Thursday, March 27, 2008


So, I was thinking about what to make this post about, since I said I would do a VS post today. I got to thinking and I decided to talk about DE. It's kind of funny, but two of my best decks are decks based off of Superman enemies that sucked in their first appearance and are much better now. When the Legion pre-release was coming up, I had no idea what I wanted to build. I can't remember exactly what I got in my 5 packs, but I believe I had a Mad Harriet or two and a foil Dark Matter Drain. With that, I decided to play DE. I might have also had Dark Superboy. I'm not sure. Either way, I did okay with the deck. I lost the first one, won the second, then got paired up with someone who had won 2 and lost, then won. So all in all, I went 2-2, which isn't that bad for me. After a second flight, in which I had Dark Kryptonian and I believe, Dark Superboy, I didn't do as well, but almost had enough cards to actually build DE. After that, a few trades and I had my DE deck and it was brutal against things. I just love it, as it screws with your opponent. Watch them try to do quick math in their head as you have a couple Servants of Darkness up, they have a completely face-down row and you have Dark Superboy (who is one of my favorite characters to play). Will it hurt less if I flip something up and he can't stun my bigger guy or...? Of course, waiting with a Dark Matter Drain face down makes you watching them squirm all the more worthwhile. I don't think my deck is perfect, nor do I think it necessarily needs to be, but here is my decklist:

DE-F*&k with their resource row deck
2 Mad Harriet, Female Fury
3 Apokoliptian Zealots, Army
4 Malice Vundabar, Female Fury
4 Lashina, Female Fury
2 Dark Firestorm, Mockery
4 Darseid, Apokoliptian Oppressor
2 Stompa, Female Fury
4 Dark Superboy, Mockery
3 Darkseid, 8the Century
3 Darkseid, Evil Reborn
2 Dark Champion, Mockery
2 Darksied, Apokolips Now

3 Dark Matter Drain
2 Planet Weapon
2 Furnace of Apokolips
3 Ancient Throne

Plot Twists:
4 Servants of Darkness
3 Titans of Tomorrow
2 Created From Hate
4 Joining the Darkseid, Team-Up
2 Price of Treason

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Honestly, though, that is pretty much the best I can do with the cards I have.

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