Thursday, March 20, 2008

Comics on 3/19

Sorry for being so late, but I was playing Brawl on my dormmate's Wii, as I mentioned on my new Twitter box on the side.

The Order 9

Basic Plot: The Order tries to take out the many Softlys and the dastardly plot hatching in California.

Okay, so pretty much the only reason I read this comic, honestly, is because it takes place in California, and it amuses me that stuff happens closer to where I live (although not currently) as opposed to always being New York. Also, with Secret Invasion, I am going to guess at the Skrull in the group. My guess is for Becky Ryan, partly because of the shape-shifting, also because nobody really takes her that seriously as a superhero, well as much as they pretty much take the others, at least IMO, because she was a starlet. Plus, that is kind of weird to me that she would go from diva to hero. Oh well. Guesses over. I just don't really care about any of the people in The Order, so I don't really care what happens, so I have very little interest in the comic itself. There is some diversity and everything, with lots of different people from different backgrounds, but I just don't care about any of them that much. Fraction hasn't gotten me interested in them as people, so I just don't care.

Amazing Spider-Man 554

Basic Plot: Spidey fights Freak and deals with Bennett and Jameson.

Okay, so I seriously think that they want 3 issues of ASM per month just so they can overtake FF in terms of numbers of issues of the series, and with this issue, I believe they tie, or at the very least, next month they pass. Whatever. I just don't care that much about these new villains and want some old villains that were interesting as opposed to these new ones you can't get that interested about. Freak, aside from being just freaky, is just boring to me. A monster that rampages mindlessly to an extent, and then wants to kill Spidey for pursuing him into Doc Connors' lab, where he injected himself with what he thought was meth, but was really some weird formula that Connors was working on. I was amused by some stuff, but all in all, I just didn't care about this issue. Oh, and Bennett keeps forgetting everybody's names which is annoying and stupid by this point, although it was amusing that Peter was able to make Bennett think that Betty Brando (Brant) was related to Marlon, so she got a story to cover and was no longer treated like a secretary (which she no longer really is). Plus, it means his friends don't know he took pictures of stuff, because Parker Peterson took the pictures, not Peter Parker. Oh well, I just don't care all in all. The story is amusing aside from the plot.

World War Hulk: Warbound 4

Basic Plot: Hiroim and Korg try to stop the Gammaworld dome and Waynesboro, No-Name and Elloe try to stop the Leader.

Well, I really liked the Warbound, but this is just kind of weird. I don't know. Not much has happened in these 4 issues, and I just haven't been that interested in the story. Probably my favorite thing is that the people eventually start to realize that the Warbound aren't villains, becuase really, they aren't. They supported Hulk because they believed that their world was destroyed by Earth scientists, so they were totally justified and didn't deliberately kill anyone, they pretty much kept everything under control as much as they could. This is just kind of weird. Oh look, Korg got his arm back. Oh no, he's dead. No, wait, he's alive again. Yippee. Now they have to fight some robots. Yay. See how excited I am. See those exclamation points everywhere. Wait, you don't? That must mean I don't really care.

Thor 7

Basic Plot: Thor tries to deal with Odin and what he should do and recuperates.

Well, pretty much nothing happened in this issue, except that Thor found his father in the afterlife, fighting Surtur. Then they discussed Odin's father and how he didn't save his father, and how Odin knew one day Thor wouldn't save him. Well, it was pretty much a filler issue, so not that exciting. Moving on?

Captain America 36

Basic Plot: Bucky tries to beat up the new Serpent Society under Sin.

Wow, alliteration for the win! Things are just weird and I don't really know what to say. It is kind of cool to see Bucky trying to be Cap, but in his own way (shooting and stabbing people). He is able to do the fighting, but everything else (such as actually calming a mob down as Cap) comes harder. Oh, and Black Widow is a slut. I mean, she kisses Bucky here, was obsessed with Hercules' grandeur in Incredible Herc. I mean, seriously woman, you have to do something about that sex drive. Anyway, I found the fighting kind of cool, but the rest kind of boring. I am not a Cap fan, as I have said before, so it isn't one of my favorite comics, but it's gotten worse recently, I feel.

Incredible Hercules 115

Basic Plot: Amadeus hijacks S.H.I.E.L.D. and Herc has to talk him out of it.

This comic is pure fun, honestly. It deals with an ancient Greek semi-deity who is dealing with mistakes he has made and a genius boy who can't see certain things despite his vast intelligence. Really, it is a fun comic to read and I really love it. Everything that happens inside is good. When Herc convinces Amadeus to stop the virus, it is moving. When Ares and Herc fight, it is awesome and humorous. They knock missiles into each other and then beat the crap out of each other, eventually ending in Herc knocking him off the Behemoth Helicarrier (apparently built originally for Godzilla or Marvel Godzilla) into three more missiles. Also, there is going to be another war, which Herc and Amadeus both reply with, "Again?". They just got out of Civil War and WWH, and now there is another one coming. Maybe the things with the Eternals next issue or Secret Invasion. Which one? Who knows?

Wolverine: Origins 23

Basic Plot: Deadpool keeps trying to take Wolverine out.

I don't know when this takes place in terms of the Wolverine series, in which he is no longer immortal, but can die. So Deadpool might actually be able to kill him at this point. I still dislike Daniel Way and Steve Dillon and think that their work with Deadpool is crappy, but I was able to enjoy this one a little more as I felt it was a lot better at not making Deadpool seem like a complete idiot, but more an idiot who knows what he is doing. Still don't like it, but whatever. Hopefully Deadpool will get his own series again soon. I really hate Dillon, so I really don't want to see more Dillon art.

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