Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nemesis #3 Review

Nemesis is immensely entertaining. It isn't a great series, but it is entertaining.

The character Nemesis is ridiculously silly. I mentioned in my preview that he had his Dark Knight inspired motorcycle/car thing. In this, he takes on almost 100 riot guards in a prison. By himself. Well, okay, he counts 97 of them, not an even 100, but it wouldn't make sense if they had exactly 100. Still, he fights them. Considering his decision to fight them, I'm going to assume that you realize he's either crazy or Ozymandias-like in his fighting. Oh, that isn't an exclusive or, by the way. And by Ozymandias-like, I mean that he can do stupid things and beat up 97 people whose entire job is to stop people like him from getting away. Then, he frees all the prisoners. Not to help him against the 97 guards, but just after, for the heck of it.

It's stupid, it really is. Kick-Ass was trying to be as normal as possible, with Dave actually being worthless in a fight until he got his deadened nerve endings and metal plates. And then he was only marginally worthless. Which makes sense, because he's never had any training to fight, and is pretty scrawny and his only experience is reading comics. But Big Daddy and Hit-Girl (specifically Hit-Girl) were absurd. By the time Hit-Girl started doing stuff, it became obvious that while not super-powered, they were Batman-like in terms of humanity (a level that isn't something that can realistically be reached). Nemesis didn't really try for reality, from what I can tell, so that's okay. Nemesis takes place in a world where there aren't superheroes, but you can become Batman. Except evil. And silly.

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