Thursday, May 8, 2008

Secret Invasion 2

Sl'jk here to let you in on what has happened with us Skrulls during our Secret Invasion. Well, it appears that one of our agents was defeated when she tried to contact Nick Fury, who realized that we were invading and has started gathering some kids of superheroes and supervillains with powers to try and take us on covertly. Kind of scary, that Nick Fury. Man, I hope I don't end up coming against him. Anyway, Hercules has gathered some guys together in order to take on our gods with the Terran "God-Squad." Kind of stupid, if you ask me, since your gods are inferior to ours, but I don't feel like judging. Oh, and Captain Marvel? Yeah, he wasn't back. Did you actually believe that? Gotcha! Unfortunately our member kind of went a little rogue, but hopefully we'll see him do some great things. What else? Oh, we showed how our leader came into power. She is leading us according to the scriptures and we shall follow her will and conquer Earth in the name of the Skrull empire. Man, her father was an interesting ruler, but our new one? Totally awesome. Oh, and is she Spider-Woman? Well, you'll have to find out later to see if she really is. But the second issue of our main invasion series got here. Heh, you still don't know much do you? You know that the Spider-Man and Hawkeye in the ship itself were Skrulls, but you don't know who else could be a Skrull. Vision? Maybe. Mockingbird? Maybe not. Still, unless the person is dead, you can't really tell at this point, can you? Oh, and all of our soldiers? That was an awesome page, I have to admit. Yu did a good job of capturing Skrulls in all their glory.
He loves you.

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