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Pi's Comics - September 29th

Well, I guess we should get started with this week's comics. Let's go!

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Pi's Comics - September 22nd

Wheee! A new fun edition. Oh, and I'm adding something. I'm going to review each comic I get here in its own post, which won't be up immediately, but probably should be up before Thursday. The link will be there, but the post might not be up when you check. Check back later and it'll hopefully be there then. Oh, and Superman/Batman Annual #1 is a great comic.

Deadpool Team-Up #889

This was a decent issue. I didn't find it great, maybe because I didn't know the characters other than Deadpool that well. Sure, Borgia Omega isn't in a lot, but I haven't read a lot about Gorilla-Man. I never read Atlas, except for seeing them in random stuff I've read that wasn't specifically about them (there was a Spider-Man thing with them, they were in Thunderbolts, etc).

Overall, the story was decent, and, well, spoilers aren't important for this at all, so they'll be in this. Deadpool goes to an island to protect Lucrezia Borgia, who wants him to save her from Gorilla-Man. Then Deadpool shoots at Gorilla-Man, Gorilla-Man shoots back, and they end up in a Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd at the end of Rabbit of Seville scenario, where each one shoots at the other, then the other comes back with something bigger, as Borgia Omega has left weapons all over the island. Eventually, they get tired, then team-up and flying on lasedactyls (pterodactyls that shoots lasers, obviously), shooting down Borgia Omega's escape plane.

Basically, it was decent, at best. I didn't find anything particularly interesting, and mostly, it just seemed stupid for stupid's sake, like with the Seville scenario and the laserdactyls. It just seemed silly and wasn't really that interesting. I am interested in the next couple, though, with Thing and Thor. Those should be interesting team-up/fights. Since Deadpool shouldn't win those, what will happen to make them interesting?

Nemesis #3 Review

Nemesis is immensely entertaining. It isn't a great series, but it is entertaining.

The character Nemesis is ridiculously silly. I mentioned in my preview that he had his Dark Knight inspired motorcycle/car thing. In this, he takes on almost 100 riot guards in a prison. By himself. Well, okay, he counts 97 of them, not an even 100, but it wouldn't make sense if they had exactly 100. Still, he fights them. Considering his decision to fight them, I'm going to assume that you realize he's either crazy or Ozymandias-like in his fighting. Oh, that isn't an exclusive or, by the way. And by Ozymandias-like, I mean that he can do stupid things and beat up 97 people whose entire job is to stop people like him from getting away. Then, he frees all the prisoners. Not to help him against the 97 guards, but just after, for the heck of it.

It's stupid, it really is. Kick-Ass was trying to be as normal as possible, with Dave actually being worthless in a fight until he got his deadened nerve endings and metal plates. And then he was only marginally worthless. Which makes sense, because he's never had any training to fight, and is pretty scrawny and his only experience is reading comics. But Big Daddy and Hit-Girl (specifically Hit-Girl) were absurd. By the time Hit-Girl started doing stuff, it became obvious that while not super-powered, they were Batman-like in terms of humanity (a level that isn't something that can realistically be reached). Nemesis didn't really try for reality, from what I can tell, so that's okay. Nemesis takes place in a world where there aren't superheroes, but you can become Batman. Except evil. And silly.

Avengers #5 review

Before anything about the issue, I just want to talk about the ad on the back. Why the heck is there a Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver ad on the back of this issue? I'm not complaining because I don't think Avengers should have a Pokemon ad as much as I am complaining because the games came out in March.

Anyway, more of what I've come to expect in this series in this issue. The good: The characters are awesome. I love reading Bendis team comics because he is superb at making the characters pop and making them interesting. Everyone acts like an individual as part of a team, rather than just as pawns in a chess game. They are all unique and stay true to what I'd expect from them. The bad: The time travel stuff is ridiculously convoluted and makes little to no sense and I sincerely wish this arc to end. Apparently Hulk and old Stark put fear into Kang, so that he'll listen to them, so when he went to the Avengers, it was because of them. But he's also a dick, so you know there you go.

