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Weekly Comic Review 3/26

Yay for lots of comics on a day when I have a test!

Blue Beetle 24

Basic Plot: Jaime tries to beat the Reach.

So, Dan Garrett was able to activate the Scarab's powers by saying Khaji Dha. Ted Kord never could get it to work. Now that we know more about the Scarab, we also learn why Dan Garrett was able to access the Scarab before. See, the Scarab's name is Khaji Da (for some reason, now without the "h" in Dha), and when Dan said it, he called it and it responded. When Ted had it, with Booster's Multiverse energy and magic disruption, it just wasn't able to work. Now that Jaime has it, it will work exactly as it should. This was an awesome issue. Now the scarab and Jaime's communication is top-notch and the Scarab speaks in English that reminds me of Warlock's English, which isn't really proper, but gets the point across. It was an awesome issue with all the heroes on the cover in it, who all don't get along at the moment apparently. I like Blue Beetle, and think the character and story is awesome.

Ultimate Fantastic Four 52

Basic Plot: The Ultimates try to defeat Thanos while Thing talks to Thanos's daughter.

Okay, so I really don't like Ultimate FF at this point in time for various reasons, chief among them being when this story takes place. It is post-Ultimates 2, but pre-Ultimates 3. Sure, I can live with that, aside from the fact that Ultimates 2 was pretty damn important in the Ultimates universe and it wasn't mentioned at all before this. Plus, Ultimate Spider-Man took 100 issues to complete a year, and Ultimates 2 took place a year after Ultimates. Ultimates took happened with in USM, so when did Ultimates 2 take place? And when did Thor get a new hammer that resembles his 616 hammer and lost his other hammer? God, this is annoying to me! Oy. Seriously, this was another reason that I just dislike Ultimate FF. Basically, they either face people that are too powerful and get their asses kicked or are somehow able to win. This time, they got their asses kicked. Yay (sarcastic, by the way).

Ultimate Human 3

Basic Plot: Look into the past of Peter Wisdom.

Filler story to fill in Wisdom's background and how he became the Leader. Nothing exciting. Meh, let's move on.

Ultimate Iron Man II 4

Basic Plot: Tony tries to find a way to defuse the nuke and everybody else tries to figure out what is going on.

Honestly, I am totally confused. But it was good, I will admit that. I like Tony's arrogance, while still a kid, and I loved seeing War Machine do some stuff without Tony with him. All in all, I felt it wasn't as good as it could have been with different stuff, but with what it had, it was pretty good. They did figure out, at the end, that Loni was probably behind it. Oh noes! Not her! Well, all the pieces are kind of falling into place, so it kind of seems better.

New Warriors 10

Basic Plot: Jubilee doesn't like what Thrasher is doing and the way he does them.

I honestly am not fully interested in the New Warriors. They are somewhat amusing, but all in all, I just don't find them that appealing. The art I like, but the characters aren't that interesting to me. It was kind of cool at first, but now I don't really know what to think. I'll probably stick with it for some more time, but my heart isn't in it.

Wolverine: First Class 1

Basic Plot: Soon after Kitty joins the X-Men, she gets put on a mission with Wolverine.

This was fun. Pure and simple. I love Kitty Pryde (to an extent that borders on the creepy) and so I was looking forward to this series. In a simpler time, this is awesome. Wolverine didn't want to team-up with Kitty (before she chose a code-name), but they worked together and through it all, it was a lot of fun. Lots of comedic moments too. At the end, after Wolverine is more keen on the idea of having Kitty on the team, asks if she wants to come downstairs so he can teach her how to pop wheelies without a helmet on his bike. Which of course she is excited about. It isn't going for anything epic or complicated or deep or dark, just a fun story about one of the first times Kitty was with the X-Men (although with a laptop?).

Ultimate X-Men 92

Basic Plot: Onslaught and Stryfe (Ultimate versions) appear while Apocalypse is wrecking everything.

This was awesome. I like who Ultimate Onslaught and Ultimate Stryfe are. On like the first couple pages, they reveal it, so it really isn't that big of a spoiler if you are going to read it. Stryfe is Cable (which works because Stryfe was a clone of Cable in the 616) and Onslaught is Professor X (which works because Onslaught was a mix of Xavier and Magneto in the 616 universe). Okay, so the fighting afterwards is awesome, and I love Kirkman. Really, it is pretty awesome all in all. Phoenix at the end though? Look out Apocalypse, Phoenix is coming.

World War Hulk: Aftersmash Damage Control 3

Basic Plot: The Chrysler Building is angry.

