Monday, October 20, 2008

Too tired

I am too tired to put up a post. Yesterday was exhausting. 8+ hours of travel, especially since I hadn't expected it until Friday. Especially since the 8+ hours took me back to the same place. I took two different cars, a bus, two trains and a taxi. Oh, and what the heck? See, I always have felt some animosity towards people. I don't like people, in general. One of those reasons is that I think people, as a whole, aren't all that intelligent. Sure, the smart ones make it seem like humanity is intelligent, with our technology, but really, most people aren't all that smart. Still, I felt that most people must be fairly intelligent. I listened to a conservative radio show in my taxi and had to bite my lip to keep from yelling at the radio. I also had to put a lot of effort into not calling the station (they were taking callers) and just complaining to them. It was one of the longest taxi rides of my life (not helped by the fact that he was taking people to lots of different locations and mine was second to last).

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