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Pi's Comics - September 15th

Another week, another week of my previews. What fun.

Astonishing Spider-Man/Wolverine #3

This is kind of silly, sure, but it is a fun story. It isn't in continuity, or if it is, involves time travel to the extent where they'll probably return at the instant they left, so it won't matter to continuity. I personally really liked the first two issues. The issues really revolved around what would happen if Spider-Man and Wolverine ended up going through time so that they have nothing similar to home and have to just deal with each other, which as shown in practically everything they've been in doesn't work very well. I like the Spider-Man v Wolverine dynamic because it works so well. Spider-Man is pretty fun-loving, cracks tons of jokes, is very science-minded and despite being around for 48 years, is still one of the "kid" heroes, probably because of his status as THE teenage superhero. Wolverine is serious, mean, a jerk, more into the spiritual and is older than most of the people around today. They are very different, but both popular, so they get stuck together, and they hate it. They get put together because of popularity, and their team-ups are awkward (in a good way) because of their differences.

Deadpool #27

I don't feel the need to explain that I love Deadpool at this point. All I will say is that I like Deadpool, and so I'm going to get this series.

Marvel Universe Vs The Punisher #4

I've already explained multiple times why I like this series, and the only thing I will say is that I was sad MUvTP #3 was sold out when I went to get it when it came out. Hopefully it'll be reprinted and I'll get it, because I'm going to probably wait to read #4 until I've read #3. To sum up from prior points, it is like a cross between Marvel Zombies and The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe, and is just fun.

Thunderbolts #148

If they don't f--- up Juggernaut too much in this (which is looking bad for them, although I think ASM has something to do with that), then I'll keep reading. See, Thunderbolts has just changed. I liked reading New Thunderbolts through the renumbering to when Zemo took over, because it was pretty much villains wanting redemption and joining the TBolts. Civil War and post-Civil War was fun to read because it was crazy, psychopathic, homicidal villains who were forced to hold back to pretend to be heroes. After Secret Invasion, it was not nearly as good, and wasn't as fun because it was, well, basically, a sucky black-ops team. I'm pretty sure they succeeded once, although I can't say when for the life of me. Post-Siege, it is like post-Civil War, just without the craziness and the good choice of villains, and putting a leash on the insanity. When Osborn led, they killed, just not on camera. With Cage, they can't. It's just not as interesting and the character choices are just bad, IMO. I like Juggernaut too much to see him neutered and stupid and on this team of Thunderbolts.


Captain America: Patriot #1

I know some of my friends love Cap, but he was never interesting to me. I just don't like Cap that much. I can understand why characters living in the Marvel Universe would like him, but he really isn't as interesting to me, not being a character in the MU. Now, they probably should have named this Patriot and dropped the Cap from the title, since the plot summary seems to say that it's about somebody completely unrelated to Cap, who was just inspired by Cap. If he "becomes" Cap, that's also something kind of stupid. Nobody but Clark Kent can really be Superman. Nobody but Bruce Wayne can really be Batman. Nobody but Peter Parker can really be Spider-Man. In that same vein, and maybe more so as part of the MU, nobody but Steve Rogers can really be Captain America. I don't care if people pretended to be Superman after he died, if Nightwing took on the mantle after Bruce vanished through time, if a clone of Peter became him when Peter was bored and that Bucky took on the shield when Steve went through time. They aren't the original and they cannot be compared to the original. So, if he becomes Cap, that's even worse. Regardless, this doesn't seem interesting to me.

Halo: Fall of Reach - Boot Camp #1

That is a really complicated title. Regardless, Marvel puts out Halo comics. I never was interested in Halo as a video game, and I am especially not interested as a story. I've tried playing at least two different Halo games. Part of it is that I can't play FPS games on a controller very well. Part of it is that it never seemed to be an interesting game. To appeal to me, an FPS needs something. Team Fortress 2 and Star Wars: Battlefront 2 both appealed to me, TF2 because of its cartoony art-style and silliness, Battlefront because it took place in the Star Wars universe, and allowed you to play through as various Star Wars groups. Mass Effect appealed to me because of the large amount of space explored and the RPG elements, allowing for leveling up and an RPG point system as well as an easier controller interface. No other FPS has appealed to me. Basically, this is a mini-rant against Halo, but if you like Halo, whatever, I don't care.  Apparently, this is based off of the book based off of the games though.

Thor: First Thunder #1/Thor: For Asgard #2

This is less a rant on the specific Thor issues that I chose and more a rant on Thor comics themselves. I like Thor, I really do. I think he's an interesting character and his Marvel persona is the main reason why I am interested in Norse mythology. I'm not an expert at all, and don't know much, partly because Marvel mythology is more interesting, but I'd rather study Norse than Greek or Christian or Roman mythology because of Thor. But something that Marvel doesn't seem to realize is that Thor is part of a bigger universe and he is most interesting as part of that universe. I am fine with Thor hanging out in Asgard, doing stuff there, but, to me at least, he is best on the Avengers, fighting alongside Cap and Iron Man or Hawkeye, being a god that just kind of hangs out with heroes and fights with them. Maybe it is similar to how I feel about Cap, but the character isn't as interesting by himself, or with his own supporting cast, at least to me. I like seeing Cap with Spidey or other characters, leading them and inspiring them, not by himself, punching Red Skull in the face. I like seeing Thor as a god, but playing the hero on Earth, being far too powerful to be just another superhero, but also out of touch with the common man. Thor was awesome in The Ultimates because he was so powerful, but people weren't sure whether he was a god or not. The way he interacted with everybody was perfect. I read Thor for a little while, but stopped because he was just in Asgard fighting monsters there, not doing stuff with normal people, making him less interesting. Both of these seem to be, along with all the other Thor stuff, about Thor, but don't have anything to do with him relating to normal people, which makes him interesting to me.

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