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Skrulls in Vs pt 4

Okay, so we've covered the birth and rebirth of the Skrulls for characters. In MHG, they also got three plot twists! Isn't that amazing?
Act of Defiance is their team-up, and Skrulls having a team-up is definitely important. What makes it great?

Well, it is better than a generic team-up like Marvel Crossover or The Multiverse, especially for Skrulls, because you are allowed to not only team-up any of your two teams, but any two teams on the board. For Skrulls, this is great because if one of the teams your opponent has is one you don't, you can get a new team. Otherwise, you can still team-up your own teams. Plus, it gets better and adds an attack modifier to all your 3-cost and under Skrulls. So when rushing, Skrulls still get an advantage.
Alien Insurrection is basically a bigger Nasty Surprise. Normally, you would get just +2 ATK on DEF but in any Skrull deck facing any other deck, you should easily get three affiliations, so it becomes a +6 ATK on defense pump.

I mean, it is fairly simple, but effective. Nasty Surprise was a favorite card in a lot of decks, just for the off-initiative stun, and for Skrulls, this is more powerful.
Interstellar Offensive is another card like Alien Insurrection, in that it is a normal ATK pump to anybody else, but to the Skrulls, it is a Savage Beatdown. Honestly, a +5 ATK pump? Ridiculous!

I mean, yes, there is something you have to fulfill, but again, in a Skrull deck, you are almost guaranteed a Savage Beatdown. Maybe not turn 1, but at least by turn 3, you should easily have a Savage.
Sworn Enemies is not a Skrull plot twist, but it might as well be one.

Still not convinced that Act of Defiance is worth it? Well, outside of Sealed, you can't really say that this card will be more than +2 most of the time, unless you are playing Skrulls, and with an Act of Defiance, you can now get a +4 ATK pump. I mean, generic pumps are often +2-+3 ATK, so bigger than average is good. Oh, and no that green guy on the card is not in fact a Skrull, but Drax the Destroyer, who was created for the sole purpose of destroying Thanos. He eventually succeeded during Annihilation. What does he have to live for any more?
Anyway, after MHG, the Skrulls got another boost in MTU, with another 6-drop. Wait a sec. let's run some numbers here...
1-drop:1, but banned
Come on people! They don't have a single 1-drop, but 3 6-drops! Sure, 3 3-drops, but you probably need more 3-drops. Anyway...

Man, Kl'rt doesn't get good stats. He has had two 6-drops and one of them was -2/-2 from the curve and one is-1/-1. Still, both of them get to jump the curve if you fulfill conditions. I serisouly love how they made Kl'rt work. Okay, with one affiliation, he gets nothing special, but with 2, he gets Invisible Woman's powers, and can defend himself better. With 3, he gains Thing's strength and gets more ATK power. With 4, he gets the Nova Flame of the Human Torch and can burn people. I guess Mr. Fantastic is the one affiliation that can fly and has range. Maybe-ish. Oh well. Still, he is basically, not an 11/11 with flight/range, but a 14/14 with flight/range and a burn for 6. Oh, how they do Kl'rt justice in this game.
What else is Skrull related? Well, I am glad you asked. In the Giant-Size Coming of Galactus, one of the planets you have to protect or eat is Skrullos, Skrull Homeworld.

What does Skrullos do? It copies the planet before it. Now, I think this is a brilliant way to represent the planet. Basically, it represents how the Skrulls shapeshift and become other people. When you get to Skrullos, it is confusing, because it looks exactly the same as the previous planet, because the Skrulls make themselves look like the previous planet. Nothing particularly special, but cute.
Tarnax IV was also in the MCG box, although as one of the MEX cards. Like Sworn Enemies, it is not specifically Skrull, but it is for Skrulls.

Now, in the comics, Tarnax IV became the homeworld and capital of the Skrull empire, but unfortunately for them, it was devoured by Galactus. In VS, the card gives Skrulls a huge benefit. Previously, while getting multiple affiliations was great, but only Ethan Edwards and Titannus really needed more than 3, as everybody else could get by with 3 or less. With Tarnax IV, however, any of your Skrulls can get a big ATK boost for the number of affiliations it has. Awesome!

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