Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Comics on 5/14

This is going up without reviews, because I get comics so much later, that I figure I might as well put the article with what comics I get now, then fill it in later. Expect this every week from now on.

Giant Size Incredible Hulk 1

Basic Plot: Set in a time before Planet Hulk, a friend from Hulk's past writes a book about the Hulk.

So, it was a fun story, and basically went over how different people view the Hulk. Many see him as a monster, although there are those that see him as a hero. I mean, kind of obvious to me that there are both. It was cool to see some things from Hulk's past and all in all, a fun story, although not the greatest Hulk story ever. The issue in the back was a lot more fun and bizarre. Basically, it was an old issue where Hulk teams up with Angel and Iceman to take down Master Mold. It is cool because it shows how awesome the Hulk is. He goes up against the machine and tears it apart, all while trying to help people. It is what he does, whether people believe it or not. He is a hero, despite the MU hunting and persecuting him. In this issue, it is just amusing. Oh, and I love how I got all the X-Men references to Steven Lang (the guy the Sentinel claimed to be) who is semi-responsible for the Phoenix.

Amazing Spider-Man 559

Basic Plot: After chasing down an urban gymnast, Peter tries his hand at paparazzi work.

Oh, Peter, Peter, Peter. How low you have fallen. The first part, where he chases Screwball is fun and amusing. He can't really keep up with her as she leaps throughout the city. Also, being filmed constantly, she is kind of crazy. The spider-tracer killer thing has got to stop. I mean, seriously. I get it already. People think Spider-Man is a killer. Whatever. That has happened so many times. It is cliche now. And someone throws a hot dog at him? I mean, come on. Still, the writing is pretty good. Dan Slott was pretty fun. Screwball was amusing, but the rest. Oh, how Peter has fallen. Robbie realizes that Bennett is horrible for the Bugle (I'm sorry, DB) and Jonah just hates how someone else is running his paper, but I think Peter doesn't care at this point, as he is in it for the money. I somewhat understand, but I thought Peter had morals, and this seems pretty immoral. I mean, Harry just outright says that he doesn't know Pete when he is "escorted" out of a building. All in all, could be better, but was fun.

Guardians of the Galaxy 1

Basic Plot: The team forms to take on the Universal Church of Truth.

This was lots of fun. Was the story great? Not really. It was okay, but not great. The thing that made this fun was all the characters and how each is an individual and each was nailed and the dynamics between them was perfect. Amusingly (for me anyway), three of the members were members of the Infinity Watch, and Gamora is the only one close to how she was in those days. Quasar was Moondragon's lover (making her close to yet another member of the team) and Rocket Raccoon reminds me a little of Pip the Troll. Both are short, hairy and think they are the greatest. The dynamics between Infinity Watch and Guardians of the Galaxy are what make these books fun. This book is awesome. Adam Warlock? Ridiculously powerful, yet not fully there. Quasar? Ridiculously powerful, but unsure of herself. Drax? Pretty powerful, and more of a loner, but not as big of a cosmic level threat as he was previously. Gamora? Fairly powerful, but very unsure of herself although very deadly. Rocket Raccoon? Not powerful, but thinks he is, although great tactician. Star-Lord? Probably the weakest of the bunch, but okay leader and great with guns. The team is fun and awesome and I look forward to seeing where the book takes the team.

Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four 1

Basic Plot: What is going on with the Fantastic Four during Secret Invasion.

SKRULLS! Awesome. Okay, so the story itself was pretty darn cool. The art was good and I just love the concept. Main problem? Labeling everything. End of Prologue, End of Interlude, etc. It was kind of stupid. It was pretty cool though. I loved how the entire thing worked. Some parts make me a little angry (Susan is not that weak and generally would fight back with her own shields, but just sat there and took it). The rest were cool though. The conversation between Johnny and "Sue" was amusing and I love that Johnny saw through her. The kids (Franklin and creepy-eyed Valeria) were awesome, and the Thing was in top-form. All in all, a fun issue. Oh, and the reveal at the end? I saw the general idea coming, but barely got it in time here. For those of you who don't care, as most of you probably don't care, Lyja is the Skrull that infiltrated the Baxter Building and took the team into the Negative Zone (minus Reed who Skrull-Yellowjacket took out).

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