Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Preview of names and versions, along with costs

Okay, so Mike has been previewing his Marvel Zombies cards on his blog and I decided that I should share my VS cards that I have made. As opposed to making an Essential Collection, however, I decided to make an entire set. My set is MAU, or Marvel Alternate Universe, and has a few new concepts. First off, is the concept of Alternate Universes, which Marvel has quite a few of. On the background of where the text is, there will be a symbol representing which alternate universe it is. For my set, there is the Ultimate universe (representing that universe are the teams: Ultimates and Ultimate Adversaries), the Age of Apocalypse universe (mostly through Horsemen of Apocalypse), the Zombieverse (which features those lovable Marvel Zombies along with the people who fough them) and the Supreme Power universe (featuring the Squadron Supreme). In and of itself, the alternate universe does nothing although other cards may reference them. There is also my own zombie keyword, which is different from Mike's. When I discuss my Marvel Zombies, I'll go over it. Over the course of whenever, I will go over the cards, but for now, I leave you with a few cards from each team (just the names, versions and costs though).

Captain America, Old Fashioned (5)
Hank Pym<>Ant Man, Little Mistakes (2)
Thor, Asgardian? (7)

Abdul Al-Rahman, Liberator Leader (7)
Chitauri Soldier, Army (2)
Green Goblin, Ultimate Six (6)

Apocalypse, The 12 (9)
Deadpool, Dead Man Wade (4)
Plague<>Pestilence, Horseman (5)

Black Pantehr, Arm and a Leg (5)
Hank Pym<>Giant Man, BZOC (2)
Silver Surfer, Unwary Herald (6)

Hyperion, 500-Pound Gorilla (7)

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