and I also have some other stuff I want to get done.
Okay, I never thought I would, but I have watched some Naruto. Hulu has it, and I have watched the first 50 episodes or so. Basically, it is amusing. It isn't a great show, and I hate how their version of ninja is a martial artist with superhuman powers, but it is amusing. Certain parts are just kind of stupid, and it has a lot of moments where I feel nothing really happens. By nothing, I mean nothing important. When Sakura cuts her hair to get out of the grip some Sound Ninja has her in, it is about 5 minutes of "OMG! SAKURA CUT HER HAIR! IT IS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER! LOOK AT THE HAIR FALL SLOWLY TO THE GROUND AND EVERYBODY'S EXPRESSIONS!" If I was directing it, it would be maybe 1/2 of a second, just quickly cutting it, having her make her move (which was biting someone) and then later, reminiscing about it for a couple seconds. It just seems silly more than anything. Some of the power levels are just ridiculous. I mean, come on! Sigh... Still, it is amusing. Pretty much the best adjective I can think of. I don't really recommend it, but it is nice so that I can understand what people are talking about when they reference it.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Too tired

I am too tired to put up a post. Yesterday was exhausting. 8+ hours of travel, especially since I hadn't expected it until Friday. Especially since the 8+ hours took me back to the same place. I took two different cars, a bus, two trains and a taxi. Oh, and what the heck? See, I always have felt some animosity towards people. I don't like people, in general. One of those reasons is that I think people, as a whole, aren't all that intelligent. Sure, the smart ones make it seem like humanity is intelligent, with our technology, but really, most people aren't all that smart. Still, I felt that most people must be fairly intelligent. I listened to a conservative radio show in my taxi and had to bite my lip to keep from yelling at the radio. I also had to put a lot of effort into not calling the station (they were taking callers) and just complaining to them. It was one of the longest taxi rides of my life (not helped by the fact that he was taking people to lots of different locations and mine was second to last).

Thursday, October 16, 2008

October 15 comics

I know, I know, it didn't go up yesterday. Yesterday had the preview and I didn't want either to try to overshadow the other, so it is just right here today.

Ultimate Origins 5

Basic Plot: Uatu talks through Sue and you see the past.

For some reason, I kept reading this. Maybe because it was a mini-series and I thought I could tough it out. Maybe because other people were praising it, both story and artwise. Personally, I disliked it. Some parts were okay, but overall, I just straight up didn't like it. I don't like the art. It is too scratchy, stiff and awkward for me. Oh, and I hate retconning. Hate it. One of the reasons I read Marvel over DC. This was, well, just bad. Retconning into Nick Fury being from WWII and a supersoldier? Retconning into mutants having been created by man? Retconning into Magneto being the son of people involved with the mutant conspiracy? Retconning Ultimate Magneto (a darker, more murderous version of 616 Magneto) into a nicer person? All stupid ideas to me. Sigh... Oh, and the ending? Well, as much as I loved seeing Rick Jones flash on the screen in Hulk for a second (at most), I think that he wasn't that great a character. I guess I never read Avengers during the Kree-Skrull war, when he saved everybody, and stuff like that, but I never particularly liked Rick Jones. It is amusing to see him in the Ultimate Universe, but honestly, it seems kind of stupid as the big finale.

Astonishing X-Men 27

Basic Plot: The X-Men try to figure out what the box is and what it has to do with Tian.

I don't know about other people, but I love this series. Sure, not as much as when it was Whedon and Cassaday (along with Kitty and Colossus, as opposed to Storm and Armor), but it is still good. Ellis is making this really fun to read. There is a fair amount of humor and Bianchi's art is still really amazing and I love it. I mean, it has Cyclops saying stuff like,"Logan, this is us. The 'bad old days' could be as recent as three weeks ago." and "I swear to you, I will cut your head off and hide the ****ing body if that's what it takes to keep S.W.O.R.D., business out of mutant affairs, because I am done with this--" to Agent Brand, being interrupted by Beast and Abigail wondering why Scott just said "****ing" to his "xenophiliac experimentation partner/girlfriend." It is just a fun and amusing comic. Cyclops is more awesome here than anywhere else (aside form the Whedon Astonishing X-Men) and everything is so awesome.

Secret Invasion: Front Line 4

Basic Plot: All of the survivors gather and wait.

