Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Comics for 10/8

Okay, here we go!

Secret Invasion: Inhumans 3

Basic Plot: The Inhuman Royal Family goes to the Kree for help.

Well, this has been weird. If my predictions are right based off of the previous issues in this series, next issue will have a triumphant Inhuman Royal Family and the reader thinking how great they are. See, the first issue ended with you thinking "Oh, they are in lots of trouble!" The second ended with "Wow, they were bad-ass!" This ended with "Oh, they are in lots of trouble!" My guess is that the next will end with "Wow, they were bad-ass!" Sigh... Oh, but the main thing I was thinking of when reading it? They got Black Bolt's name wrong. See, Medusa was calling him by his actual name (not Black Bolt), but got it wrong. As opposed to calling him Blackagar (as in Blackagar Boltagon, the worst name for a comic character ever), she was calling him Blackagon, which is a combination of his first and last name. See, I would be a horrible parent because now I want to name my child Blackagar Boltagon. And that's terrible.

Avengers/Invaders 5

Basic Plot: The New Avengers try to rescue the Invaders from the Mighty Avengers.

Well, Bucky with Bucky was more interesting, in my opinion, than Namor with Namor. Sure, prince vs king, but Captain America now? At least Bucky didn't realize that the new Cap is him. Still, Winter Soldier (since I can't call him Bucky, since Bucky is there, and Captain America, since Captain America is there) tried to convince him not to do what he did in 1945. That was a major event in the Marvel Universe, so I don't think it is good to change it. Who knows what could have happened otherwise? Still, I do think it is good that they had them meet. It had to be. Torch is kind of weird though. Did the Vision freak out about other robots as much as Torch is? And what was that about 1945? It was '43 when the chronal disturbance took place, so why does he have memories from his future? Oh well. All in all, somewhat amusing, but nothing spectacular.

Marvel Zombies 3 #1

Basic Plot: In the regular Marvel Universe, the zombies are invading.

Wha, huh? A different zombieverse? Hmm... Well, at least they had a Deadpool zombie. I personally love how they did use Deadpool, although was disappointed that he was taken out. Hmm... These zombies are different. Can this Deadpool have a healing factor? Oh well. Still really cool. I never thought I'd see Morbius doing things. I mean, seriously. Morbius? Awesome. And Machine Man is amusing. I loved his reaction to Deadpool ("What's a deadpool?" aka the reaction most people give when they hear me say how awesome Deadpool is) and he is perfect. I mean, it makes sense that they'd send sentient machines who can't be zombified into the zombieverse. And Morbius is actually a zombie? Does that mean he has to feed on both blood and brains? Heck, he can finish up someone's blood, then eat their brain! Win-win!

Amazing Spider-Man Family 2

If this was the fun one, with the sillier Spidey stories, I would have gotten it. As it is, I don't want to pay $5 for some filler stories for BND/NWtD and old issues I have read before.

Wolverine First Class 7

Basic Plot: The Soviet Super Soldiers need Kitty and kidnap her, so Wolverine goes to get her.

I mean, I honestly don't know what to say about this series. It isn't the most epic, and you know none of the main people are going to die, but you can still enjoy it. I love this series. Mostly because it is pure fun. Like how Wolverine grabs the wheel of their plane, then gets pulled up and knocked unconscious, only to wake up to the wheel being opened again, and him falling. "Okay. So now New Years Day 1975 is the second worst thing I've ever woken up to." As he lands, "Hmmm. Considering the unspeakable amount of pain I'm in...I'd say it'll take me about twenty-four hours for my healing factor to repair the damage. Twenty-four hours to payback time." It is just humorous. I know some people are sick of Wolverine, but htis is fun Wolverine. Not deadly serious, having to kill people, but fun. Plus it has Kitty Pryde, the main reason I read this. Oh, and the back? A Mini-Marvels look at Kl'rt's first appearance. "I'm stronger thean the Thing! Hotter than the Human Torch! More stretchy than Mr. Fantastic! More invisible than the Invisible Girl! ... Does anybody know where the Fantastic Four live? Yes, you there!" "How can you turn more invisible than the Invisible Girl? She turns completely invisible. Its conceptually impossible to turn more invisible than completely invisible." "... Does anybody know where the Fantastic Four live?"

Deadpool 3

Basic Plot: Deadpool v Super Skrull. Deadpool Skrulls v someone?

Man, this series is so awesome. How can they make it better? Adding in my second favorite crazy person, Norman Osborn. The scene where he fights the Super Skrull is pretty awesome. I mean, not much happens in this issue, all in all, but you do discover that he pretty much was able to take out all the Super Skrulls they had there, including the main one going after him, and was able to take out experimental Deadpool Skrulls and the scientist. He took out everybody. Still doesn't get much respect from Fury, but I can accept that. At least Fury asked him to do this. You play with fire, you're gonna get electrocuted. Good job, Daniel Way. Even the delusional is more acceptable with Paco Medina art and him not feeling as woozy. Still not fully loving it, but accepting it. Man, Deadpool and Norman? Hopefully, Norman will get out his old outfit and be the Green Goblin again. He never has been crazier than with that outfit. So awesome. Can't wait for the next issue.

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