Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Comic Reviews on 4/9

Well, I got three comics today, one of which was late and I missed one that didn't come out that was officially supposed to.

Amazing Spider-Man 556

Basic Plot: Spidey tries to make his way through the snow to find the other mathematicians while the one he saved tries to reason with the cops.

I didn't really see that twist coming. Honestly, I probably should have, but whatever. Either way, I am liking this story. New crap, but good crap. As much as I am starting to get really sick of non-classic Spidey villains (where is Doc Ock or Electro or somebody?), I actually like this storyline. And look up above at that pic again. Doesn't Spidey look really cold? I love Bachalo's art from other things and it works perfectly with the Mayan crazy people here. All in all, I am happy with Zeb Wells doing Spidey and I really would like a storyline that is longer or writing that doesn't change, along with art that doesn't change. How long are we going to have to wait? Oh, and something cool. Look at Spidey's number and FF's number below. Because of stuff like 3 issues a month as opposed to 1, and probably other things throughout the years, ASM has caught up with and is surpassing FF, which means it is going to be the highest numbered Marvel comic, as FF was the first and is still going, but Spidey just has three issues a month now. Yes, Spidey has had a lot more comics with him in it all in all, but his numbering just tied and will surpass FF's next week. I almost forgot, JJJ is awesome in this too (although he only is in the beginning).

Fantastic Four 556

Basic Plot: CAP is running rampant and superheroes try to stop it.

I seriously love Mark Millar's writing most of the time. This is no exception. The series has been awesome every single issue and we finally get actual fighting in this issue, and it is some good stuff. So, CAP is pretty darn powerful and when S.H.I.E.L.D. sends 40 of their biggest hitters, which includes: Iron Man, Spider-Man, Sentry, Black Panther, Wasp, Black Widow, Wolverine, Ares, Wonder Man, Storm, Hercules, Spider-Woman, Ms. Marvel, Stature, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Doc Samson, War Machine, Yellowjacket, the Gauntlet (when does this take place?), Vision, Justice, Patriot, Hulkling, Speed, Dr. Strange and Gravity. Apparently there are more, but I couldn't find them or recognize them. Oh, plus three of the Fantastic Four, Reed was capturing a micro-galaxy at the edge of the universe, but is coming back, and I think he can somehow take this guy out. Oh, and, yeah, Gravity is there. Gravity. I love Gravity, and found his mini-series awesome, Beyond to be awesome and his guest appearance in Fantastic Four to be okay (as the story itself kind of sucked IMO). Still, Gravity is incredibly obscure, but awesome. I love that Millar or Hitch liked him enough to use him as one of the 40 big hitters that S.H.I.E.L.D. would send. Geez, I really need to stop praising Millar. I'll stop and move on.

Kick-Ass 2

Basic Plot: Dave Lizewski recovers and moves on.

Okay, so Kick-Ass 1 was amazing and I loved it. Mark Millar is an amazing writer and...damn it! Why must there be two awesome Millar books this week. Now, I feel like I'm beating a dead horse that came back as a zombie and then was killed again. Anyway, this an amazing series that I seriously recommend to any comic fan, because it honestly captures superheroes in a whole new light and it just brutal fun and everything about it just works. A person dressing up in an outfit and trying to fight crime is crazy. Now, we live in a world without superheroes. That means no Superman or Spider-Man. We also don't have stuff like Iron Man or any of the current New Warriors (with high-tech gadgets and whatnot). We don't even really have Punisher or Batman in this world. Nobody, in this world, runs around fighting crime. A Batman or Punisher would be killed. An Iron Man or New Warrior or Spider-Man or Superman can't exist (honestly), and the closest thing we can get is the Batman or Punisher that really would be killed pretty quickly honestly in real life. Kick-Ass (which apparently is at least the name Millar calls him in the scripts) really just tries his best to beat people up while in a weird outfit. He got his ass kicked in his first fight and then got run over. In this one, he just has more determination and a whole lot more luck and is able to drive three guys away, even while getting the snot kicked out of him. Oh, and his fight is going on YouTube thanks to a camera phone. I mean, honestly, that is about as close to real life superheroes as really exists in this world. Kick-Ass is amazing and I totally recommend it. Oh, and no censorship, and there is a lot of swearing. Yay for Mark Millar (dammit)!

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