I guess I am missing the point. What is so great about SI: Front Line? I liked the other two Front Lines, for Civil War and WWH, and the Decimation mini-series with Sally Floyd. This just isn't as interesting to me. Is it because the others showed how superhero fights mess up people's lives and this shows that sometimes people fuck each other up more. I mean, sure Skrulls attacked people, but not that many, mostly because they want people to embrace change, whereas the gang in the subway just attacked people. Maybe I don't like it as much because it doesn't as much show the indomitable strength of people and their reactions, but that people are fucked and that the Skrulls aren't doing anything to them that is worse than they do to themselves. This just wasn't as interesting a series to me as to others. Oh, and look! They are at Central Park for the final showdown. Huh...
Amazing Spider-Man 573

Basic Plot: Spidey goes after the Green Goblin as Anti-Venom goes after the Thunderbolts.

Oh, fuck yeah! I have been wanting this since, well, since the beginning of Civil War. When Civil War started, Spidey got sucked into it, and everything he did related to it, and until OMD, he was sucked into the greater MU and trying to deal with it. As interesting as that can be (not saying it was all bad), but I love Spidey being by himself, having his fun solo adventures. And against classic Spidey villains. BND was okay all in all. There were some good stuff, some bad stuff, and mostly meh stuff. My three main complaints were that the stories were too quick (3 issues at max), that the creative teams changed too quickly (again, 3 issues) and that there were too many new, crappy villains. This was 6 issues (a good length) with the same creative team the entire time (a good creative team) and had the Green Goblin. Sure, Menace at the beginning, and it had the new people, but all in all, it boiled down at the end to Spidey vs the Green Goblin. Man... This was awesome. For those people who like Spider-Man, I highly recommend New Ways to Die. It is great.

Mighty Avengers 19

Basic Plot: Noh-Varr looks for a sign and Khn'nr tries to deal with thinking he is Mar-Vell.

Meh. I was looking forward to this to an extent. But it didn't really do anything for me in the end. Noh-Varr seems interesting, and Mar-Vell, I mean Khn'nr, seems interesting, but this wasn't. Mostly, it's Khn'nr frekaing out and flying about. There is way too much text in some parts (annoying to read that much for such a small amount of pictures) and none in others, leading me to believe it easily could have been spaced out more, and that would have been better. The art wasn't great (Pham is okay, but not especially good) either, so all in all, this was just kind of meh.

Guardians of the Galaxy 6

Basic Plot: The Skrulls revealed!

Oh, Drax, you silly, silly individual. How do you tell who's a Skrull? Kill everyone, at least, for 90 seconds, then bring everyone back to life. Ah, Cosmo. He has such a hard job. Adam Warlock attacks, and he uses his powers to make Adam realize these are Skrulls that are traitors to their own kind. Then Drax and Quasar attack, and he has to make them realize. Then the Luminals attack, and well, you get the point. All in all, not much happened that was interesting. Well, the team broke up when they realized Mantis had manipulated them, but who didn't see that coming? Oh well. I just want more Drax. If I have more Drax, I'll be fine.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

MEV Preview: Blink, Earth-295<>Dimension Jumper

There's the card. Good for you.

For those still with me, let's go over the character, first of all.

Blink is a character, like most of the Exiles, from a different dimension. See, Marvel is actually a multiverse where universes don't often interact. Unlike DC, with Flash running back and forth, and Crisis on Multiple Earths causing people to go back and forth all the time, these universes are pretty stable. Most of them are created as What if? type scenarios where as opposed to "A" happening, "B" happens and things work out differently. Time travel makes new universes often, where there is one where they didn't go back and then the one where they did. Professor X's son, Legion, was crazy, and in a misguided attempt to stop Magneto, went back in time to when his father and Erik were still friends, and tried to assasinate Magneto. Charles, being Erik's friend, dove in front of Legion, causing Professor X to die instead, causing an alternate universe where Apocalypse took over America and the Age of Apocalypse was born.
Clarice Ferguson is a mutant with teleportation abilities. Simply put, with the training she received, she can teleport things, including over fairly long distances. She can teleport even to the moon with difficulty. A prisoner, she was freed by Sabretooth, who became a mentor to her, much like the 616 Wolverine to Kitty Pryde, Jubilee and recently Armor. Joining him in the X-Men, she helped Magneto's team, and they fought against Apocalypse. Eventually, Bishop from 616 came to Magneto, revealing that the Age of Apocalypse never should have been and that it only came about because of Legion. As Bishop went back in time and stopped Legion, the Age of Apocalypse was thought to have come to an end. Blink, however, was plucked out of Earth 295.
The Exiles are a group of heroes, usually related to the X-Men in some way, that dimension-hop, fixing things and making them right. The founding members of the Exiles were Blink, Mimic, Nocturne, Morph, Thunderbird and Magnus. Blink became their leader, more because nobody else really would or could, and led the team for a long time, eventually finding Sabretooth from Earth 295, who was part of the dimension traveling Weapon X, which went around killing people to try to solve problems. She has been a main member of the Exiles, although is currently off the team.

