Thursday, May 15, 2008


Many of you probably do not know this, because I mostly talk about VS and comic books, but I am a big baseball fan, specifically of the San Francisco Giants. Ever since 1992, I have been a fan (going to games since 1989), and while recently, I have turned most of my attentions to other things (like more comics and VS), I still enjoy the game. I know many people find baseball dull as people stand around for a lot of the game, but I find interesting and exciting. I don't find people running back and forth, up and down a field or court or rink nearly as interesting as the intricate ways that things happen in baseball. My parents own half of a season's worth of season tickets (together with someone else, they own the whole season), so we go to a lot of games generally, and it really is fun. Just thinking about baseball a lot because since i have been back, I have gone to two games (Sunday and Tuesday) and am going to the Giants game today. Truly, I do enjoy baseball, even if I don't think of it as much anymore.

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