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Pi's Comics - August 25th

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Welcome to another exciting installment of Pi's Comics, where I'll go over what comics I am getting this week, and what comics I very distinctly am not.Apparently, he doesn't like cats.

Astonishing X-Men #35

I love this series. Really, I do. Now to be perfectly honest, I liked it a lot more when it was Whedon and Cassaday. While the second arc, Danger, was kind of screwy, the way the X-Men were written was brilliant. I loved the way the characters interacted with one another and I especially loved having Kitty Pryde on the team, as I am a big Kitty Pryde fan. Post-Whedon, I have to say that it hasn't been quite as good. It still is okay, but not as good. Mostly, at this point, I am reading it so that I can still keep track of at least one X-Men comic, although Uncanny X-Force will be something I will get when it comes out (more Deadpool!). eXogenetic was a weird arc, and it came out so infrequently that I can barely remember the last issue. I just remember the giant bio Sentinel and them flying into the lair of the bad guy with all his weird crap. Oh well, hopefully the conclusion will be good.

Avengers #4

I like the Avengers. I wasn't an Avengers fan for a long time, but I've started liking them since New Avengers, and I've gone back to look at some classic Avengers. This is an interesting team. One thing I like is that, on the Avengers, you have characters like Thor and characters like Hawkeye, both on the same team. It is kind of like having Superman and Batman on the same team. This balances it pretty well, I feel. When Apocalypse attacked them, Thor went after him while everybody else focused on his henchmen. Thor just faces the big threats, while the rest take care of everything else, and that is something I feel makes the Avengers work. I like this arc for all the cool things they are having Noh Varr do. I like Noh Varr and I'm going to have to read Marvel Boy (Morrison) pretty soon. I like Bendis's writing a lot, and while I can understand why people might not like it, I feel it works.

Deadpool Team-Up #890

If you're not a Deadpool fan, you might be confused by the numbering on this comic. Well, let me clarify. Marvel printed Deadpool #900 as a parody of all the special #X00 issues coming out, like Captain America #600,  or Hulk #600, or any of those, especially where they change the numbering on the book to go back to what it was. Deadpool #900 was followed by Deadpool Team-Up #899, and since then, has been counting down from #899. Yes, it is another Deadpool ongoing series (at the time, it was the third, but when Merc With a Mouth became a maxi-series, it is now the second current one, with Corps being the third). One of the things that annoys me about this series is that it is a different creative team every month. I mentioned how annoyed I was by that with Spider-Man last week. The only saving graces here are that it is Deadpool and that it has nothing to do with continuity. Sure, he teamed up with Frankencastle, but it really has no bearing on continuity. This one looks interesting, as I like Machine Man.

Heroic Age: Prince of Power #4

Amadeus Cho is awesome. I really enjoyed reading stuff with him during Planet Hulk and then World War Hulk. He was a great character then. When he joined Hercules, I was nervous, but he came through even better, becoming a more interesting and more well rounded character. Right now, Amadeus Cho is just one of the best characters around in comics. This series itself has been awesome. What other series ever, and I mean ever, has had a character roofie an incredibly angry Egyptian goddess to turn her into a lolcat? It is that kind of awesomeness that makes Amadeus Cho and this series, well, awesome.


Captain America #609

Captain America has never really interested me. For a little while, during Civil War, I liked him, and at the very least, I preferred him heavily to Iron Man (whom I still haven't fully forgiven yet). Then, I picked up Captain America #25, when he got shot, and read for a while afterward. Let me just say that I now know that I just am uninterested in Captain America. Or at least, I am uninterested in him as a solo character. He just doesn't have any specific quality that makes him interesting to me. Bucky Cap is better than Steve in terms of my interest, but not enough. I think he is too Good, with a capital G. In terms of D&D, he is lawful good, which is the most boring character ever (followed by true neutral) by himself. With others, you get good contrasts, but by himself, it is boring.

Shadowland: Moon Knight #1

To be perfectly honest with you, this is not a knock at this specific issue and more just about Shadowland in general. I'm getting pretty tired of crossover events, as I believe a lot of people are. Now, this isn't as much a crossover, in the sense that it doesn't seem to encompass other comics, just comics with Shadowland specifically in them. Still, it is an event, and one that I am not interested in. I'm not really interested in Daredevil, so this really doesn't seem interesting to me. What I really want to know, but I don't care enough to read about, is what this is supposed to be. Apparently, there is a tower in Hell's Kitchen or something, and Daredevil, who now runs the Hand is doing too much evil or something? And this is in New York City? Whatever. I don't care enough.

Ultimate Comics Mystery #2

Like the Shadowland issue, this is less an issue with the specific issue and more of one with Ultimate Comics in general. The Ultimate universe was great. The Ultimates 2 and The Ultimates are my favorite series, ever. Ultimate Spider-Man was a good series, Ultimate X-Men was generally good with some rough patches and Ultimate Fantastic Four started off really well. Then there was Ultimates 3. I know that series isn't the worst series ever, but it is much worse to me considering how high my hopes were. It came out when I still liked Jeph Loeb and I liked Joe Madureira's work. The first issue was a mess and a bad comic, but considering how high my expectations were, with Ultimates 2 being my favorite series ever and Ultimates 2 #13 being one of my favorite issues ever... Then Loeb blew everything to hell with Ultimatum, which put the nail in the coffin for me with the Ultimate universe. I don't care about any of it anymore.

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