Monday, May 19, 2008

Essential X-Men vol 8

Essential X-Men vol 8 came out recently, and I thought that it was pretty good, although I was very disappointed when I realized something. Half of the book is collected in Inferno, which was a good story, but something I already had. Well, as to the stories in this volume: In this volume, it starts off with the X-Men being dead, as near the end of Essential X-Men 7, they had died, then came back, but only they knew they were back. In this volume, they continue to go about helping people, but nobody realizes it is the X-Men helping out. Something interesting is that Sinister from Ultimate X-Men has a similar power to what all the X-Men have. Nobody can see them (in all the various forms, including smell or hear, etc) unless they are right in front of the person. Otherwise, they are completely invisible to all forms of detection. It is cool, how Genosha is introduced, with the Magistrates, and so are the Reavers, although they are thoroughly and efficiently defeated. Still, with everything, it is a good volume. It is fun to see how much the X-Men changed from Essential 1 to Essential 8. Heck, from Essential Classic X-Men 1 (originally Essential Uncanny X-Men) to this volume is an even bigger difference. The X-Men took on a whole new tone from when they started. I'm not sure exactly where it began (maybe with the Brood, the first time), but they became much darker. Maybe it was after Dark Phoenix saga, and things started going darker and darker, but by Brood, they started being really dark. Still good stuff, but not nearly the same as the original stuff.
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