Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yay, videos!

Did you hear the news? The wildly popular Iron Man trailer is going to be made into a full-length movie! The Onion has the news:

If you haven't seen Marvel/DC, which started as the Apple/PC parodies, then you can see them from the beginning right here. This, though, is the promo for the second season. Oh, if only it existed.

Break a Leg is an awesome video series that I wholeheartedly recommend. Currently, they have released 9 episodes. The first 3 are much longer, and the remaining 6 are shorter afterwards. Still, it is an awesome show. One kind of creepy thing was when they decided to make a contest where you say something professing your love for Amber Turnipseed, one of the characters on the show, and this guy below won. Yeah, it is kind of cool, but very creepy at the same time.

One more. This guy has written many parodies that are absolutely hilarious and I love watching them. This is one of the better ones I think, although there are others.

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