Wednesday, May 7, 2008

5/7 Comics

Let's get to right to it, shall we?

Punisher War Journal 19

Basic Plot: Franks learns of Jigsaw's plan, and things get set in motion.

All in all, better than before, but still not great. Chaykin's figures all look the same, so I really can't tell the difference between Frank as the Punisher and Ian pretending to be the Punisher. The cover makes it easy, sure, but the inside art? Not at all. The story is so-so, but I think it is going to get better. Of course, I have said that to myself for a while, but I actually believe it currently. They introduce a few characters that deal with Frank, kill them off, and expect you to feel sorry for them which is difficult. Hopefully, they will have a better story and be done with all the set-up soon.

Avengers/Invaders 1

Basic Plot: The Invaders accidentally end up in modern day NYC.

Okay, this was pretty darn cool, I have to say. It starts with Bucky just writing in his journal about the Invaders, as they preform a mission during WWII. In the middle of it, they enter this weird mist (minus Union Jack who was injured and Spitfire who is helping Union Jack) and end up witnessing Spider-Man fighting against the Thunderbolts in Times Square as they try to arrest him for being unregistered, and after hearing how Swordsman is German, and being under attack, the Invaders take out the Thunderbolts, who are, honestly, the biggest joke team in all of comics at the moment. I mean, they have almost failed so many times to take out no-name superheroes, and only Bullseye has been the one doing something while being held by agents. Jack Flag almost took them out? Come on! Anyway, they get their asses kicked and the Invaders run away. I mean, it is really well done all n all. The Invaders are very confused, but are still heroes. I look forward to seeing how Namor handles himself, how Cap deals with being deceased and how Bucky deals with Winter Soldier. This looks to be an awesome series and a lot of fun.

Amazing Spider-Man 558

Basic Plot: Spidey tries to deal with Freak after Menace attacks again.

So, are they trying to wrap this all up now and move on, or what? They use Menace and Freak in the same issue. I really dislike the way BND is working in terms of their schedule and everything, and the new characters are kind of stupid. Menace is a loser, Freak is just weird and everything is kind of okay, but not really. Some fun stuff (Peter feeling sorry for hurting Aunt May for leaving as she is super-excited, Freak snorting a huge cube of quicklime) and some idiotic stuff (Spidey swinging away to stop Freak and everybody is angry he isn't going after Menace as he flees when he honestly isn't considered a hero at this point anyway, juvenile humor in lots of places). All in all, it is better than the other issues with these idiots, but kind of rushed. I already want him to go back to fighting normal supervillains.

Mighty Avengers 13

Basic Plot: Nick Fury gathers his team to fight the Skrulls.

Sweet! More Daisy Johnson. I liked the character a lot in Secret War and thought it was cool to see her in New Avengers (pre-Civil War when she helped to take out the Collective in Magneto's body). Well, Nick Fury looks like Ultimate Nick Fury in his disguise (which is very amusing) and tracks her down, and she gathers together the son of Ares (Phobos, god of fear), the daughter of the Griffin, the grandson of the Phantom Rider, Layla Miller (who rejects her in the creepy way she does), the son of Dr. Druid and some other guy. Together, they are Nick Fury's new team that was gathered in secret, because nobody really knows who any of these people are (except for Daisy, to an extent, Phobos, to an extent and Layla, to an extent). They are going to fight the Skrulls, so I don't exactly want them to do well (as I am a Skrull fan), but it seems cool. I just wish Maleev wasn't doing the art, because he is okay, but I don't like the style that much.

Nova 13

Basic Plot: Nova tries to help the people of a planet escape from Galactus.

Well this was an interesting story. I do find Nova helping people kind of cool, but all in all, I don't know if I want to read a book about a guy who does that kind of thing. Harrow was weird as a villain (psychic entity that is not physical, but inhabits the body), and very short-lived. Nova trying to prolong Galactus is amusing. All in all, not much in it, but hopefully some cool fighting against Silver Surfer with Nova in the next issue. This was weird, but okay. I still like Nova, although it is probably not the best series I have ever read, but an okay series.

Secret Invasion 2

Basic Plot: Everybody tries to figure out who the heck is a Skrull.

Okay, this is awesome! Seriously, this is shaping up to be the best series ever for me, and it may surpass Ultimates 2. Currently, it is above Identity Crisis and around the same level as Ultimates for me. We'll see how it goes. All kinds of crazy in this issue. I'll let Sl'jk go over stuff tomorrow. Forgot about him, didn't you? Well, he's still here, just been lying low. Every day after Secret Invasion comes out, I'm giving him the blog to post about Secret Invasion and the Skrulls. It is really hard to tell who the Skrulls are in each group, because I believe there are Skrulls in each group, and I am very confused. Just an amazing issue, with two more reveals and then in the middle of NYC, at least 27 super Skrulls come out of the sky. Man, the heroes are in huge trouble, especially since they're all in Antarctica. This is just crazy and awesome. Have I mentioned how much I like it?

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