Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mixed Feelings

I have very mixed feelings about the Iron Man movie that comes out tomorrow. Basically, it is this: I hate the character, but think the movie looks awesome. When I first saw the trailer, I almost cried, because it was so amazingly cool and I just hated the character so much that I really didn't want to see it, but it was cool, and I'm repeating myself. Anyway, let me rant a little.
Originally, I never really cared one way or another about Iron Man. I basically didn't know much about him at all. I liked Spider-Man and X-Men and had no interest in Fantastic Four or Avengers and just kind of heard of them and knew a little about them. Eventually, I gained more interest, and when I started reading New Avengers, I realized that I thought Iron Man was kind of cool. Now, I have friends who really liked Iron Man, and I was able to appreciate him to an extent. I also thought it was cool that he got past his drinking problems and has done so much. When Civil War came along, I was with him during the Road to Civil War as he fought against registration with Spidey in DC. Then, Stamford and everything, and it turned into Cap v Iron Man, anti-reg v pro-reg, street heroes v bigger heroes. I wasn't sure who I was going to support until I remembered that I am an X-Men fan, and one of the biggest things I remember is the Mutant Registration Act from the show, which was also in the comics. Then I realized that it is basically the same thing that the X-Men had fought for a long time. I realized that heroes shouldn't have to register, and while occasional accidents may happen, all in all, the heroes generally save lives. So the New Warriors accidentally caused all those deaths. First off, they didn't kill the people, Nitro on MHG did. Second, they have saved the world before, so those people wouldn't be alive if not for the New Warriors. See, with superheroes, you can always be upset with them when they don't save a few people, as high as thousands of people, maybe even millions (Genosha), but most of these guys have saved the world on a few occasions, so an occasional accident that they feel worse about than anybody else is kind of okay in the big picture, right? Anyway, I felt Iron Man went way too far multiple times and did lots of things that just made him a villain, and as of now, I still don't like him. Basically, I like Avengers: The Initiative because it shows how he f&*ks with people's lives. If you have read the entire year it's been out, you can see the transformation that happened most visibly to Cloud 9, but also to other characters. The only person who I think is better off because of the Initiative is Trauma, and he died at one point and was forced to fight the Hulk too. Still, he is the only person to be better after it then when he went in. Everybody else? Ruined. Sure, it wasn't all Tony, but he is the posterboy for S.H.I.E.L.D. and everything that happens as part of the Initiative (not just at Camp Hammond, but everywhere) is all something that he takes credit for and blame for. Why can't we go back to a time when heroes don't have to be afraid of being arrested for being heroes (oh wait, Spidey barely had that, but still...), where kids can just be kids. I mean, Cloud 9 only wanted to fly and have fun. I don't think she ever wanted to use her powers to try and fight crime, even, just to have a good time. They made her a killer and someone who is dead serious, with no fun and just hollow inside. She seriously is a killer now. She killed HYDRA agents and attempted to kill Elloe Kaifi and KIA. That is something I just hate, but love to watch, as I get to see Tony be a horrible individual. Unfortunately, the movie looks awesome. The way I can get myself to get beyond the fact that Iron Man is a character I hate is that I can look at it from a different perspective and how I don't think he was nearly as bad before Civil War, as in the movie, it is more like his origin, so it won't have him f*&k up the entire superpowered population, because there isn't much of one.

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