Okay, so I just have to share with you the recap page. I don't have access to a scanner, so I'll rewrite it for you.
During a _____, ______-mannered _______ got _______ed by a ________ and then flew into a cosmic ______ and now has _______ powers that _______ when s/he gets _______ed, and s/he was frozen for _________ and his/her ________ got killed, so s/he is dedicated to fighting _______ in the name of ________. So, that's...neat.
Recently, _____ has been dealing with __(this month's line-wide crossover event)___, which, as we all know, affects him/her because _______________ had a cousin that _________, adn that REALLY rubs our hero raw. So s/he killed _________, who S.H.I.E.L.D. immediately brought back to life (and will be getting his/her own miniseries spin-off next month), and his/her identity got revealed.
Then, ______ sued _____ and made a deal with _____ to _____ his _______, so his/her ______ is fine but s/he can't ever _________ again. But now nobody knows who s/he is (even though his/her mask keeps coming off, like its interior is lined with Crisco).
Now, after _________ shot our hero off into _______, ____________ has returned to beat the _________ out of someone, and then team up with them next issue. Good thing, because ______ just killed ________ and that changed all of _______, but don't worry, because ______ has a plan that probably involves Sentry being asked to do something that'll make him cry. This all leads into ___(next month's line-wide crossover event)___, where Iron Man forces everyone to _________.
And everybody still hates the X-Men.

And that's how the whole issue felt. A lot of knowledge of everything, but taking nothing seriously. Basically, to sum up the story, some of the Shadow-Stone from Hulk's ship got into the Chrysler Building's foundation and made the building sentient. Almost the entire issue is people trying to convince the Chrysler Building not to move around because it could kill people. Eventually they compromised and once a year, for a month, the Chrysler Building can go somewhere. Awesome mini-series. I definitely recommend it.

Mighty Avengers 11

Basic Plot: The Mighty Avengers try to fight Doom.

I'm going to be honest. I hated the outcome. I mean, I like all of the other Doom stories where at the end, he gets away and everybody is like "Darn, he could resurface again. At least we are safe now." Oh, sorry, spoiler, Doom loses, and actually gets captured. I mean, Doom did pretty well up until he fought the Sentry again. He captured everybody, and the only real reason he lost was because Spider-Woman apparently can release absurd amounts of energy and break through barriers that could hold Wonder Man, Ms. Marvel and Ares. Aside from not seeing that, he would have won. I mean, I like Doom as a villain, and thought that up until the end, he was good. But being captured? Not cool, Bendis. Stop doing that. It hurts my feelings.

New Avengers 39

Basic Plot: Echo tries to face herself, unfortunately, literally.

Skrulls! YAY! Basically, she goes to see Daredevil at Murdock's place, and runs into Daredevil. After talking for a short time, she asks why he sent Cap to her. He doesn't know fully about how Daredevil sent Captain America to Echo to put her in the New Avengers, which she uses to realize that he is a Skrull that was going to imitate her and take her place in the New Avengers (does that mean that there isn't a Skrull there at the moment? Probably not), and she fights a Skrull with Torch, Cyclops and Nightcrawler abilities, which Wolverine intervenes in and it ends in a stalemate and the Skrull Bamfs away. All in all, it was a fun issue, and I love the Skrulls, but I felt it had a lot of stuff they tried to fit in and it was too much. She and Wolverine had a past. She and Daredevil had a past. She and Hawkeye got together to discuss being in the Avengers, and then had sex. Plus with the fight in between, it felt way too condensed. Way too many words on certain pages.

Ultimate Spider-Man 120

Basic Plot: Magneto tries to convince Liz to join him and see her father.

Seriously, it would have been awesome if Magneto had said, "Liz Allen, I am your father." Too bad it wasn't him. Oh, for those of you who saw my Twitter and didn't look, her father is going to be revealed at the end of this summary, like it was at the end of the issue. Anyway, it was pretty awesome all in all. I really like th whole storyline and think that Magneto is an awesome villain and that the X-Men and Spider-Man together make an awesome team-up. Oh, and add Liz to the list of people who know Spider-Man is Peter Parker. Basically, after she decided to not hang with Mags (as he is a mutant terrorist), she ran (well, flew) to MJ's, where Spidey easily found her. Wait, why isn't MJ surprised that Spidey is in her backyard? Because she knows it's her boyfriend and not some random punk. Anyway, I really enjoyed the story. Oh and apparently the Ultimate Blob's name is Franklin and not Frederick as in 616. Oh, and Blob is Liz's father. WTF?

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