Friday, March 14, 2008

Celebrate Me

I forgot to mention this earlier, but today is Me Day, so why don't you celebrate by having a slice of me or baking a me. Oh, and by Me, I mean Pi. 3/14 is Pi Day. Today, at 1:59, I celebrated myself. I don't think I quite got it at the actual 26 seconds and 53 centiseconds and 58...wait I'm going too far. Anyway, celebrate me today, or tomorrow, if you don't have time today.


Christopher said...

Happy.... um... you day!

Pi_3.14159... said...!
Yay for irrational numbers!

plasticizedmetal said...

Hey, I wanted to thank you for voting in my blog poll (and to further show my appreciation, I voted for your blog)! =]

Ohh, CRAP. It was Pi/You day! I used to rely on a math class to remind me.

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