Wednesday, May 21, 2008

5/21 Comics

Well, again, I am going to show you what I intend to buy before I actually buy it.

Ultimate Fantastic Four 54

Basic Plot: While the Ultimate Salem's Seven appear, Reed and Sue try and work out their relationship problems as a therapist comes to talk to all of them.

Well, I never knew too much about Salem's Seven other than that they existed and were semi-villainous against the FF. So, I don't know who these new people are, and honestly, I am not really caring. The story was okay, with some humorous moments, and was better than the previous storyline, but that is damning with faint praise. I just keep waiting for it to get better like it was when Millar was writing it. Currently, it isn't as bad, but not one of the comics that was awesome to read with Millar.

Captain America 38

Basic Plot: Agent 13 realizes the revived Captain America is actually the Grand Director and Bucky and Falcon try to take out Arnim Zola and the Red Skull.

Honestly, I think this comic could be good, but I don't think I care about Captain America enough for it to work. After Civil War, I have enough respect for Captain America that I don't think anybody else should be Captain America, even Bucky. With that, I am not all that interested in Captain America stories, so I am not finding these to be as interesting as other people (such as someone who works in the game store I go to) find them. Still fun, but not as good to me as I feel they are to other people.

Ultimate X-Men 94

Basic Plot: When Ultimate Alpha Flight kidnaps Northstar, Colossus and a team go to get him back, but Colossus has a secret...

Oh, two issues in the same week with similar stories. Basically, Colossus can turn his body into organic steel, but does not have super-strength. So, not only is he not super strong and not able to do lots of things it seemed like he could do, he can't even lift his arms because they are too heavy. I think it is interesting, but I do not like it. I like Colossus as a character and Ultimate Colossus was no exception. Also, I think it is cool that Ultimate Colossus is gay, as I feel there aren't enough gay superheroes. Still, I feel this portrays Colossus in a negative light that I dislike. I like Colossus having super-strength, but now he apparently has always gotten the strength from the "Banshee" drug. Apparently, he was good enough at keeping secrets to keep this from both Xavier and Jean Grey up until now. Apparently, he has always carried a bunch along with him wherever he goes as well. Sigh... stupid retcon. Ultimate Alpha Flight is kind of interesting. Hmm, Jubilee and Sunfire on Alpha Flight? WTF? Oh, it is cool that Firestar (Liz Allen) has chosen that as her name (surprise, surprise) and is at the school as well. I love Mark Brooks' art in the issue as well. Aside from hating the Banshee drug being used with Colossus, I loved the rest of the story.

Amazing Spider-Man 560

Basic Plot: The creepy Paper-Doll villainess attacks people who attack her lover.

Okay, kind of creepy. Scratch that, very creepy. That is one weird villain. How do you stop someone like that? Oh well. Just another random weird villain being introduced for the sake of BND. BND is starting to piss me off. I really want classic villains, as opposed to these idiotic weird villains who somehow all have some advantage over Spidey. Meh, I can't wait for the time when the Thunderbolts try and take him out (not in Avengers/Invaders) because the team is led by none other than Spidey's greatest enemy (arguably), the Green Goblin, Norman Osborn. And he is still crazy. Can't wait for that, especially since all of this is practically crap.

Fantastic Four 557

Basic Plot: Reed tries to take on CAP.

There are reasons you never want to piss off a super genius who uses super science. One of those reasons is the Anti-Galactus suit Reed designed. About as large as Galactus himself, the suit contains the most powerful weapons in the world by far, bar none. Kind of scary. Especially since he just took out CAP, who had taken out the Avengers, Young Avengers, FF and all fairly easily. Damn, Reed's scary. I love Millar and Hitch together. They are both amazing and together, they create wonderful things. I wonder how Doom is going to be explained, since Doom appears at the end. Wasn't Doom in jail last time we saw him? He was arrested by Iron Man after the symbiote debacle. Oh well. Mark Millar can explain it. He can do anything.

Avengers: The Initiative 13

Basic Plot: Butterball tries to fit in with the Initiative.

Okay, so who remembers Batwing? Not one of Bruce Wayne's vehicles (was there one named that?), but the character from Untold Tales of Spider-Man. I mean, come on! Batwing? Annex too? Prodigy? What is this? Obscure backup characters from Spider-Man in the Initiative? God, it is bizarre. Anyway, like in Ultimate X-Men, we have an indestructible character who isn't superstrong. Of course, this one is also fat. He is, for all intents and purposes, completely invulnerable to harm. Nothing, not even drowning, seems to hurt him. He can't really do much though. He also has unlimited stamina, which means he can run at 2 MPH forever or lift 20 lbs weights forever without getting tired. A fun story, although I hate the artist. One thing, also about the Initiative. My friend seems to really dislike it, but I like the comic. Not the Initiative as a system, but the Initiative as a comic. Aside from the artist that has been doing the art recently, it is one of the comics I like more.

Incredible Hercules 117

Basic Plot: The God Squad gets together for the first time.

Apparently I need to read more Hercules, or the Ares mini-series, because I didn't know what happened with Olympus. With everything though, this was kind of cool. Basically, I recognize Hercules and Snowbird. The other three are mysteries to me. I like the concept though. The Skrulls are attacking because their gods are commanding them to, so why not have the Earth gods go after the Skrull gods. Awesome idea. I also like the art. Oh, and Amadeus is awesome. This is a very fun series.

Mighty Avengers 14

Basic Plot: How the Skrulls get to the Sentry.

Apparently, Jarvis has been a Skrull for a long time. From at least the time the New Avengers went public, he had been a Skrull, because it was then he started working on a plan to take out the Sentry. Spider-Woman is in fact a Skrull and has been at least recently. I thought it was pretty darn interesting, because obviously, Vision was a Skrull (although I thought it might just be Sentry talking to himself) and used the idea that Jarvis-Skrull came up with, where if you say things are his fault and take the form of the Void, you can make him unstable. Oh, Robert, how silly, you are. Man, if only everybody had that power. Aaaahhh! I'm freaking out! I'll just go to Saturn to calm down. Apparently, the Void has taken over as the dominant personality, but also cares about Lindy. It is confusing. Stuff is weird. Oh well. Still awesome stuff.

Wolverine: Origins 25

Basic Plot: The final battle between Deadpool, Wolverine and Daken.

Daniel Way just pisses me off when writing Deadpool. Maybe it also is because Steve Dillon's art looks like someone threw up, but I am pretty sure a lot of it is Way's writing. Which of course makes me incredibly nervous in regards to the upcoming Deadpool series in September. I like how everything comes to a close, with everything all being an elaborate set-up, and with Bucky getting to do stuff, but I honestly hate how they left things with Deadpool. The best part of this was that they also had Deadpool's first appearance, which, while pretty ugly all in all, was still important, and I am glad I read it. You know what, though? A whole bunch of the images from "40 worst Liefeld creations" are from this issue! Awesome, huh? I do like how Deadpool takes a bunch of guys out before Domino takes him out. Meh, makes sense to me, so okay. Deadpool's series is September better be pretty damn good. Hopefully, Bob will still be his loyal pet/minion.

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