The art is beautiful, and I really like JRJR's style in this series. At the very beginning, it has a two page, with Thor charging, then flying smack into Galactus' face. It's pretty awesome.

All in all, I like the series, just because the characters are well defined and interesting, but the time travel is getting pretty stupid, so after this arc, we'll have, aw crap. Rulk? FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU...

Secret Avengers #5 Review

Well, Secret Avengers did exactly what I wanted it to do. With the wrong character. As I talked about in my preview, the emphasis in the series has been less about the team than about the story. I think that can work fine with a single character who's established, like with Captain America or something, but not so much when you have a team, especially one consisting of characters who have never worked together before.

This issue is about Fury, the Nick Fury character helping the villains. It is a backstory for the character, and details how he came to be in general, and then how he came to work for the sinister organization opposing the Secret Avengers. It's a decent backstory that shows a good grasp on continuity, which I always enjoy.

My main problem, like I've said, is that this issue doesn't work as part of a team comic when they haven't established the team yet. If the team hadn't been put together yet, and this was a backstory so that they could team-up, sure, maybe. If the team hasn't really been seen much, though, it falls short.

Let me be perfectly clear. This is a pretty darn good stand-alone story and a decent issue. It tells a good story with good pacing and a good plot, while establishing the chatarcter of the villain Fury (named Max). It just doesn't make me like the Secret Avengers any more. The Secret Avengers still are uninteresting in their own book and I don't feel any connection to them. Even less connection here, since only Steve and Black Widow actually show up in it. That doesn't make for a good team comic.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My iTunes library is stupid

I have used iTunes for a long time, and accumulated a lot of music in that time. Some of it is stuff I've never even listened to, such as I got a CD for one song, but put the entire CD in, and then never listened to anything else. Still, it is a library that has lasted me many years, and is now up to over 3,400 items. A lot aren't even songs, but could be stand-up or a book or quotes from a movie or something. If I put shuffle on, I get some pretty crazy results. I know that I've seen this somewhere, and it seems stupid, but, well, this is an example of 20 random songs in my library.

1: I Want You Around, by Fountains of Wayne
2: PG Porn Theme Music, by James Gunn's PG Porn
3: Stay Beautiful, by Taylor Swift
4: German Cars, by Sarah Silverman
5: Am Yisrael Chai, by Schlock Rock
6: Cupid's Chokehold, by Gym Class Heroes
7: Speak To Me Bones, by Land Of Talk
8: Theory of Revolution, by A.F.I.
9: You Oughta Know, by The Killing Moon
10: Hate To Say I Told You So, by The Hives
11: Shukan Sentimental, by SCANDAL
12: Weight of the World, by Evanescence
13: The Land of Wrigley, by Stormy Weather
14: Now Get Busy, by Beastie Boys
15: Hello, by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
16: Misguided Ghosts, by Paramore
17: I've Had Enough, by Earth, Wind, and Fire
18: Saving Lives, by Bill Murray (quote from Ghostbusters)
19: Golden Boys, by NOFX
20: The Itchy and Scratchy (and Poochy) theme song, by The Simpsons

This list was inspired by me listening to Soramimi Cake, the opening to Azumanga Daioh, then moving on to Israel's Song by Schlock Rock, then jumping again to I Wanna Rock You Hard this Christmas by the Dan Band. Three completely different songs.

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Pi's Comics - September 15th

Another week, another week of my previews. What fun.

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Pi's Comics - September 9th

Yes, this is for tomorrow as Labor Day has pushed back comics to the 9th. Still, I'm putting this up today, as, hey, why not, right?
Deadpool Loves to Read 

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Pi's Comics - September 1st

Again, you can see these also on read/RANT!

With a new month comes other new things. I just started school this week, and while that shouldn't slow down these, it may. Just remember, I reserve the right to be a hypocrite at any point in time just because.Deadpool Green Lantern

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