Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day

Oh, comic books, how fickle you are. No comics today because of the Monday holiday. Instead, comics tomorrow. For now, I guess, I will show you (although not in picture form, and please don't make it, I am perfectly capable of doing it myself, I just don't have the time right now) my Ultimate Hawkeye from MAU.

Name: Hawkeye
Version: Expert Archer
Cost: 3
Team(s): The Ultimates/S.H.I.E.L.D.
Flight/Range: N/Y
Atk/DEF: 4/3
Concealed: Concealed

Activate >>> Stun any number of visible characters with a combined cost of 3 or less. Lose 4 endurance. Use only once per turn and only during your attack step.

"Are you really that good?"
"That good and then some, baby. That good, and then some."
MAU-010 (Common)

Okay, so onto my explanation of the card. I never had much respect for Hawkeye in the comics. He always seemed kind of lame. He wore a purple outfit with a Wolverine-like mask (to an extent, although just in the front without the hair) and had no powers, just shot arrows. Well, I have more respect for him now, both regular (Avengers Disassembled, House of M and post-Civil War stuff) and Ultimate.
Ultimate Hawkeye was introduced at the same time as Black Widow (although Black Widow had been in an issue of Ultimate Marvel Team-Up, the series is very loose canon, and her character is very different), in the second arc of The Ultimates. Issue 7 had a cameo with them, preparing for the next issue. Issue 8 starts with Black Widow and Hawkeye walking down the street in all black leather, with shades and duffel bags. It has a very Matrix-ish feel to it. Ultimate Hawkeye, as opposed to the original, is an expert with practically any type of weapon. He mostly uses a bow, but he doesn't necessarily restrict himself. He walks in, shoots the guy at the desk in the head, shoots two security guards, then shoots 4 civilians running away. As S.H.I.E.L.D. agents rush in, he shoots another guy in an elevator, then walks in. It is the introduction to the bad-ass Hawkeye. It isn't the original Hawkeye, who shoots arrows, but barely every hurts anyone with them. It is the total bad-ass, I'm going to kill who I want with expert aim with any weapon Hawkeye.
So, I mean, he is pretty cool, as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent as opposed to just having super-powers or wanting to join a superhero team. I tried to represent that in my card. So, The Ultimates have a theme of stunning opponents' characters. Wow! Amazingf You'd never want to do that before, but basically, the way the team works, in the comics, is very loose, with little actual team-work and mostly just beating the crap out of everybody else and one-upping that guy over there. As a team, they didn't really do much together. Plus, there is a theme of hurting the team to get an advantage. Hank Pym beat up Jan, the team kicked him out and the team worked better together and had to work harder. Bruce Banner subjects himself to horrible experiments where he ends up as the Hulk, and also ends up eating people. Black Widow had million-dollar enhancements (no, not that kind, perv) to make her more powerful. So, with Hawkeye, here, we get him auto-stunning a guy, by just shooting him outright, or shooting multiple guys outright. He has concealed because as part of the Black Ops team, more than the official team (at that point, anyway), he basically fought in the shadows, striking when necessary. He also hurts you in the process, which is partly my balancing the card. I feel the ability to outright stun is pretty powerful, especially since this doesn't target. And since he is hidden, he can do it every turn.
Well, what do you think of Hawkeye and/or The Ultimates (since Ultimates is a version) as a team? Just comment and let me know.

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