Friday, March 21, 2008

Things that make VS more difficult

So, on VSRealms, there is a thread where we are arguing about stuff, and it brought me back to a point that I believe I have said many times before, but I'll say it here again.

VS cannot work exactly like the comics. If it did, pretty much only hero teams would win. Also, Green Lantern, Heralds of Galactus and Underworld would be pretty darn broken, whereas Crime Lords and Marvel Knights (excluding the likes of Ghost Rider ans such) would be incredibly weak. People have problems with Superman being stunned by people he normally wouldn't be stunned by in comics. My Daredevil 5-drop is able to stun your Superman 4-drop easily and not get stunned back (without the use of a plot twist or anything). What? Daredevil is an awesome superhero, but he couldn't take Superman. Unless there were plot twists to help him (the entire point of them being called plot twists), then he couldn't do anything to Superman. But the game wouldn't work well if that happened. If you make Superman only on higher drops, you don't get to play him. If you make Superman low drops ridiculously powerful (let's say a 10/10 4-drop with Invulnerability), then you are breaking the game and making those teams have to be (by default) the best teams. So, while normally Kingpin couldn't lift a finger to Firelord, he has to be able to in VS or else the game doesn't work. Sure, you could say that with plot twists, Kingpin could buy some info and then use it against Firelord, so that he could maybe sutn him, but then, you have to take away all the plot twists from bigger characters. Otherwise, couldn't Firelord do the same thing? So then, if we do that, we have incredibly weak characters that can only work well with plot twists and incredibly broken characters who can't use anything or else it would be too broken. It just doesn't work. No, VS is not perfect, and it can't be, but it is pretty damn good as it is, and people complaining about how their Superman got stunned by Daredevil need to just accept that the game works that way.

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