Wednesday, October 22, 2008

10/22 Comics

Here's the covers. Hope my test went well.

Secret Invasion: Spider-Man 3

Basic Plot: Jackpot fights the Super Skrull.

Well, not great, but whatever. I guess the one thing I dislike the most is that Spidey shows up at the end. I mean, sure, he obviously shouldn't have died during Secret Invasion, and he should be around afterwards, but I just didn't like knowing he was alive at the end. I mean, seeing a Civil War tie-in with Cap doing something other than being in jail after the big fight would be confusing, right? Whatever. It happened, it wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible.

Blue Beetle 32

Basic Plot: The new Dr. Polaris goes over his origin.

Well, I barely realized there was a new Dr. Polaris. At least his identity isn't a mystery. They just say who he is. Some random guy who attended Neal Emerson's lectures (I didn't know he wore the suit before he became a supervillain) learned of the power of magnetism, and as a power-hungry maniac, became a new Dr. Polaris. Still, not that interesting. I think the best part was with Traci and how anything she tried to conjure kept becoming carrots because of some weirdness with magic (probably due to Final Crisis, although I honestly have no idea). At least he has some strange master plan. I just want Jaime to stop being stupid and listen to his father (who kicked ass).

Amazing Spider-Man 574

Basic Plot: The story of Flash Thompson.

Um, what? Freaking OMD. Ruining everything. Okay, so yeah, he served in 'Nam, and I can understand he'd serve in Iraq, but this just doesn't make sense. When did he leave? He was part of Back in Black, when he had little memory, but now, after OMD, he has his memories back, was at Harry's party, but also went to Iraq and lost his legs. I mean, it's a good story, but it just doesn't fit. It is a great story, but has nothing to do with Spider-Man, and doesn't fit into a continuity that makes sense.

Ultimate Spider-Man 127

Basic Plot: Eddie makes his move, as Gwen makes hers.

Well, Gwen is amusing. I never liked Carnage, although Ultimate Carnage is better. As opposed to just a deranged psychopath with a way to kill people, it is more a suit that tries to wreak havoc and carnage, and is merely attached to a clone of Gwen Stacy. Ah, well, hopefully this arc will end soon. This isn't Bendis' best work, but he's been busy, so I can understand. I mostly liked the last page, where Gwen is at Peter's house, saying she can't control it, and has Carnage's face.

Runaways 3

Basic Plot: The Runaways start to dissolve as a team.

Sure, they really aren't a team, they are more like a family, but still. Pretty amusing, especially since they explain it pretty well. I love how Molly and Klara go build a fort off to the side, Xavin socializes with neighbors and everybody does their own thing. It is amusing. Nico said scatter, so they scattered, not just the Majesdanians, but the Runaways scattered as well, just not as magically. It was okay, but nothing special.

New Avengers 46

Basic Plot: The villains try to determine the Skrull situation.

This was awesome. First, some nice action aboard the Helicarrier as the Skrulls tried to become Madame Masque to infiltrate Hood's criminal organization. Then, some great "Oh, no, who can we trust? Oh wait, we can trust pretty much everybody." And the Skrull had to infiltrate as the Slug? I mean, come on, that had to suck. "Who do I get to pretend to be?" "This crime boss known as 'The Slug'" Still great. Oh, and the ending? Totally did not see that coming. I never expected that the demon would be, well, let's just say it's stranger than it appears.

Thunderbolts 125

Basic Plot: Norman leads the charge to protect DC, then heads to NY to do battle with the rest of Earth's defenders.

Aw, yeah! The Thunderbolts are so ridiculously awesome. Norman is so great at manipulation. He is so cool. All in all, this is a great series. Every character is written perfectly, and everything works exactly as it should. Plus, I love how the dialogue synchs up with Secret Invasions 6 and 7 (well, for the most part, they switched some lines between Norman and Fury, but whatever). It makes it feel official. Plus, damn. Bullseye is so bad-ass. In his hands, a mundane object becomes a weapon. What happens if you put a weapon in his hands? He can snipe people with a rocket launcher. I mean, come on! Sniping with a rocket launcher? What is this, a video game? Still awesome.

Secret Invasion 7

Basic Plot: FIGHTING!

That's pretty much it. Lots of fighting. I loved it, as I've loved the previous issues, and I love the fighting taking place. All the Terrans fighting together. New Avengers with Mighty Avengers. Heroes with villains. Gods with Mortals. Thunderbolts with Spider-Man. Interactions between them are great. My favorite part is probably the end, but I do love Spidey talking about the Watcher, because it is so true. Oh, this isn't important, because Uatu isn't here. See, in Beyond!, they mentioned that, by having Uatu talk about how just the act of observing something changes it. Now, sure, it usually isn't as dramatic as Uatu, but, well. In Beyond!, the characters have teamed-up to fight the Stranger who gathered them together for an experiment, like in Secret Wars, but then Uatu shows up, and the Stranger gets nervous, wondering why he is there. Deathlok suggests he is there to witness a bunch of Terrans taking down the Stranger, which makes the Stranger panic, and eventually just leaves the conflict. By just being there, he changed the course of a battle. See, when Uatu shows up, you realize that it is a big event. Now, this is a big event. Sigh... Still awesome though.

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