Let's look at the card:

First off, I have to say that I do like the issue that the card takes its art from. Exiles 84 was a good issue. I am not the biggest fan of the Exiles (I only have a couple volumes), but I do enjoy certain stories more than others, and this was the beginning of a story I liked.
Anyway, just average stats with range, but look at that text-box. First off, I should explain Shift. I'm sure you know about this new keyword, but Shift is a way for people to pay for their characters in advance.
* The keyword shift means:
Pay 1 or more resource points >>> Remove this card from the game shifted with that many shift counters. Use only if this card is in your hand.

* Cards have two additional powers while shifted:
Pay 1 resource point >>> Put a shift counter on this card.
Remove X shift counters >>> Put this card into play if you control X or more resources, where X is its cost. Use only during your recruit step.

Now, Shift is the main theme for the Exiles, and it is awesome. Generally, it means that you pay resources earlier, but Blink has a different concept in mind. One thing she can do is throw little javelins at people that she's imbued with the ability to teleport, meaning she can throw them at people to teleport them somewhere else. This can be used offensively, to throw the opponent into something dangerous, or a more common use, to allow people to rest before rejoining the fight. Whenever one of Blink's allies becomes injured during battle, she can move that person to a safer location, allowing him/her to come back later for a single measly resource point. Or, if you get the other Blink into play somehow (Shifting, like Substitute, does not get around uniqueness), you can get your other character back for free. And I'm sure there are other ways to manipulate those Shift counters.

The last way, and I'm sure one of the better ways, is to get rid of your opponent's characters. Now, sure, they can pay a resource point and get the character back next turn, but without a deck designed to do things like that, losing your 5-drop on 5, and having to pay a resource point the next turn to get it doesn't seem all that fun. You make them have to choose between getting their 6-drop out, or their 5-back, plus another 5. Sure, it seems like they got 10 resource points, but really, they lost one by having to replay one of their older characters.

Stategies? Well, with a card that can add a shift counter, like I said, on turn 5, shift your guys away, then get them back the next turn for free. Otherwise, you can always just use it as a way to pay 1 resource point and discard a card to recover a character. Now, if they go after Blink first, and I mean, who wouldn't, then you can use her ability on herself too. Also, you can keep getting your characters back the next turn and getting their "enter play" effects just like Bodyslide. With Blink, you are going to want to look for other cards to add counters, just so that you can make your guys come back for free. Otherwise, like your opponent, you are going to have to make decisions about what to do with your drops. If you would lose the character anyway, then if you have a useless card, you can always discard that and if you run into a situation where you have an extra resource point or don't have a character to play otherwise, you can always bring it back.

I got Blink, Earth 285<>Dimension, Jumper as part of Exiles week for the "Blink Legend" part of the week. Blink, as a legend, has a theme that relates to her powers. A lot of the Exiles (at the very least, all the ones this week) have the Shift keyword, as part of their dimension-hopping, but Blink gets both Shift, and abilities that make Shifting easier. Both of the characters this week (mine and the one that should have been at, but was at Facebook) help with shifting, the 3-drop by adding to already-shifted characters and the 5-drop by getting a few of your guys Shifted out to save them for later, or even just to Shift some of your opponent's guys to another plane. Blink is all about teleporting her team places and teleporting enemies away when the fight gets too rough. Her cards all reference that and make her a powerful legend.

Anyway, this is an awesome card. It is versatile, in its helping your guys (if you can use shift counters) and hurting opponents (unless they have shift counters, in which it is then annoying).

