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Pi's Comics - September 1st

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With a new month comes other new things. I just started school this week, and while that shouldn't slow down these, it may. Just remember, I reserve the right to be a hypocrite at any point in time just because.Deadpool Green Lantern

Deadpool: Pulp #1
I really don't have to explain this one, right? I mean, I like Deadpool, therefore, I will get this issue which has Deadpool. Ah, fine. This one specifically looks interesting because I am somewhat interested in pulp, and while a Deadpool pulp doesn't quite fit the genre exactly, I think he could work. The preview art makes me think that the genre can be something that fits, if not perfectly, and while I think I would prefer Deadpool in the 616, or some other universe where he is more himself, I think it should be good enough. Hey, it may be something fun just like...

Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War #4

This comic mini-series has been crazy. At least being this far in, I know it isn't set in 616 or something even remotely similar, taking place in its own universe. Very much in a similar way to Deadpool Pulp above, this is its own universe, with its own stuff. Stuff such as no superheroes (kind of) and no costumes, so him showing up in costume is something incredibly bizarre, as opposed to 616, where superheroes in their costumes address the UN and no one really cares that they are in outlandish, colorful costumes. It tricked me at first into thinking it was 616, but eventually I figured out it was its own thing. I'm looking forward in this issue to see how they can finish off the story. I really don't think they can end with many people alive, or at least important characters. Seriously, read this series. It is insane.

Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher #3

I don't think this one has Deadpool specifically in it, but he was in the previous two issues and it was fun to see him as an insane zombie-esque character that still keeps regenerating even after Punisher takes him apart. I really like this series, though. It is stupid and insane, but works just well enough to be entertaining. I don't see how they can drag it out two more issues (The Punisher kills the Marvel Universe was one long issue), but hopefully they can keep it entertaining. If you want a fun, zombie killing romp with the Punisher, I seriously recommend this series. It is only 4 issues, and it is really fun to read.

Taskmaster #1

I think I started liking Taskmaster while reading Agent X. Agent X was kind of bad, but Gail Simone did her darnedest to make it work, and part of that was Taskmaster. He was great in it. I like that Taskmaster and Deadpool, while not the best of friends, really, can still get along as acquaintances in murder. Sometimes. Kind of. Well, not really, but whatever. Still, I liked Taskmaster and so when he was in Cable & Deadpool, I enjoyed seeing him there as a competent individual who Deadpool was able to pretty much defeat with his legs bound. Taskmaster still put up a good fight, but Deadpool had the advantage. And I like that Taskmaster accepted Deadpool as a competent fighter, but not a competent individual. His first appearance in Avengers: The Initiative sealed the deal for me, with him taking down all three giant people (Ant-Man, Skrull Pym and Stature), and then punching Pym in the neck with his shield to knock him unconscious. He was such a great character in that series, and the only reason I enjoyed reading it. So, I am looking forward to seeing Taskmaster in his own series. This hopefully will be fun.

Wolverine: Road to Hell #1

I honestly am only getting this because Deadpool Bugle says Deadpool is in it, probably as part of Uncannny X-Force. Wolverine interested me for a while, and while I still like the character, I have to say that he is less interesting to me since it would be impractical to try and keep up with everything he is in, and some of the stuff just got uninteresting. He is still a good character in New Avengers, or Avengers, or Astonishing X-Men (in which he punches old, bald men in wheelchairs), but not somebody that I particularly want to read more and more solo stories of.

Secret Six #25

What? A DC comic? On Pi's list? Well, yes, I do read DC, or should I say, I read a DC comic. I read Blue Beetle because Cully Hamner, one of my favorite artists, was the artist and I wanted to support him. Then, it was a god series, so I followed it to its unfortunate conclusion. Finding myself without a DC comic, and wanting one, the kind people here at read/RANT! set me up with Secret Six and it is a great comic. Gail Simone (whom I mentioned earlier) is a great writer, and while I am not a fan of Calafiore, the current artist, Simone's writing makes up for it. This specific issue? Well, it says how it's the showdown I've been waiting for. There hasn't been any other confrontations that I know of with this "other Secret Six." Have they appeared in something else that I missed or is it something by itself? If anybody out there knows, drop a comment below.


Hercules: Twilight of a God #4

This doesn't necessarily seem bad, just like something I didn't want to pay 16 bucks for. I liked the Hercules stuff in The Incredible Hercules and the stuff leading up to World War Hulk with him in it, but he never seemed as interesting before that, and this is just that, the before all of that stuff happened. So, in that sense, it has a character that I like, just not from a time when I liked him, doing whatever, and it just doesn't appeal to me. If this is good enough, I might pick up the paperback volume when it comes out. If one of you has read it and liked it, let me know and let me know why in the comments.

Incredible Hulks #612

So, World War Hulks is over now? Can they finally stop with the Hulk stuff now? Oh, I mentioned how the "final fate" of the Red Hulk was in some Hulk issue in a previous post and that I wouldn't get it because it wouldn't be the final fate of Rulk, since Marvel wouldn't do that? Well, there are previews for the next issue which has Iron Man beating the radioactive blood out of Rulk. Okay, so now Iron Man can beat him? If so, then maybe they finally toned down Rulk to what he should be (or even down past that, which I'm fine with) or they just went stupid with the writing. This Hulks issue though has all the other Hulks apparently. There are far too many of them right now. Seriously, there's Banner, who's apparently Hulk again, Rulk, Skaar, Lyra, She-Hulk, Red She-Hulk, A-Bomb and Korg (who technically isn't the same as the others, but whatever). Oh, and the guy from Son of Hulk is apparently doing something too. I was fine with there being Hulk and She-Hulk. This is too many, especially the other colored Hulks.

Wolverine #1

I mentioned Wolverine having too much stuff earlier in the Road to Hell post. This is mostly repetition of that. Wolverine has too much solo stuff. Is this a new series in conjunction with old ones or a brand new one replacing the other old ones? I don't know and I don't care. I'd honestly rather just not put any effort into looking it up and just completely ignore it. And I shall.

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