Monday, April 28, 2008


Okay, so with Thunderbolts this week, I am expecting a Penance card, and by that I mean a Speedball<>Penance card since Speedball already exists (one card, but still) and Penance also is another character. I get my wish too, with a Speedball<>Penance, Painmonger. Still, I really hate how Penance came into being. I somewhat understand the reasoning behind how he came into being, but I don't really like it all that much. Speedball was so easygoing and fun and crazy. Then, he was blown up, lost his powers, gained new ones and became emo. In the maybe-canon Deadpool/GLI Summer Fun Spectacular, Squirrel Girl confronts him about becoming Penance. She tries to convince him that the emo thing doesn't work with him. He blames himself for the deaths at Stamford, and Squirrel Girl tells him how Nitro mega-exploded only because Damage Control gave him MGH, so he couldn't have known Nitro would blow up that much. After saying how Damage Control isn't dark, Squirrel Girl reminds him he isn't either. He's Speedball. He bounces with balls! He had a cat too with the same powers. Of course, Robbie then shows her a new picture of his cat, in a similar outfit to his, calling him P-Cat, the Pentient Puss. His actions caused the deaths of hundreds, Squirrel Girl reminds him of when the Avengers blew up half of Washington and thousands died. He went n without a plan, so did Hawkeye and people love Hawkeye. His actions were televised, and so was Iron Man with a UN ambassador while drunk who is currently head of S.H.I.E.L.D. At this point, he just starts hitting his head against the wall and saying he is deep now and that self-punishment is deep. I personally liked Speedball to an extent as the crazy kid who loved just bouncing around everywhere. Now, he is trying to be deep, when he honestly doesn't have to be, as explained to him by Squirrel Girl. I mean, this was mostly worse because it was kids, but otherwise, there have been many times when superheroes are unable to prevent supervillains from killing lots of people.
The card itself is pretty awesome. I love burn, and he burns everybody for lots. His current power is that if he gets hurt, he releases power, and this ability fits well.

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