Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Deadpool Team-Up #889

This was a decent issue. I didn't find it great, maybe because I didn't know the characters other than Deadpool that well. Sure, Borgia Omega isn't in a lot, but I haven't read a lot about Gorilla-Man. I never read Atlas, except for seeing them in random stuff I've read that wasn't specifically about them (there was a Spider-Man thing with them, they were in Thunderbolts, etc).

Overall, the story was decent, and, well, spoilers aren't important for this at all, so they'll be in this. Deadpool goes to an island to protect Lucrezia Borgia, who wants him to save her from Gorilla-Man. Then Deadpool shoots at Gorilla-Man, Gorilla-Man shoots back, and they end up in a Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd at the end of Rabbit of Seville scenario, where each one shoots at the other, then the other comes back with something bigger, as Borgia Omega has left weapons all over the island. Eventually, they get tired, then team-up and flying on lasedactyls (pterodactyls that shoots lasers, obviously), shooting down Borgia Omega's escape plane.

Basically, it was decent, at best. I didn't find anything particularly interesting, and mostly, it just seemed stupid for stupid's sake, like with the Seville scenario and the laserdactyls. It just seemed silly and wasn't really that interesting. I am interested in the next couple, though, with Thing and Thor. Those should be interesting team-up/fights. Since Deadpool shouldn't win those, what will happen to make them interesting?

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