Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Galactus is frekain' awesome!

So, before a couple days ago, I wasn't really able to play the Giant-size Galactus VS, as I haven't actually been around any VS players since I got it, but over the weekend, me and my cousin were able to play. Now, I know it is supposed to be 3+ people (at least 2 v Galactus), but he just used 3 decks. I normally test against myself, but felt it would be harder with the amount of decks I would force myself to use. Anyway, playing as Galactus was awesome. Pathetic Attempt saved me 5 times in a single game, thanks to Siphon Energy, which is also amazing. This Bores Me is also incredibly impressive, although mostly because I had a deck that was on turn 7 while all of my cousin's decks were on turn 4. While the first planet I ever flipped was Skrullos, and what are the odds of that (okay, so 1/16 without any Your Planet Here, but I was trying to make a point), most of the planets were helpful to Galactus, or at least most of the ones I noticed we played. I also won every single planet except for Sub-Atomica as he had 4-drops with Flight and I had some Punisher Squadrons out, and one thing I noticed, and hated, was that Galactus barely ever has the initiative. The first couple turns? Alliance. Most of the planets (at least that I flipped)? Alliance. Not that it mattered, but it was kind of annoying to me. Oh, well. All in all, I really enjoyed Galactus, and wish that there were more VS players at school, so I could actually play it there.

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