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Pi's Comics - September 22nd

Wheee! A new fun edition. Oh, and I'm adding something. I'm going to review each comic I get here in its own post, which won't be up immediately, but probably should be up before Thursday. The link will be there, but the post might not be up when you check. Check back later and it'll hopefully be there then. Oh, and Superman/Batman Annual #1 is a great comic.

Avengers #5

This comic is one that I'm not sure about yet.  The first four issues have been hit or miss for me. I like parts, but I'm not too fond of the main plot, I think. The Bendis dialogue is something I really like, and something that shines in both of his Avengers comics. The time travel is something that really annoys me. I'm not too big a fan of time travel. This story is just really annoying with time travel, but great with characterization. If you want Bendis with Thor, Iron Man and Bucky-Cap, along with Wolverine and Spidey and etc from the Old New Avengers, that's what most appealing in this, I feel. Review here.

Deadpool Team-Up #889

Deadpool Team-Up had a great first issue and has been absurdly hit or miss since then. I understand why, with the different creators. Each issue is written and drawn by a different creative team. Recently, they've been better, though, I feel. Of course, there is no guarantee for this issue. Basically, all I can say beforehand is if you want a Deadpool comic or a comic with Gorilla Man, you can pick this. If you like Jeff Parker's writing, you can get this. Otherwise, there is no way of knowing beforehand. Review here.

Millar and McNiven's Nemesis #3

I love Mark Millar, and I loved Kick-Ass. There was a lot of hype for this series from the ads, and it is a decent comic. It isn't as good as other Millar comics, I feel, but it is interesting. Basically, I look at it as Batman if there were no other superheroes and Batman was a criminal instead of a hero. He has these absurd plots and plans things out really far in advance to further his plots, and it is awkward at times, but still can be fun. I know I enjoyed the first couple issues, but don't buy the hype about how amazing it is from the creators. It is a good comic, but not great. Example from issue 2, he has his armored car, but has a switch which breaks the car apart to have him riding a motorcycle, like in Dark Knight, except it works because this isn't nearly as grounded in reality as that movie was. It has fun stuff, just not great stuff. Review here.

Secret Avengers #5

I'm pretty sure I've talked about this series before, but I don't find it nearly as good as other people, maybe because I'm not a huge Deodato fan or maybe because Nova was a stupid choice from the writers or maybe because the series doesn't really do much with the characters. A team book should, in my opinion, focus on the team. Maybe it focuses on individuals working on a team, or how the team works together or doesn't, but it has to focus on the team, at least somewhat. This feels more focused on the main story, without attaching you to any of the characters. I honestly don't care for any of the characters. Maybe this'll help, but not judging by the blurb. Review here.


Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #3

I loved Astonishing X-Men when it was under Whedon. When Whedon left, I felt the quality deteriorated, but stuck with it. More than anything, I felt the Ellis arcs were just bleh. Ellis is a good writer, but the stories weren't interesting to me. The characterizations were decent, but the stories weren't interesting. It was like Secret Avengers' opposite. Secret Avengers has an interesting story (well, could be, but I don't find it interesting) with bad characterization. Astonishing has good characterization, but bad stories. The Xenogenesis thing started before the Astonishing X-Men arc ended, so I didn't really care at all when it started, and now I just don't care period.

Fantastic Four #583

I read FF under Millar, and enjoyed it, even while I felt it was dull, which it really was. When he left, I left also. I've heard good things about Hickman's run, but I really don't care enough. The FF have never been my favorite team. I don't know why, but they haven't been a team that I've been interested in. Meh, I haven't read much Hickman, but I've heard good things. After hearing about his plots, they seem convoluted and stupid to me (both SHIELD and Secret Warriors seemed stupid from the descriptions I heard about). People seem to like him, though. Whatever.

Hulk #25

I've already said too much about Hulk, but I'm just going to talk about this again. How powerful is Rulk? He seemed to be able to beat everything in the first few issues, including stupid things. When I read later, Wolverine put up a good fight, which seemed stupid. He also seemed worse as the series went on. I half-want to get this to see Iron Man kick his ass, but I don't want to support Loeb's bad habits (sure, it's someone else, but Loeb created Rulk).

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