Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Skrulls in Vs pt 2

Things didn't look good for Skrulls in VS. They didn't have much, they mostly just had one good card, an okay army card and a bad card that is more meant for another team. With a cosmic-themed set though, Skrulls could get the love they deserved. Nenora was one of the cards they made that became banned. A card you can recruit for the price of a discard, any discard, was too powerful and they eventually banned all of those, even though Nenora wasn't nearly as broken as the other two. Let's see:

So we have a 2/1, not bad. Two affiliations and an ability that is okay, along with being a free recruit. For the newfound Skrull theme of multiple affiliations, this works pretty well in that she grants all your Skrulls an extra affiliation. Unfortunately, since she was banned, Skrulls still don't have a single 1-drop.
Warskrull was a card I don't like particularly, although he can be used well. To me, he feels less like a character and more like a plot twist. You can either have a 3/2 2-drop with nothing else or a resource that you KO to get yourself your Skrull team-up:

I mean, I just would prefer another 2-drop, like Skrull Soldiers. Oh well, he could be used, I guess, just as a team-up searcher.
Wolverine and Captain America are both great 3-drops, and I found it difficult to choose between the two, as Wolvie is amazing by himself whereas Cap is awesome at helping. You can see their backstories in Origin Stories on Billy Zonos' blog. As for the cards themselves:

Both are awesome. Wolvie gets all affiliations (which with Mutopia you can abuse to give all of your guys all the affiliations in play) and gets to be a 10/4, whereas Cap basically makes your guys all have Bamf! as long as you have three affiliations (not that hard to do). Most people abuse Cap, by hiding him with Franklin Richards and then all of your guys jsut can't be stunned while attacking pretty permanently.

More next time, but for now, see you!

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