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Week of too many tests

Okay, with Indigenous People's Day/Columbus Day getting me Monday off, you'd think this would be an easier week, correct? Wrong!
With two tests today (one in 45 minutes or so, and the other an hour after, both in different types of Calculus), one test tomorrow (at 8 AM, why in the morning?) and one Friday (my last class of the week of course), I'm kind of swamped. To people worried, I still will get my preview card up on time. The article is completed and ready to go. To people worried about comics, I will still get around to it, as most of my tests will already have passed before comics. To me, stop panicking and just take your damn test already.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Metroid 2 Remake

I love the Metroid series. But, not every game in it has been great. The first game I have never been able to beat. It is very difficult and hard to control, especially if you didn't grow up playing NES games. Metroid 2: Return of Samus was made for Game Boy. Not GBA, or GBC, but Game Boy. So it isn't great, although somewhat fun. Metroid 3: Super Metroid is amazing. It is a great game. Ever since then, the games have also been fun, with Metroid Fusion being not so good, but tolerable, and everything else being awesome (well, I can't speak about Metroid Prime: Hunters, but the demo seemed fun when I was playing it). Metroid: Zero Mission was especially fun, as it was basically a remake of Metroid, just with all the things that were made afterwards also. So, while the rooms are in the same locations, pretty much, and you pretty much follow the same path, you also have times where you get other items, like the Super Missiles, or Power Grip, or the Unknown items, which turn out to be the Plasma Beam, Gravity Suit, and Space Jump. It is a lot of fun. Metroid 2 hasn't officially been remade, but over at Project AM2R, there is one being made that follows the feel of Metroid: Zero Mission. The completed version isn't done yet, but there have been two demos that are lots of fun. I highly reccomend Metroid games in general (start with Super Metroid, then work your way through the others), and this is looking like it will be awesome as well.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Death Note revisited

I finished the first part of Death Note, and it gets ridiculous. I mean, I thought it was ridiculous before, but this just takes the cake (which is a lie). Light Yagami is ridiculously intelligent and planned stuff out so far ahead and with such accuracy that he could predict what his movements would be without memory, and, well, if you want to watch it, I won't give more away, but holy crap! That is just ridiculous. So crazy! I really don't think the next part is shaping up to be as good. We'll see, but from what I've heard, it's not nearly as good as the first part. Seriously, though, ridiculous. So perfect in every part of his insane, deranged plan to become a god. I really think they should have ended it before they went over L's recap and everything else. That would have made an awesome ending. Lots of speculation, with lots of wondering and that perfect amount of "Oh, my deity! That was crazy! What else can they do?"

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Comics for 10/8

Okay, here we go!

Secret Invasion: Inhumans 3

Basic Plot: The Inhuman Royal Family goes to the Kree for help.

Well, this has been weird. If my predictions are right based off of the previous issues in this series, next issue will have a triumphant Inhuman Royal Family and the reader thinking how great they are. See, the first issue ended with you thinking "Oh, they are in lots of trouble!" The second ended with "Wow, they were bad-ass!" This ended with "Oh, they are in lots of trouble!" My guess is that the next will end with "Wow, they were bad-ass!" Sigh... Oh, but the main thing I was thinking of when reading it? They got Black Bolt's name wrong. See, Medusa was calling him by his actual name (not Black Bolt), but got it wrong. As opposed to calling him Blackagar (as in Blackagar Boltagon, the worst name for a comic character ever), she was calling him Blackagon, which is a combination of his first and last name. See, I would be a horrible parent because now I want to name my child Blackagar Boltagon. And that's terrible.

Avengers/Invaders 5

Basic Plot: The New Avengers try to rescue the Invaders from the Mighty Avengers.

Well, Bucky with Bucky was more interesting, in my opinion, than Namor with Namor. Sure, prince vs king, but Captain America now? At least Bucky didn't realize that the new Cap is him. Still, Winter Soldier (since I can't call him Bucky, since Bucky is there, and Captain America, since Captain America is there) tried to convince him not to do what he did in 1945. That was a major event in the Marvel Universe, so I don't think it is good to change it. Who knows what could have happened otherwise? Still, I do think it is good that they had them meet. It had to be. Torch is kind of weird though. Did the Vision freak out about other robots as much as Torch is? And what was that about 1945? It was '43 when the chronal disturbance took place, so why does he have memories from his future? Oh well. All in all, somewhat amusing, but nothing spectacular.

Marvel Zombies 3 #1

Basic Plot: In the regular Marvel Universe, the zombies are invading.

Wha, huh? A different zombieverse? Hmm... Well, at least they had a Deadpool zombie. I personally love how they did use Deadpool, although was disappointed that he was taken out. Hmm... These zombies are different. Can this Deadpool have a healing factor? Oh well. Still really cool. I never thought I'd see Morbius doing things. I mean, seriously. Morbius? Awesome. And Machine Man is amusing. I loved his reaction to Deadpool ("What's a deadpool?" aka the reaction most people give when they hear me say how awesome Deadpool is) and he is perfect. I mean, it makes sense that they'd send sentient machines who can't be zombified into the zombieverse. And Morbius is actually a zombie? Does that mean he has to feed on both blood and brains? Heck, he can finish up someone's blood, then eat their brain! Win-win!

