Thursday, May 29, 2008

Comics on 5/29

You know the drill by now, so here we go:

New Warriors 12

Basic Plot: While the escaped New Warriors try to figure out a strategy to take out the weird guy, the ones that were left behind try to use what they have left to survive as long as they can.

It was better. Honestly. I found it to be enjoyable. As opposed to earlier issues, I did enjoy this issue. I liked seeing the resourcefulness that Chamber (whatever his new name is) used and seeing them use what remains of their outfits and turning them into traps. Also, Thrasher, while I hate him, is right, which is what they realized. All in all, a lot of fun, and it was actually good this time around, or at least I felt it was. In fact, most of the issues this week were really good. I don't know if someone injected me with something, but I enjoyed everything I read, and found them all to be rather good.

X-Force 4

Basic Plot: X-23 and Wolverine have to deal with the difference between innocents and people they can kill.

Ha! I didn't see that coming. Okay, this was a cool issue. I liked it. I think I am starting to get used to the "hrrr, dark, gritty, killer X-Men, rrah" type thing that I used to dislike about this book. This one was good. So, not much of a spoiler, since it happens pretty early on, but after Rahne is "healed", she attacks Angel, ripping off his wings. To Wolverine, Rahne is an innocent, unlike both X-23 and Wolverine, and that what they do, they do to help people like Rahne. So, as Rahne attacks, X-23 does nothing and lets her escape. Anyway, I generally don't think about it, but yeah, Angel was once Archangel (maybe he currently is called that, but with normal wings, you don't think it is) and a Horseman of Apocalypse. The Purifiers didn't forget, though. It was kind of gruesome, but to be expected for a book that has a regular cover and a variant "bloody" cover.

Blue Beetle 27

Basic Plot: Jaime realizes the limits of his armor's effectiveness against magic, while trying to stop some demons attacking seemingly random people.

Okay, Blue Beetle is a total bad-ass. He takes on GLs, and easily defeated Parasite (when he let the scarab take over). I don't think these demons, magic or not, should have been that big of a problem. Still, I also liked seeing Traci look things up in the library, then go after the kids who caused the trouble (people attacked were people who scorned them, a girlfriend, assistant-manager at a pretzel place and a teacher). She is pretty darn cool. I recently got a whole bunch of cards (as you know if you read this) and I got a bunch of foil Girl 13s from DSM. I love the irony of the Thirteen family, with Dr. Thirteen trying to prove magic isn't real, and his daughter being a sorceress. It was a fun issue, but nothing special.

King-Size Hulk 1

Basic Plot: Look into some recent events as we try to fill in gaps.

So this was probably the one that was most meh for me today. Oh, and that 50/50 variant thing? Unless my comic store was weird, it is actually just "the" cover, with the Cho one inside. Yes, my comic had two covers (with the same inside and outside ads). Anyway, the one with Wendigo was kind of interesting, but not really. The main thing that I got from it was that there are multiple Wendigos currently as opposed to just the one that there usually is. One thing I also don't get is what happened to the Wendigo after the issues of She-Hulk, where he was captured. Oh well. The She-Hulk story was cool. The Abomination one wasn't, with art I didn't really like, and basically just a backstory of Abomination. Then it had two issues of Hulk (from the time when Wolverine first appeared) and an Avengers issue from when some superwomen got together to fight the Avengers. All in all, it was an interesting issue, but not great. Just filler, and somewhat expensive filler at that.

Thor 9

Basic Plot: Loki plans her moves as Asgard and Billy tries to let the Asgardians in on what happens with Earth.

Lots of fun, and I really enjoyed it. The issues right before it weren't as good, I felt, but this one was great. Seeing Balder was nice and kind of cool, as he is an interesting character (especially with his recent wearing of the Destroyer armor), and the part with him was cool. I loved the humor though. Fandral speaks in a way that makes Hogun and Volstagg stop and think to themselves about what he meant. Loki asks Volstagg, Hogun and Fandral why they aren't out in the world, since they can leave, and so on and so forth. Billy trying to throw the flowers he brought for Kelda was amusing. He can't quite throw them up to her, so he tries again and fails, so he attaches them to a rock, and throws them, then is disturbed because of how he hit her with the rock. It is just a fun issue. Asgardians don't know how or why to play basketball.

Wolverine First Class 3

Basic Plot: Wolverine and Kitty go to Wundagore and find the New Men.

Oh, how I love this series. So, it isn't the greatest series ever, but the main reason I read comics is because I want to be entertained, and this fits the bill. Young, naive Shadowcat with grumpy, fighting Wolverine. Lots of fun to be had. I love how everybody keeps referring to Wolverine as a weasel and how nobody can remember Bova's name. Just a lot of fun, like the previous issues, although this one has a sequel, and there is going to be another issue to finish the story.

Ultimate Spider-Man 122

Basic Plot: You know the Shocker? Yes, that is his gun. Basically, the cover tells the story. 'Nuff said.

Finally, we get to hear the origin of the Shocker and what he's all about. You thought he was just some random loser with some vibro-shock units? Well, guess what? He pretty much is! Like the original Shocker, he invented the vibro-shock units, then wanted to make money, and has been defeated by Spider-Man lots of times. That's pretty much it. He's really smart (let's see you invent vibro-shock units, heck even not while in prison) and yet really stupid. Plus, he's paranoia about Roxxon, which makes sense, but he is too upset with Roxxon. All in all, though, a fun issue, and I am glad to see Shocker do something for once.

New Avengers 41

Basic Plot: So the Skrulls landed in the Savage Land, right? What about Ka-Zar and Shanna?

Oh, you know that stuff in the beginning of New Avengers? Well, it is all explained here. Bendis likes making tie-ins work with the story. Sure, House of M Spidey didn't quite fit (at the end he goes fishing and everybody thinks he is dead), but most were just kind of add-ons that give you some more insight into what is going on at the time. With this, you get that in spades. Partly, I'm sure, because he is still writing New Avengers (man, USM, NA, MA, SI, what isn't he writing?). It perfectly wraps that up, with a bonus at the end. So, I didn't quite think about it at the time, but Cap was in the Skrull ship that crashed in the Savage Land, and is he really Cap? Mockingbird seems to think so, but is she really Mockingbird? Oh, craziness, how I love thee.

Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men

Basic Plot: With a giant bullet headed for Earth, the X-Men try to stop it, with help from the Avengers and FF and X-Men back on Earth.

Joss Whedon, I forgive you. I had doubted you, and was ready to be really upset with you, but you pulled it off. I should have believed in you.
Anyway, it basically picks up from where Astonishing X-Men 24 leaves off, with the giant bullet heading towards Earth with Kitty inside it. I love Kitty Pryde and was really scared when I read that Colossus missed her or something or that he just had lost someone, and with Kitty not being seen anywhere, it was assumed prior to this that Kitty died. I was really nervous about this, as I really like the character and didn't want her to die. It was done really well, and I'm going to rant more about it tomorrow.

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