Amazing Spider-Man Family 2

If this was the fun one, with the sillier Spidey stories, I would have gotten it. As it is, I don't want to pay $5 for some filler stories for BND/NWtD and old issues I have read before.

Wolverine First Class 7

Basic Plot: The Soviet Super Soldiers need Kitty and kidnap her, so Wolverine goes to get her.

I mean, I honestly don't know what to say about this series. It isn't the most epic, and you know none of the main people are going to die, but you can still enjoy it. I love this series. Mostly because it is pure fun. Like how Wolverine grabs the wheel of their plane, then gets pulled up and knocked unconscious, only to wake up to the wheel being opened again, and him falling. "Okay. So now New Years Day 1975 is the second worst thing I've ever woken up to." As he lands, "Hmmm. Considering the unspeakable amount of pain I'm in...I'd say it'll take me about twenty-four hours for my healing factor to repair the damage. Twenty-four hours to payback time." It is just humorous. I know some people are sick of Wolverine, but htis is fun Wolverine. Not deadly serious, having to kill people, but fun. Plus it has Kitty Pryde, the main reason I read this. Oh, and the back? A Mini-Marvels look at Kl'rt's first appearance. "I'm stronger thean the Thing! Hotter than the Human Torch! More stretchy than Mr. Fantastic! More invisible than the Invisible Girl! ... Does anybody know where the Fantastic Four live? Yes, you there!" "How can you turn more invisible than the Invisible Girl? She turns completely invisible. Its conceptually impossible to turn more invisible than completely invisible." "... Does anybody know where the Fantastic Four live?"

Deadpool 3

Basic Plot: Deadpool v Super Skrull. Deadpool Skrulls v someone?

Man, this series is so awesome. How can they make it better? Adding in my second favorite crazy person, Norman Osborn. The scene where he fights the Super Skrull is pretty awesome. I mean, not much happens in this issue, all in all, but you do discover that he pretty much was able to take out all the Super Skrulls they had there, including the main one going after him, and was able to take out experimental Deadpool Skrulls and the scientist. He took out everybody. Still doesn't get much respect from Fury, but I can accept that. At least Fury asked him to do this. You play with fire, you're gonna get electrocuted. Good job, Daniel Way. Even the delusional is more acceptable with Paco Medina art and him not feeling as woozy. Still not fully loving it, but accepting it. Man, Deadpool and Norman? Hopefully, Norman will get out his old outfit and be the Green Goblin again. He never has been crazier than with that outfit. So awesome. Can't wait for the next issue.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Death Note

I've watched the first few episodes of Death Note, and it is crazy. It is an anime based off of the manga of the same name. The concept is that there is this notebook that has the properties where if you write somebody's name in it, they will die. The guy that finds it decides to try to make the world a better place by killing criminals, but when criminals keep winding up dead from heart attacks, the world tries to find the killer, using the world's best detective. But since the person killing is a genius, it becomes a complicated game where both are trying to find the other so that they can kill the other in what they think is justice. And man, both are crazy and ridiculously smart and are each steps ahead of the other, which turns out ot be really weird. It's on Hulu, if anyone reading this hasn't seen it, but wants to. Man, it is ridiculous though. Just crazy. I highly reccomend it so far.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I love Heroes, Season 3. It is awesome and ridiculous. Man, Noah Bennett is really creepy and good at his job. Sure, the Haitian is a big help against any person with superpowers, but still, Noah is really good at fighting superpowered individuals. If you haven't been watching Heroes, you should probably watch from the beginning, but honestly, you probably don't really have to. Really good show, and I am glad there is finally a speedster. Superspeed is my favorite superpower and I am glad that someone finally has it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Comics for 10/1

None. Seriously. None. Next week, I should be getting Wolverine: First Class. Well, this was interesting. Hmm...

Missed time

Sorry about no post yesterday. Sigh. Life just isn't spectacular for me at the moment. Hopefully I'll get by though.

Oh, and MEV previews are starting soon (aside from the non Kl'rt Super Skrull which was one of a few things that was annoying) and I'm getting one! Awesome. I just really want a Deadpool preview. I mean, come on. I have done so much. I even dressed as Deadpool for prom. I can't think of anyone else getting a preview who has done that for their character. I better get Deadpool, or else heads will roll. And by that, I mean, I'm going to roll giant heads of lettuce towards UDE.
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